The Initiation

Rachel knew Sienna was nervous about whether she wanted to go through with it but Sienna pretended she was confident, arrogant even as she walked into the bedroom and sat down next Rachel. Sienna's brown hair was tousled and just the sight of her toned thighs made Rachel wet.

Sienna was wearing a low-cut V-neck pale blue silky dress and the glimpse of her full breasts made Rachel even more convinced that she wanted her.

Sienna looked at Rachel, challenging, so Rachel kissed her, pushing her tongue into Sienna's mouth. Sienna responded, slowly at first. Rachel felt her tense as she slipped my hand into the dress over Sienna's breast, feeling its weight, brushing her thumb over the hard nipple. Rachel had planned to take it slowly for her but she couldn't wait and she began to slide her hand underneath the dress, up her thigh.

"You'll enjoy it, I'll be gentle" Rachel whispered to her as she slowly lowered Sienna onto her back. Rachel teased her fingers at the tops of Sienna's thighs before cupping her cunt with her hand over her knickers. She was already hot. Sienna was still tense so Rachel began kissing her neck while ever so slightly rubbing at her crotch. Sienna relaxed and began moving against Rachels hand. Rachel then quickly slid her hand inside Sienna's knickers, cupping her naked cunt.

Rachel wanted to eat her but knew she had to keep it slow or Sienna'd bolt. Rachel circled her clit with her fingers, so slowly at first, then down to her hole and up again, getting faster until Sienna let out a little moan and Rachel pushed her fingers inside her. Sienna tensed but Rachel persistied sliding in and out and Sienna began to relax and moan again so Rachel finger fucked her harder until she was just about to come.

"Was that good?" Rachel asked. Sienna nodded. Rachel could see in her face how much she wanted to come. "I want to make you come with my mouth" Rachel told her. Sienna smiled, shyly.


Rachel slid her hand up Siennas thighs, under the dress and eased her fingers under the waist of her knickers and began to pull them down, while kissing her calves, until the knickers came over the ankles.

Rachel couldnt wait to see Siennas pussy, so she f***ed her legs wide apart and then inched her skirt up over her waist. Sienna felt exposed and vulnerable, and this just turned Rachel on. Rachel lay down, her face inches from Sienna's pussy, and pushed her lips apart so she could see her labia and clit in full view.

Rachel ran her tongue up one lip, Sienna fliched but Rachel continued up to her clit which she massage softly with the flat of her tongue, again and again. Rachel was so turned on by having this beautiful womans gorgeous pussy, in her mouth she couldnt hold back. She smothered her face in Sienna's cunt licking her cum. She thrust her tongue inside Sienna, then moved up to her clit again while pushing her fingers inside of her, she licked and fucked her until Sienna came hard on her mouth and Rachel sucked up her juice hungrily.

"That wasnt so bad was it" Rachel asked. Sienna agreed. "Now I want you to do something" said Rachel. Sienna was nervous again. "You're going to learn how to eat a woman." Rachel continued.

"This is my flatmate, Calley."

Sienna gasped, as a gorgeous slim redhead walked in. "Would you mind?" Rachel asked. Sienna gulped, nervously. "OK."

Calley lay back on the bed, legs wide open. "I'll show you how" Rachel told Sienna as she got down between Calley's legs. "Open her lips like this so you can see her clit properly, and lick it and while you're doing that fuck her cunt with your fingers like this." She demonstrated.

Sienna began licking Calley's smooth pussy tentatively. Calley moaned. She loved having virgins practise on her; the feeling of power enhanced her horniness. Sienna grew more confident, as Calley moaned.

Rachel came behind Sienna while she was still licking Calley and started stroking her ass and thighs and massaging her cunt from behind, dipping her fingers in then swirling them around Sienna's still sensitive clit. Rachel drew her finger up until it was resting on her asshole. Sienna tried to sit up but Calley pulled her head back down to her cunt, so Sienna had to keep licking. Then Rachel spread Sienna ass so she could see her tight asshole and used her tongue to tease her a little while she shoved her fingers back into Siennas hot slippery cunt.

Calley was nearing orgasm as she watched Rachel playing with Sienna's ass while the virgin lesbian kept licking and kissing her pussy and she ground down on her face. Rachel then edged a finger into Siennas ass. Sienna squealed and tried to wriggle away, but Rachel just pushed harder and inserted fingers into her cunt as well, finding Siennas G spot massaging until Sienna began to moan deeply.

Rachel slid another finger up Sienna's ass, exciting her further and the visual along with the licking was all Calley could take as she began to cum all over Siennas mouth. At the same time Siennas body started shaking with her second orgasam of the night. They lay in post orgasmic bliss for a minute before both turning their attention to Rachel...

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9 months ago
Nice work Caitlin....I will read more of your wrok....very nice
1 year ago
Oh, to be Rachel in the next part of the story. One of my strongest fantasies. I love your writing, Caitlin.