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I'm:Terry, 45
From:Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Personal Information
Kids:No, and do not want any
Education:High School graduate
Star sign:Capricorn
Physical Information
Body type:Average
Height:5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Hair length:Long
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Hazel
About Me
I am affectionate, kind, caring, loving, compassionate, understanding, nonjudgmental, sweet, passionate, honest, sincere, gentle, laid-back, easy-going, open-minded, mellow, erotic, etc... I am also the shy, quiet type. However, I will grow more comfortable around a guy once I get to know him better. I am more of a listener than a talker. By the way, I absolutely love giving and receiving oral!!! I much prefer it over anal (In fact, I could very well do WITHOUT anal and just be happy with all oral!). I am a very oral person to say the least!

Here is a hot video that shows me playing nasty with myself and cumming (Please make sure you turn up the sound.):


I am really into a guy who loves sniffing, nuzzling, kissing, licking and sucking on another guy's cock & balls (especially the balls). My "hot spots" are located on, around and underneath my ballsac. You would have me tearing the sheets off the bed and climbing the walls if you were to orally & manually stimulate those ultra-sensitive areas!

Another thing which I absolutely love is when a guy thoroughly enjoys sticking his nose between my legs and devoting his full attention to deeply sniffing the intoxicating stink of my asshole and the musky scent of my cock & balls like a dog in heat. While he is doing this, he is telling me how much he loves sniffing my stink and how much it is making him horny. OH MY GOD!!! This gets me sooo freakin' sexually aroused!!! I have a throbbing hard-on just thinking about it! *blushes bright red* Now you know one of my deep dark secrets! Oh, I should make it crystal clear that I am NOT into scat. It just turns me on when a guy sniffs my asshole when it is clean or sweaty (NOT dirty!)... preferably after a few days worth of scent buildup. Even a clean asshole has a stink to it, but not in a bad way. It is a different scent from how a cock & balls smell. The stink of a clean and/or sweaty asshole is intoxicating! The musky scent of a cock & balls is intoxicating too! It drives me wild when a guy tells me how much he loves sniffing my stink while he is burying his nose deep between my legs and jacking my hard throbbing cock with his lubed hand! *pants & moans* This is the ULTIMATE for me, baby!!! This would make me cum hard and fast! My sense of smell plays a HUGE part in making sex great for me and I really hope the same holds true for my potential lover too.

In addition to being sniffed, "talking stink" really helps alot in triggering my orgasms and making them more intense (Such as, "Your asshole stinks so nasty and I love sniffing it, baby!"). *blushes bright red* This is like dirty talk for me. It is interesting how innocent words can become sexualized. "Stink" is one of those words for me. Another sexualized word for me is "nasty". I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear these words during sex! OMG!!! It makes me cum sooooo fucking hard when a guy talks stink while playing nasty with me! A lot of people see them as gross words, but I see them as beautiful. Now you know what gets me all hot & bothered.

Also, I personally have an intense admiration for male arms which are bent at the elbow. I absolutely love the crease on the outer part of the arm and, also, the beautiful mound which surrounds it near the elbow!!! That particular area of a bent arm looks like a "miniature butt" to me. My orgasms are INTENSIFIED when I focus on that part of a bent arm! Mmmmmmm... Please check out "Video 31" in my GETTING NASTY series:


By the way, I have a great adult group for guys who admire other guys' arms. There are LOTS of awesome pics there! Here is the link:


It is taking LOTS of courage for me to disclose all these things about myself! This is EXTREMELY difficult for me. I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Fear is NOT stopping me, damn it! I would love to become friends with anyone who can relate to me so I won't feel alone. Please feel free to add me to your friends list here. Thanks! :)

Oh... I forgot to mention that I don't cam2cam, voice chat nor phone bate. However, I DO prefer to chat on Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM) though. Please let me know if you are interested in chatting with me and I will give you my screen name on YIM in a private message.
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13 hours ago
Hot vids and pics
1 day ago
Thanks for Add me
Very Nice Profile
1 day ago
tnx for add, my friend
3 days ago
Nice cock
3 days ago
Hot ! thanks for the accept !
3 days ago
Hi, thanks for being a friend. Loved the avatar.
4 days ago
love your profile top to bottom...would gladly do both with you. :)
4 days ago
mmmm very hot man!! thanks for the add
13 days ago
19 days ago
Thank You very much for accepting Me as a friend on Xhamster. Best wishes to You in 2015
20 days ago
Ur a hot man, dude.
2 months ago
I would so love to be between your legs sucking your cock, balls, and asshole. I would also love to suck on your sweaty pits. Scent is a huge turn on to me too
3 months ago
I can only WISH!
4 months ago
Hot asshole!
10 months ago
You should be fucking my ass hole with that cock very hard.
Thanks for sharing the photo.
1 year ago
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2 years ago
Hot profile
2 years ago
Hi bb
2 years ago
Thanks!! Hot videos. Wish we could make some
2 years ago
I would LOVE to play nasty with you;)
2 years ago
Hi, hot profil and vids
2 years ago
2 years ago
Your display of courage (and other fine assets) has me hard, leaking and longing to gnaw at your taint.
2 years ago
Love your videos!
2 years ago
it wasn't too hard to guess, that you like to play nasty. But well, it was hard - but not the guessing LOL
2 years ago
welcome friend....mmmm...great clips:)-
2 years ago
Hot cock dude
2 years ago
Such a nice guy!!
2 years ago
Thanks 4 the comment
2 years ago
yeah, i can see this - you love to get nasty :P
2 years ago
Nice pic!!!
2 years ago
oh yeah thanks! i would love to suck your dick and feel it inside me....
2 years ago
oh, yes, i wanna do :D

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