Hospital Fantasy

There was something about hospitals that really turned Amy on. She had never worked out exactly what it was that made her pussy flood with juices whenever she had to visit some unfortunate relative or friend, but just the thought of the clinical corridors and sterile sheets caused her to flush in horny anticipation.

It was a fairly quiet Monday afternoon as she found herself walking slowly along a seemingly endless, pale green corridor. Interesting tramlines in various colours were apparently meant to provide directions. Kind of unfortunate if you were colour blind mused Amy, as she struggled to locate the ward where dear old Aunt Ethel was recovering from a hip op.

Her i-pod channelled music directly into her ear and she hummed to herself idly. A passing doctor caught her eye as he walked purposefully in the direction of Gynaecology. He was fit as fuck and a vision of him giving her a private examination caused a huge smile to break out on her pretty face. If only, she thought ruefully.

A bank of lifts signalled the end of the building and a large map seemed to indicate that ward 35 was located on the 4th Floor. Amy pressed the button and waited for a lift to arrive.

A bell pinged and the large steel doors opened. The lift was empty and Amy stepped in. Just as the door was about to close, two people dashed in behind her, laughing as the doors slid shut. They were both in uniform; the girl was a nurse and the man was some kind of consultant. Amy glanced at them curiously as the lift chugged slowly up to the next floor. The nurse was not very tall but nicely curvaceous, filling out her bland uniform and revealing a tempting cleavage. The doctor was tall, dark and ruggedly handsome. His brown eyes twinkled as they both giggled at some private joke. It seemed like they were some sort of couple as they stood closely and the man casually rested his hand on the blonde girl’s bottom. Amy felt quite jealous. Given half a chance she would have fucked either of them!

Suddenly the lift shuddered to a halt. The lights flickered and silence reigned ominously. For a few minutes they all looked at each other and waited for the lift to start moving again. Nothing happened and the doctor swore crossly.

“This is the second time this has happened in a week! Fucking maintenance department are useless! Mr Nicholls was in here for 2 hours last time – he missed his clinic and was livid!”

The nurse giggled, “I doubt his patients were complaining!”

“No I guess you’re right”, the doctor replied ruefully.

Half an hour passed as they all sat down to wait for someone to rescue them. Surely the hospital would realise what had happened soon?

It was quiet and Amy shut her eyes listening to her music. Many tracks later, she opened her eyes again and was gob-smacked to see the nurse half sitting in the doctor’s lap, kissing him passionately. Her uniform was partially unbuttoned and he had his hand inside, squeezing her ample breasts. They hadn’t noticed she was watching and she sat mesmerised, her sex throbbing painfully at the erotic spectacle before her. The nurse was wearing a red bra and he slid his hand inside the silky cup, lifting the creamy breast from its lacy confines. Her nipple was hard and rosy red and Amy licked her lips imagining the feel of it in her mouth. He bent his head and flicked a tongue over the tip, leaving a wet trail of saliva. The nurse groaned lustfully and Amy knew exactly how she felt. Her own breasts were tingling and dying to be touched. She shifted uncomfortably on the hard carpeted floor, squeezing her thighs together in an attempt to find relief.

The nurse had thrown her head back and her uniform was pushed of her shoulders. The doctor removed her bra and cupped both breasts with obvious delight. He licked and suckled her nipples as she moaned loudly. Her legs parted and he slid a hand up between her thighs. As the skirt was hiked higher and higher, Amy could see she was wearing no knickers, her shaved pussy clearly visible as she spread her legs wide. Her labia glistened with juices and Amy gave into lust and reached down for her own pussy. She was sopping wet and her clit was like a hard marble, swollen and engorged. She stroked it as the doctor slipped several fingers into the nurse’s wet cunt.

Suddenly, he looked over at Amy and they locked eyes. She was rather embarrassed to be caught with her fingers up her pussy but hey, what else was she supposed to do? Ignore them??

He smiled at her as he fucked the nurse with his hand. “Want to join in?” He asked teasingly.

Without giving it a second thought, Amy crawled across the floor pulling her top off as she went. The doctor smiled appreciatively at her pert tits and reached out to caress them with one hand, the other hand still occupied. Amy unfastened her own bra and he pinched her nipples hard. She gasped at the sensation and her pussy welled up even more.

“Lick her pussy…” the doctor said to her. The nurse lay on the floor, her uniform bunched up around her waist and her legs spread wide. Amy grinned in approval. She stood up quickly and slipped her skirt off so she was wearing only her pink thong. Kneeling back down, she leaned over the woman’s body and couldn’t resist sucking her tits for a few moments, before moving down until she was positioned between her thighs.

Her pussy was wet and swollen with arousal. She bent and licked the outer folds of flesh, tasting her juices that trickled out. Carefully, she pushed the hood of the clitoris back and licked around it gently with her tongue. She was rewarded with a fresh stream of moisture and she lapped it up like a cat. The nurse writhed under her and was clearly very close to cumming. Amy concentrated on her clit with steady strokes and before very long she came with a howl and a rush of fluid from her vagina. Her whole pussy rippled with contractions and Amy watched, enjoying the sight of her orgasm up close.

The doctor had been watching this and he pulled her to him roughly as she sat up. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his hard cock. My turn he said huskily.

Always happy to oblige, Amy unzipped his trousers and he pulled them down before kicking them off. His cock was huge and her mouth watered at the prospect of being fucked by it. She took him in her mouth and he pushed himself towards the back of her throat, fucking her mouth as she sucked hard. His balls were tight and she cupped them, feeling all the unspent semen waiting to be expelled. As she licked and sucked, she felt hands on her thighs. The nurse had recovered sufficiently to pay her some attention and gratefully she pushed her bottom backwards, pussy aching. Her thong was slipped off and a finger inserted into her molten cunt. The sensation was sublime. A hand reached up and played with her breasts and she groaned as best she could with a mouth full of cock.

A tongue inserted itself into her pussy and lapped at her clit. She could feel her orgasm building and struggled to concentrate on what she was doing. It wasn’t easy. The nurse pinched her nipples as she sucked her clit and in a rush of pleasure, Amy had the most amazing orgasm of her life. It felt like her whole body was spasming in ecstasy.

The doctor pulled his cock out of her mouth and the two women turned to face each other and kissed, each tasting the others juices. They looked back at the doctor and smiled. “Which one of them did he want to fuck?”

“Difficult choice!” He grinned. With unspoken agreement, the nurse positioned herself under Amy, as she kneeled on all fours. The doctor moved around behind her and she felt the tip of his cock enter her wet hole. It felt amazing and she pushed herself back onto him, needing to feel all of him. For a moment he didn’t move and she growled in frustration, wanting him to fuck her hard. Then he obliged, grabbing her hips and thrusting into her in one smooth movement. She felt stretched in every way and her knees were rubbing on the harsh carpet but she didn’t care. Beneath her, the nurse lapped at her clit and toyed with her nipples. Amy moaned as his hard cock fucked her relentlessly and as the nurse sucked her clit, she climaxed again.

The doctor pulled out of her and they swapped over so the nurse could be fucked too. He lay down and she carefully lowered herself onto his penis. Leaning forward, he suckled at her tits as she moved up and down his cock, her eyes closed in pleasure. Amy recovered from her own orgasm and moved behind her, caressing her bottom, enjoying the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt. Her anus was exposed and without giving it much thought, Amy licked a finger and touched the orifice. The nurse bucked in pleasure and greatly encouraged by this, Amy gently pushed her finger against the hole until the tight muscle sphincter relaxed enough to allow her entry. With Amy’s finger up her arse and a hard cock fucking her it was only a matter of seconds before the nurse climaxed again. Her body flushed in a rosy glow and the sweat poured off her. She sat up and they all looked at each other for a moment.

“My turn now please” The doctor said, “I want to cum on both your tits.”

The two women knelt before him as he wanked over them, tongues flicking out to lick his cock. He tensed up and suddenly a stream of creamy spunk fired all over their breasts; pumping out in endless bursts. He groaned at the release and as the last few drops splattered onto their chins, they all smiled in mutual satisfaction.

The sound of a voice interrupted Amy’s reverie.

“Everyone alright in there?” asked a man as the doors were f***ed open. Amy sat up startled; the nurse and doctor were still sat quietly opposite her; she was filing her nails and he was reading some notes.

Amy mentally shook herself - fucking hell she thought… She really needed to get laid sooner rather than later…

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2 years ago
Oh my I have just frigged my pussy to a frenzie reading this
3 years ago
I always have had a phobia about being stuck in a lift - i am just thinking what would happen in Ikea with there's a thought!!!! You have my imagination going wild again Caity!!!!
3 years ago
Loved your story
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago