The Sauna

The water felt fresh and cold against her skin, and the strong smell of chlorine filled her mouth and nose. Amy swam breaststroke up and down the short pool, letting the sticky heat of the day wash off. After nineteen energetic laps she relaxed, and turned onto her back for the final length. It was late, and the pool was empty. Through the steamy glass roof of the exclusive leisure centre, she could just make out the first stars. The pool felt rather like a huge personal floatation tank, she thought. She was glad to be alone. Her little blue bikini felt uncomfortably tight and revealing, but the empty open water felt liberating.

‘The plunge pool, followed by ten more lengths.’ She told herself, dragging herself out of the now pleasantly warm water, and padding toward the little round pool.

She dipped in a toe.

‘Jesus!’ And pulled it away again quickly.

Then she caught her breath and delved in. Momentarily she unable to breathe. Forcing herself to relax, she counted to twenty, as she always did, slowly, dragging out the ache that followed the initial shock of the freezing water against her body. Her flesh tightened, and her bikini top felt suddenly loose around her taught breasts, her nipples hard and painfully cold.

Gasping she climbed out, aware of her body rubbing and bumping against the edge of the pool as she did so. Standing, she crossed her arms across her chest, and started to walk toward the pool, and then changing her mind, she made her way over to the steam-room.

She rarely, if ever, went in here, but the usual intimidating fat sweaty men had gone home for the evening, so she thought she’d give it a go.

As Amy opened the door, thick steam billowed out, blasting her with heat. She shivered, and her skin became tighter still. Her breasts felt full and heavy, still aching from the cold of the plunge pool. Her nipples throbbed. She stepped inside, and took deep breathes through her mouth. The room was empty. The hot eucalyptus scented air burned her throat. Dizzily she sat down on the horseshoe seat, which circled the dome. The steam blinded her and she closed her eyes.

As her breathing became deeper her muscles slowly un-knotted, and she let her hands fall down to her sides. Her thighs parted slightly. Heavy, scolding, drips fell from the ceiling onto her lap, her breasts, and her forearms. She shifted slightly, her bikini felt small again, barely covering her full tits, and tight between her legs. She could fall asl**p right now, she thought, and dream naughty dreams.

Suddenly, the steam cleared, and the room was cold. She opened her eyes, feeling momentarily exposed. A figure joined her in the room. The door closed, and it was dark again.

Amy couldn’t see the other person, and as the minutes passed, she relaxed again. It was as if it had been her imagination. Hot water trickled down between her breasts, and her nipples, which had softened, began to throb again, this time with heat.

She scratched an imaginary itch on her right breast, gently knocking her nipple with her fingertip. Pleasure shot through her. She wanted to touch herself. She opened her eyes, and peered through the mist. She could just about make out a pair of legs across from her. A woman’s legs, long and tanned. She strained her eyes, and could just make out a red bikini, long brown hair, a flat stomach, but no detail. The woman wouldn’t notice. Amy began to feel very wet at the thought. Reaching down she slid a finger under the front of her bikini bottoms, and let it rest on her clit.

Gently she slid it round and round, in a circular motion. Her wetness slowly began to soak though her pants as she parted her legs further. Amy raised her other hand, and tugged hard on her left nipple through the silky lycra of her bikini. Pleasure rushed through her, and she closed her eyes. Not allowing herself to speed up. Teasing her clit, as it pulsed beneath her fingers.

She felt a warmth along her left side, and opened her eyes. She jumped. The girl in the red bikini was sat next to her! She stopped and sat up straight, confused and embarrassed. The girl was looking at her. She was about twenty-five, Amy’s age, and beautiful, thin and toned, with perfect tits, and huge brown eyes. Amy started as if to leave, but the girl lightly touched her arm, and she turned.

‘Don’t go, I was enjoying watching you. You’re really beautiful you know.’ She said in a soft Spanish accent, and smiled. This girl really was gorgeous, Amy thought.

Amy felt her shock subside a little, and her horniness return slightly.

'Don’t feel embarrassed.’ The girl said, soothingly, putting both hands on Amy’s thigh as she turned toward her.

‘My name’s Andrea.’

‘Amy.’ Amy whispered.

‘I come in here a lot. It always makes me feel erotic, especially when it’s full of men, and they’re all watching me through the stream. I can feel their eyes on my body, and I have to take a cold shower to calm myself afterwards.’ The girl confessed.

Amy felt the throbbing in her clit return.

‘I like to come here late at night, and sometimes I take my bathers off and imagine them watching me, as I touch myself. That’s why I’m here tonight, and I was waiting to be alone, but it looks like you had the same idea.’

Amy realised she was absent-mindedly touching her right breast. The girl had noticed too, and gently leaned forward and kissed Amy on the cheek. Amy’s breath quickened.

‘Take off your top.’ The girl said, her hands already moving toward the ties at Amy’s neck, pushing her blonde hair out of the way.

The bikini top rolled down her chest and off her big breasts, leaving her exposed. The girl breathed heavily, and ran a hand over Amy’s hard left nipple.

‘You have magnificent tits.’ Andrea mused as she lifted the weight of Amy’s left breast, gently massaging it in two hands. She leant forward and took Amy’s nipple into her mouth, her tongue relaxed and soft. Suddenly, she bit down lightly, and began to suck, forcing the sensitive skin to sc**** back and forth against her teeth.

Amy moaned, and her breathing quickened. Andrea found the other nipple with her fingertips, and pinched it hard. Amy’s right hand left its place by her side, and dipped into her bikini bottoms again. Her clit felt hard and slippery, and she pinched it between her thumb and forefinger, and rolled it back and forth to the pace of Andrea’s sucking.

Moving away, Andrea undid the tie at her own neck, and the bikini top peeled from her wet skin. Her breasts were round and shapely, and Amy reached out to hold them, her nervousness being replaced by desire. She’d never touched another girl’s tits. Her palms pressed them hard against Andrea’s body, and the nipples puckered and became rough. She moved her hands away, tugging both nipples hard. Andrea gasped. She pulled down her red pants and left them in a heap on the wet floor, next to her top. Then she helped Amy out of hers.

‘What are we doing?’ Amy said dreamily.

‘Shh Amy.’ The girl smiled reassuringly.

They moved closer, and felt their wet breasts rub together, their hands massaging and tugging at each other’s nipples. They kissed hard, feeling each other’s soft faces, and full lips. Their wet tongues brushed together. Gently and slowly, Andrea ran her hand down Amy’s body, over her toned tummy, stopping at her pussy. She ran a finger along her slit, dipping it into her wetness occasionally, and flicking her clit. Amy found Andrea’s pussy and pushed three fingers deep inside her, letting her thumb rest on Andrea’s clit. She moaned and kissed Amy harder.

Amy pushed her fingers in and out rhythmically, bashing into Andrea’s clit with the pad of her thumb with each thrust. She broke their kiss, and bent to Andrea’s tits, moving a tight nipple into her mouth with her tongue and suckling softly.

Andrea lost her grip on Amy’s pussy, and lent back feeling ecstasy rise up through her. She felt hot and wet and wonderful. Amy sucked harder, and fucked her faster. Andrea bucked against Amy’s hand, and Amy pushed her forth finger inside her. Andrea tightened and her moans became louder. She f***ed her breast further into Amy’s mouth, holding the back of her blonde head, and screamed as she came hard. Amy felt her contract around her fingers, and bit into her nipple. The girl carried on moaning softly and Amy moved to kiss her gently on the mouth.

Andrea smiled. Still panting she gathered herself and moved her damp hands over Amy’s curves, grabbing at her tits. She ran her tongue over Amy’s cleavage, stopping at her hard nipples to circle them with the tip. Pushing Amy’s breasts apart, Andrea kissed her way down her hot body, until she found Amy’s hard pulsing clit with her mouth. Keeping one hand on Amy’s right nipple, she inserted the fingers of the other into Amy’s pussy, watching the way her flesh stretched around her hand. Amy closed her eyes as waves of pleasure started to wash over her. Andrea felt her spasm, and took Amy’s clit in her mouth, flicking it with her tongue. Amy moaned loudly on the edge of orgasm, and toppled over the edge as Andrea began to suck her swollen clit hard, knocking it with her perfect teeth. She shivered as she came and her wetness ran down her thighs and Andrea’s face.

Sitting up the two girls relaxed into one another’s arms, and kissed again.

‘Fuck’ Amy said, panting.

‘I know! You’re amazing. Wow, that felt so good, thank you.’ Andrea said in her soft accent.

Amy beamed, she felt light headed. She needed a cold shower.

‘I have to go, might I ever see you again?’ She sounded anxious and confused.

Andrea opened her eyes wide and put a hand on Amy’s hot shoulder,

‘Of course, darling! I’m here most nights…’

Amy smiled, bit her lip, and stood up to open the door. Freezing cold air filled the room, and she stepped out into it.

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3 years ago
more fun if some fat old men had been in there and touched her up...
3 years ago
Lovely story!!!
3 years ago
i like it mmm
3 years ago
Mmm. Fabulous story. I'm going to go in the sauna at my gym tomorrow. Going to take on andrea's role and fantasise over the men watching me. Hopefully amy Will come in tho.;) x x
3 years ago
Hot story. Thanks.