The Coffee Morining

“Do you want some chocolate cake?” Jenny asked from the counter.

“No, I’m on a diet,” lied Sandra convincingly, “so just make it a low fat cappuccino as well, will you.”

“Coming right up.”

The other wives called it ‘The Club’. In reality it was the same coffee bar just off the high street. All designer blends in sacks, trendy lounge music and pictures of smiling Aztecs on the walls. Their part of ‘the club’ was a high panelled area at the back where the 12 or so women would co-ordinate the rendezvous via mobile texts after school drop-offs, gym classes or just to relieve the daily boredom. Then it was a couple of hours to talk of nappy bins, private education, new curtain materials and a debate on whether buying a pair of Jimmy Choos was better than donating to the Tsunami relief fund.

It had been six months since Sandra had met the group, and from originally being entertained and enthralled at the gossip, somehow today it began to feel hollow and strangely lifeless. Desperate Housewives transported to wet West London didn’t have the same allure. Maybe it was also the fact that she’d been horny for days; continually thinking about fucking and sucking, of dripping pussies and hard, spurting cocks. Jesus, she couldn’t seem to get it off her brain and understood if this is how blokes felt, then God help them. It was torture.

The only light on the horizon was Rob returning back today from his week away on business in Brussels. She hoped he smuggled in a couple of porno dvds with him so they could watch them in bed and then fuck like crazy afterwards. Hopefully a new vibe or dildo too.

Strangely for a group of women, sex never seemed to enter the conversation. Sandra wondered why. They were all in their thirties or forties, mostly middle class and all married: some pretty like Jenny or Gina; some glam like Petra; some just plain janes or mumsy types like Sunita or Paula. Scanning the group of two tables, she wondered how they considered her. Brown Zara lycra top, M& S floral skirt, flat sandals, unpainted toes (which she suddenly curled inwards), canvas rucksack bag filled with wet wipes, a six year old worn leather purse, lip balm and a couple of tampons rattling round at the bottom. Hardly Paris Hilton.

She tried to join in, she really did, but kept getting only snippets of conversation…

“… and I got 15 rolls for the price of 13 so I can do Georgie’s room too.”

“… so I gave them some frozen strawberry mousse and no one even guessed.”

“… just put it in on a spin cycle, she said, and that should do it.”

“Hiya,” said a male voice breaking through the chatter. “Thought I’d find you here.”

It was Rob, and Sandra leapt up to give him a big hug. “Whoah!” he said, “I don’t get this treatment every day. So what are all you harpies gossiping about, then?”

“Hi Rob”, they all cooed in succession, as he placed his flight bag by the sofa and sat down next to Sandra.

“Good trip, love?” she asked.

“No, fucking awful. Had to listen to the background on some boring EU directive for three bl**dy days. It’s amazing they get anything done. D’ya miss me?”

“You really don’t want to know how much,” laughed Sandra as the chatter started up again around the tables.

“I’ve been sooo fucking horny,” she whispered in his ear, whilst at the same time placing her hand on his thigh. He was surprised at the warmth of it and felt something stir between his legs.

One of the girls came back with his coffee and he sat back and stretched whilst Sandra kept on rubbing his thigh in a soft circular motion, edging higher at every stroke. A couple of the women had started to notice and glanced over furtively. An obvious lump was beginning to show in his suit trousers.

“What are you doing?” he whispered to her. “We’ll get arrested if you carry on like this. People are looking.”

“ Let them look. I don’t care,” replied Sandra, now rubbing the noticeably hardening bulge in his crotch. “I just want cock. And I want it now.”

“Sorry darling,” said Paula. “Did you say something?”

“Actually,” said Sandra loudly, addressing the room, I just said: ‘I want some cock and I want it NOW!”

“Don’t we all darling” yawned Petra sarcastically.

But to the amazement of all the women, Sandra quickly slipped off the sofa onto her knees and yanked open Rob’s belt, pulled his trousers and his boxer’s to his knees to expose a raging hard-on that bobbed in front of her face.

“Yesss,” she hissed and gripping him with one hand, pulled back his foreskin to expose his purple knob, lowered her head and began to suck his cock greedily. His dick felt superb in her mouth, the slick head pressed against her tongue and the veined shaft getting harder and harder with every suck.

Hers was the only sound in the deathly quiet room. She knew they were all watching her, and even Rob’s initial protests were giving way to waves of pleasure as she dribbled her saliva down his length to his full balls and then licked it up again with obscene slurping noises.

From behind her came a muted voice which she though could have been Gina’s: “Are you, er, seeing what I’m seeing?” she whispered.

“Er, I think so,” came another voice, “but I can’t quite believe it. Christ, he’s got a big willy, hasn’t he?”

Sandra continued licking his throbbing cock until it was glistening, the purple shiny head oozing clear juices, which she lapped at and rubbed over her face. God, she felt like a slut, but the fire in her cunt was burning hot and her knickers were soaked with juices.

Quickly she stood up, reached under her skirt and took off her knickers, throwing them on the table. With her back to Rob, she hitched up her skirt and slowly lowered herself down onto his swollen dick.

“Jeezus fucking Christ!” she moaned, as his cockhead opened up her labia and his entire shaft rammed into her, until his balls were pressed against her engorged clit. Feeling his hands trace over her lycra encased breasts, she lay back, closed her eyes and raised her feet on the sofa, whilst he bit her gently on her neck.

“Lucky cow,” she heard someone say.

“Dirty bitch,” said another.

“Yeah,” said Sandra, raising herself up for another thrust, “but I’m the dirty bitch with a cunt full of cock. And I’m fucking loving it.”

She pounded herself down on Rob, who was groaning too, his cock head banging against her cervix. She wanted to frig herself, so pulled her skirt above around her waist until she was totally exposed to the room, her fingers finding her swollen clit. The women put their hands to their mouths in astonishment.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” said someone.

“Shaves then,” said another.

“Pretty pussy though, and she’s sopping wet,” said yet another “Although his bollocks look like they’re going to burst any moment.”

They all giggled nervously and even Sandra allowed herself a wry smile as she pounded down on his cock and frigged herself even faster to orgasm. Rob had hitched up her top, and yanked down her bra and squeezed her nipples painfully hard; something he knew would send her over the edge even faster.

“And I was convinced she’d had a boob job,” said one.

“Piss off,” said Sandra, “they’re all natur…. oh fuck I’m coming, yes, fuck me, fuck meee… ohhh God!” Her pussy contracted around his length and her clit seemed to her to double in size. Her chest flushed red and she arched her back against Rob who squeezed her tits even harder, riding the waves with her and pounding her hard from underneath as her body stiffened and then slumped back against him, gasping heavily.

But Rob hadn’t come and continued pumping her until she screamed out a second orgasm, beads of sweat forming on her brow and upper lip and her breasts rising and falling under his tight grip.

Turning her head, she kissed him. “Thanks darling, I really needed that.” He’d taken his glistening cock out of her puffy cunt, but he was still hard and his throbbing dick banged gently against her wet pussy lips. The women stared, wide-eyed and hungry at the scene before them.

“I want your arse,” he whispered to her. “I’ve been wanking off to the thought of you all week. Didn’t come once though, been saving it up and now my balls are aching like crazy.”

“Mmm, sounds dirty,” replied Sandra, before turning to the women to ask: “Has anyone got any moisturiser on them?”

“No, only got some hand cream,” said Petra. “But it’s LA Mer and it’s brilliant, so…”

“Enough with the ad,” said Sandra. “Just put some on Rob’s cock will you, and put a blob up my bum.”

“Er, ok,” said Petra approaching the couple. She bent down and squeezed the white cream onto her hand and began smoothly coating the length of Rob’s cock with it. She loved the feeling of his hardness and his heat, the veins and muscles prominent and even caressed his full balls, rolling them between her fingers. Rob moaned in appreciation.

“Ok, ok, you get your free grope, Petra,” said Sandra. “Now, just put some on your fingertips and stick them up my arsehole.”

By now the other women were exchanging glances as the significance of Petra’s act dawned on them. Across from Sandra, mumsy Paula had her hand under her denim skirt, her fingers moving furiously inside her white panties. Sandra smiled at her knowingly.

Petra moved closer, smelling the musky, familiar scent of sopping wet cunt. She’d never been this close to another woman before and was surprised at how suddenly turned on she was. As Rob spread the cheeks of Sandra’s arse, Petra pushed two coated fingers into her tight bumhole.

“Ooh, that’s cold!” said Sandra, whilst watching the intense expression on Petra’s face as she pushed deeper up to her knuckles in audibly squelchy actions.

“Now, put his cock in there,” demanded Sandra.

Petra gripped Rob’s creamy cock and guided it to the gooey arsehole. Rob thrust upwards and his cockhead slipped into Sandra’s arse causing her to cry out in pain and exquisite pleasure as the millions of tiny nerve endings tingled throughout her body.

“God, I’ve never seen anything so disgusting in all my life,” protested Gina.

“Me neither,” gasped Paula, her fingers moving frantically in her knickers. “Do you think she’ll be able to take it all up her arse?”

“Just you watch,” said Sandra as she bore down on Rob’s thick cock, her face intense with concentration, loving the delicious fullness and slipperiness, which was making her husband groan too. Deeper and deeper he went, inch by inch, his thick shaft stretching her open until with one final grunt he sunk deep up to his cum-filled balls.

With her feet planted on the sofa, Sandra didn’t move at first, just getting used to the fullness in her tight arsehole. Rob was still gripping her bottom and then he slowly raised her high, almost half out and then plunged her back down again onto his throbbing, slimy dick. She screamed out loudly.

“Go on, go on,” hissed Paula. “Fuck her, fuck her, hard! Right in her arse.”

Sandra reached down to try to frig her swollen clit whilst Rob pumped furiously in her bum. Despite him clinging to her buttocks and with her other hand holding to the arm of the sofa, she still lost her balance.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, someone help me out here,” she implored in frustration.

To her surprise it was the demure Sumita, who knelt down on the floor, scooped the creamy white froth off Rob’s cappuccino with her fingers and smeared it over Sandra’s wet cunt, flicking her clit in sideways strokes, whilst her other hand cupped Rob’s heavy balls, pushing him deeper into her oily arse. The circle of women had moved closer, all staring at Rob’s massive cock pounding into Sandra, whilst her heavy tits swayed from side to side over her bra at every stroke.

“What the hell is going on here?” said the voice. It was Dave, Gina’s husband who was standing in his work overalls, his eyes wide in surprise.

“What are you doing here?” said Gina.

“The tenner you wanted, remember?” He kept staring at the fucking couple, his eyes transfixed on Sandra’s open shaven cunt and the shiny cock that was clearly pounding her arse. He had never seen anything so dirty nor so unexpected in his life and his cock twitched in admiration. But it was also the look in Sandra’s eyes – a filthy, slutty longing that he had never seen in any woman before. He began to unfasten his overalls.

“Dave, what do you think you’re doing,” Gina yelled. “Don’t you dare!”

“Oh, shut up. You’ve never been that interested anyway. Can I Sandra?”

She didn’t reply but merely smiled an encouragement and they all gasped as Dave let his overalls fall to the floor.

“bl**dy hell Gina,” said Jenny, “you never told me he was that big.”

Sandra’s eyes lit up at the thick circumcised cock in front of her, framed by dark black pubes below a stomach that was toned and tanned through outside work. From behind the women admired his small, rock hard bum. Dave’s dark eyes sparkled as he lowered himself to the floor, kneeling in front of her and pushed his massive cock against her wet slit.

“Oh darlin’,” he gasped as he entered her, “you are so fuckin’ tight.”

Sandra was sandwiched between two horny hung males, as they both fucked her with perfect timing. When Rob pulled out of her arse, Dave slammed into her cunt and they reversed the method until they were a single pumping mass. The women watched spellbound, listening to Sandra moans and seeing Dave’s balls slapping hard against Rob’s bollocks as they grunted and swore at her tightness.

For Sandra it was a continuous orgasm, or at least she thought so. It was just wave after wave of delicious feelings. Her pussy contracted round Dave’s dick, milking him in strong spurts. He was moaning loudly as he came inside her, gripping her tits with both hands, his eyes closed as he focussed on every thrust and squirt that drained his balls of cum. The women watched his buttocks tighten and quiver deliciously. At the final spurt he pulled out and slumped breathless onto the floor.

For Rob it was the catalyst to his own cum. He even felt Dave’s cock jerking and sensed the contractions of his wife’s cunt as he fucked her arse. He could hold back no longer and with a loud yell sprayed his hot spunk deep in Sandra’s bum, whilst she frigged to yet another noisy climax.

When she opened her eyes, Sandra saw that everyone was staring at her. Her clothes were dishevelled, sweat covered her brow, her hair was matted and spunk oozed from her cunt and arse in warm pearly streams.

“Mmm, I think I will have that chocolate cake now, after all.”

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Glorious male fantasy scenario and exceedingly well written!
3 years ago
Hot story!!
3 years ago
I had to save this to my favorites, it was well worth the reading. I will be back for more!
3 years ago
Excellent story.I'm positively engorged...And at the risk of sounding a bit schoolmasterly it's great to see decent writing and not a huge impenetrable block of text.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Hope there is a sequel, plenty of meat left on this one.