Janie and David had been together for many years, since a fling turned serious. They kept it exciting by, well, fucking a lot basically, with whatever twists they could think of and organise. A favourite type of 'Treat Sex' was when Janie's other lover Chris came to stay, and the three of them could get off in combination. Fantasising about other expansions on the basic couple was another regular turbo boost to a sex session: "What about if X were here, how would we set about seducing him/her?..."

Kay lived 6,000 miles away now. David had been mates with her since before he met Janie. He wondered sometimes if he and Kay would have got round to stirring sex into their friendship had not Janie arrived on the scene. His fantasies with Janie turned to Kay increasingly often as her planned visit drew nearer. Would she be up for flirting? How far would she go? How audacious would he and Janie dare be?

David drove to the train station to meet Kay. He knew as soon as she stepped off the train that his cock would be getting a lot of action one way or another - she looked hotter than ever. God, you could tell she was a runner. Surfer. Sunbather. She was a deep golden colour, a shade you just can't go in Britain if you start off a typical pasty pink. And she clearly knew she was gorgeous: the way she dressed, to highlight her perfect full breasts and to drag attention to her curvaceous backside, the care with which she had chosen her hairstyle to frame her face and make the most of her bone structure and sparkling sparking eyes, the yummy smells drifting off her obviously well-oiled skin... It would be hard to concentrate on driving. He considered making his apologies and nipping into the station loos for an emergency wank, but thought he'd better manage his lust a little tighter than that for the sake of the friendship.

On the way to his house, Kay recounted the latest disasters in her love life. How could a woman this stunning, funny, solvent, and apparently confident, remain single or be beset by losers? It didn't make sense. David caught himself thinking "well, I owe it to her to give her at least a few good nights of attentive sex, that's the least a good friend would do for a woman in her circumstances." They got caught in a traffic jam in the city centre. Kay leant over the gear stick, breathing close to David's face, and brushed his short hair, fingers lingering on his skin. His erection was getting in the way of steering. He hoped Janie would be home to take over the conversation for half an hour or so when they arrived, so he'd get the chance to make himself more comfortable.

Sure enough, Janie had got home from work by the time his car pulled into the driveway. The lights were on in the living room, he could see her talking on the phone. She turned when she saw the headlights and waved, then wrapped up her call and moved towards the front door to greet him and their guest.

"Hiya gorgeous!" she beamed at David as she opened the door to him. "And wow! Hiya gorgeous again!" she greeted Kay. She kissed each of them, David noticed with interest.

Janie was wearing all black as usual. Her slim hips were accentuated by the cut of her jeans and the way her top just skimmed the waist band, revealing a mere millimetre of flesh. Her hair always looked slightly dishevelled, a constant reminder of her post-coital self.

"That was Chris on the phone," Janie reported. "He'd like to come over for a few days - would that be okay?" Janie turned to Kay. "Do you remember him from that weekend in Ibiza? He'd like to catch up with you while you're over."

Kay did remember Ibiza, very well, and smiled inwardly at the memory. She and Chris had spent long hours chatting on the balcony, flirting happily but never quite actually snogging. It would be good to catch up.

David made his excuses to an amused Janie, and left the women to make cups of tea, have a quick tour of the house (steering clear of the master bedroom where he was moaning as quietly as possible), and start catching up.

"We thought we'd put you in this room, for now" Janie said, showing Kay to the spare double just along the landing from the master bedroom. "There is another spare room downstairs, but Chris tends to use that when he's here, or we all do. It may even be big enough for four, I've not tried. But we thought you might like some privacy."

David could hardly believe his ears. Janie was going for it big-time, no waiting, and Kay was not in the least embarrassed! He pinched his now slightly softer cock to check he wasn't still daydreaming.

The three of them set about unpacking Kay's things - seemingly all figure-flattering - and then making dinner, drinking wine and brushing against each other as they moved about the kitchen. They were just sitting down to eat when a key in the lock signalled the arrival of Chris. Janie rose from the table to fetch another glass for the wine, and give Chris a grope/hug. "Grab a plateful and come sit - it should still be hot."

Chris's foot found Janie's under the table, but brushed against a tangle of David's and Kay's en route. He and David exchanged glances. David smiled broadly and asked "How about a game of Twister after dinner?"

None of them ate dessert: there was a certain air of anticipation as Janie found the Twister mat and they all moved into the living room. Janie spread the mat out on the floor, stretching to smooth it out. Chris noticed her slender body with a smile, her firm arse sticking up in the air. She caught his smile and wiggled provocatively.

For the first round, David was the referee and sat to one side spinning the pointer and watching the fun. His friend's bodies were very different from each other, but each strikingly attractive. Janie's flexibility and devil-may-care attitude led her to some daring stretches which distracted him from his duties. Kay chose positions which always involved leaning on someone. Chris had a tendency to 'wobble' enough to get a good rub.

After Chris and Kay collapsed on one another, and the three players had finished their giggling, David asked for volunteers for the next referee. Chris offered at once - he was keen for a better view of the women. As the others took their starting places, Kay paused to scratch her elbow. "Your skin must be dried out from the flight," suggested Chris.

Kay raised her eyebrows; "erm, I suppose so." She winked at Janie.

"I've got some wheatgerm oil upstairs, I'll go fetch it for you" offered Janie.

Kay followed her, and returned wearing hotpants and a vest. With another wink to Janie, she said "so who'll help me?"

There was a rush for the bottle.

Moments later Kay was prone on the Twister mat and Janie was trickling oil over her shoulders. As David knelt grinning beside Kay, Janie caught his eye and glanced at the fireplace.

"Don't you think a fire would be lovely?"

"Ah, yeah, OK. Guess so." Clearly torn between the competing delights of heat and firelight later and Kay's shoulders now, David acquiesed. He surrendered his place to an eager Chris, and started arranging the kindling.

Janie worked on Kay's neck and shoulders, while Chris started at her feet and worked up. Within a few minutes, firelight was reflecting from her firm and well-oiled legs. David dimmed the lighting and just watched in silence for a while, entranced by the sight. Clearing his throat, he said, "More Twister, anyone?"

Chris spun the pointer and watched as the other three stretched and gyrated on the slightly slippery mat. His eye was constantly drawn to Kay's body, her figure shown off to full effect by her clothes, the firelight, and the oil. Kay caught his eye, smiled broadly, and licked her lips. His erection cranked up a notch. "Hey, that fire's very hot," he said. "Mind if I take my T-shirt off?"

At that moment, David missed his Twister move and fell on his arse. He laughed as he got up, taking his own top off. "Yeah, it is hot in here."

Janie stepped over to David and kissed him deeply, running her fingers over his bare chest. He returned the kiss, cradling her head in one hand, pressing her body against his with the other. When they finally surfaced for air, they saw that Chris and Kay had followed suit, kissing and caressing each other.

Soon both couples were sitting on the rug in front of the fire. Giggles and gentle moans filled the air as sensitive areas were found by hands and claimed by mouths. Kay's ready enthusiasm for this game had overcome any shyness felt by the others at the presence of a newcomer. The women's tops soon followed the men's onto the discard pile. Janie's nipples rose to the attention of David's fingers and tongue. Chris's breath caught in his throat as Kay's teeth closed on his left nipple, his hands in her hair.

Janie suddenly stood and peeled off the rest of her clothes. "I want you, you stud. Right now." She swiftly unfastened David's belt and pushed him down onto the floor. She grabbed a foil packet out of the coffee table drawer with one hand, tugging out his stiff cock with the other. He was inside her in seconds.

Chris and Kay sat and watched as Janie rode David hard and fast. She smiled at them and then closed her eyes and tossed her head back as she centred on the sensation, the unmistakable shock of the familiar, her long-time lover's cock, wide and long, filling her up. David supported her breasts with his hands, gently teasing the nipples with his fingers and smiling up at her.

Chris was no stranger to this sight, of his best friends fucking, but it was still very erotic, and Kay's presence added to that. She turned to him with a look of excitement and anticipation. "I know," he said, "they're quite something, aren't they?"

She didn't answer in words, but licked her lips again and reached for his zip. His sharp intake of breath was cut short by the shocking feeling of her hot mouth on his cock. She took it all in, his tip brushing the back of her throat, before backing off a little to give him a smile before starting a more thorough licking. When he was quite wet she kept the end in her mouth, relishing the smooth feel of it, as she licked around his crown with the tip of her tongue and wanked him slowly with one hand. Chris closed his eyes and lay back. "Ah, God, that's so good. Oh, Kay."

David and Janie had fallen into their long-accustomed rhythm, and as they fucked they turned to watch their two old friends starting a new relationship. David reached out one hand to stroke Kay's legs, and her arse through the thin material of her hotpants. She wiggled her bum in pleasure, inviting his touch, and her own hand moved faster. Chris gave a low moan and opened his eyes, gazing at Janie.

David's other hand was busy on Janie's clit, and her pleasure was building. The sight of Chris close to coming fired many happy fantasies and memories, and she gasped as the first waves of her own orgasm started to break over her. Gasps became cries and she closed her eyes and ground down on David's cock as the fireworks went off in her head. David sat up and held her tightly, biting his lip as he came.

Kay's exquisite attentions and the sight of his friends' upheavals were too much for Chris, and he cried out loud as he came in her mouth. She held him firmly for a few moments as she swallowed, then sat up and smiled broadly at him. "Just as sweet as I imagined it, on that hotel balcony."

David finished wiping up and said, "Looks like your turn, Kay. What are you up for?"

Kay answered him by standing up and shucking off the rest of her clothes. "Well, what have you got? Bring it on, guys. It's months since I had a good fuck, and I need one tonight." She sat on the floor, legs apart, fingering herself lightly.

David moved over to her and they kissed deeply. "First," he said with a smile, "this. You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this." He kissed his way down her body, pausing to attend to each gorgeous breast, and parted her pubic hair and lips with his fingers before settling down with his tongue on her clit.

“Ooh oh ooh” Kay started. “I'm so sensitive - God I've missed this kind of attention.” David was an expert, if Janie's opinion could be trusted. “David...” she said, about to make some intelligent comment, then she trailed off lost in the build of her response to David's tongue. Kay start to push down on to David's face, seeking more than just his muscular tongue. He teased her for a while longer, then thrust two fingers deep into her wet cunt, making her gasp and sink down into his attentions more.

The look on Kay's face struck a chord in Janie, still tingling herself from David's cock. She leaned over to kiss Kay, tasting Chris's come in her mouth. Chris stroked her back as she held Kay's head in her hands, and reached around to cup her breasts. The three of them lay embracing, Janie kissing first Kay and then Chris, Chris stroking Janie's breasts and then Kay's, Janie and Chris both delighting in Kay's pleasure.

Kay grabbed at David's head, her fingers in his hair, and clamped his face between her legs as she started to shudder. She groaned deeply as she came on his tongue and fingers, Janie kissing her face and neck, Chris cupping her breasts and tenderly kissing her nipples. The sweet ministrations of her three friends stretched out her orgasm, and the aftershocks were still lingering when Janie whispered in her ear, “Right, my turn.”

Janie's tongue made a hot and cold trail down Kay's body as she pushed David out of the way and made a beeline for Kay's clit. The unfamiliar taste of a woman's sex intrigued her, and she made a point of exploring Kay's folds and crevices, discovering sensitivities which mirrored her own. She found a rhythm, soon echoed by Kay, and lost herself in the steady delight of seeking another's pleasure.

David moved up, kissing Kay on the mouth. “You look fantastic,” he said, watching her pleasure for a moment. Kay reached for his cock as it started to stiffen once more, and guided it into her mouth as he knelt astride her. He held her head as she bobbed gently back and forth, not demanding more than her distraction could offer in the way of delicious tonguing for the head of his (less desperate now) cock. As Janie tried out all the twiddles which drove her wild, Kay started to groan around David's cock, another orgasm building within her.

Chris had been playing with himself gently, watching his friends get lost in the flow of delicious excess. The sight of Janie's bum gyrating away, as she knelt working on Kay's clit, leant him a focus, and he moved over to stroke around and between Janie's arse cheeks. He could feel how aroused she was, from the heat and moisture emanating from her cunt. Janie nuzzled her bum back into his warm hands invitingly. He reached for a condom, got it on in an instant, and pushed home into his lover's tight and eager cunt with no further ado.

Janie suddenly moaned in pleasure and surprise, the buzz vibrating through Kay's cunt. She tried to keep a rhythm going on Kay, but almost instantly lost concentration and had to rest her head and shoulders on the rug as Chris pumped her from behind. Her swollen cunt could feel every millimeter of his cock as he moved in her without caution. God it felt so good – new and old at the same time. How could anyone turn down attention like this, forget how sweet fucking could be?

Kay moaned with neglect. David speedily moved down again to take the place he'd only reluctantly given up to Janie. He kissed Kay all around her thighs, teasingly, while assessing her readiness with his fingers. Satisfied that her cunt was as sensitive as it could be, he slid on a condom. He started to rub his hard cock between her legs, brushing over her clit every few seconds. Kay lifted her arms and opened them wide, and embraced him strongly. “I want you. Now.” He could wait no longer. David lay down on top of her, his cock pushing at her opening. Kay's feet on his arse pulled him into her. She arched her back up again and again to meet and amplify his thrusts, ever more insistent. “God, Kay!” he cried. “Yes! At last!” she responded. They fucked deep and hard, totally unaware of anything but each other until the noises from Chris and Janie cut into their private world of the senses.

David lifted one of Kay's leg so he could move around behind her without having to withdraw, the couple facing Janie and Chris who were still fucking on their knees. Janie and Chris moved to adopt the same position, so that Janie and Kay could gaze into each other's eyes between orgasms and stroke each other gently. The sight of this was too much for David. He came long and loud, pushing the others over their edges like dominoes.

The friends lay in afterglow and firelight for several minutes. Kay broke the silence: “Hey, I said to bring it on. Where's the rest?”

“Looks like we'll get to test the capacity of that kingsize after all” said Janie.

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3 years ago
Excellent story and well written. Wish I could have been there. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
so amazing babe,you have a talent xx
3 years ago
Very well done!