Savannah and Christian...Brother and Sister (Part

There was a knock at the door.

Then Savannah entered, it was her first visit in a year and a half so Christian, her younger b*****r was really excited.

Savannah is a 20 year old brunette girl, with beautiful wonderful 36DD boobs, her ass is huge and bounced ever so slightly when she walked. She stood taller than most other women at 5' 10".

Christian is a 15 year old horny teenager fighting through high school. He has an athletic build, standing at a healthy 6'2". His cock is 7 inches at full length and he had always had a crush on his older s****r.

When he was around 13 he had a pool party for his birthday, and when his s****r showed up she jumped right in the pool. But the first thing she did when she got out was to hug her younger b*****r. At this time he was shorter than her and her breasts came right to his face so when she hugged him his face was right in her boobs. He got a hard on, and was so embarrassed, so he jumped into the pool before anyone could notice. Later the same day the siblings were playing marco polo with a couple other people and Christian was "Marco". He decided to peek and go right for his s****r, but when he go to her he went right for her giant tits. She giggled like it was an accident.

When Savannah entered the apartment of Christian and his mother he came racing down the stairs to see his s****r. He had spent all morning preparing the house for her arrival. He cleaned the kitchen, living room, all the bathrooms, and most of all his room, where they would be sl**ping.

Savannah gave her little b*****r a big hug and he held on for really long and let his hands sort of hang and brush her ass, but still pulling her in so that he can feel her breasts. She smelled amazing, like lavender and vanilla almost but with a hint of cinnamon.

After all the pleasantries of the "Reunion" and after dinner, the k**s mother wanted to go to bed because she had to get up at 4 to go to work the next morning. The k**s stayed up and watched Netflix until almost 1 in the morning just like they had when she still lived there. After watching "The dictator" they went up to bed. Since there was only two rooms and the couch was almost unbearable to even sit on, Savannah was sl**ping with Christian for the 6 nights that she was there.

Savannah knew that Christian slept naked, and he also knew she slept naked as well, at first they were a little worried about it. But they agreed that nothing weird would happen just so long as they try to stay on their own side of the bed. Little did Savannah know that letting her b*****r sl**p naked next to her also naked was a terrible idea.

At about 5 in the morning, after their mother had left, Christian made sure Savannah was still asl**p. Luckily she was, also luckily for him she was a heavy sl**per, and slept until around noon everyday. So very carefully he got real close to her and started to grab her breasts and just massage them. After only a couple squeezes she rolled over and Christian jumped back thinking she had woken up. As soon as he realized she was still asl**p he got real close again and this time he saw her pussy and just how beautiful it was. He got even closer and started to rub his dick on her ass trying to get hard. He quickly had a raging boner. He wanted to fuck his s****r in her ass and in her titties. Since her ass was towards him her tried to go there first but it was so tight that he would have to push so hard it would wake her up. So instead he went for the pussy, still a prize to him.

To be continued...
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8 months ago
part 2?
8 months ago
HOT Thanks for the posting
11 months ago
Keep going. Good start.
11 months ago
very good start good spaceing , paragraphs , spelling , & word usage
11 months ago
Going well so far.
Please continue.
11 months ago
My first story, be nice please and give me tips and pointers please!!
This is mostly true, but I am changing names for the sake of privacy.