What Jenny Did!!

I always got the really crap assignments. One day it would be interviewing Fred Jones about his prize turnip, the next writing an obituary for the village's favourite cat. Such was the life of a junior reporter on a local paper. On one such day, I was fed up with hanging about the local WomenÂ’s Institute in the hope of picking up some hot tips on cake baking. I retired to the nearby coffee bar where I almost choked on my cappuccino at the conversation I overheard...

"It's the pampas grass that lets them know" says one old biddy
"Really" her friend says in horror
"Yes, pampas grass means that they you know..swing"
Well, a junior reporter I might have been but I knew they weren’t talking about garden furniture. Listening more closely I heard them talk about
a secret swingers network that had taken over the newly built ‘executive’ estate at the north end of the village. Now there was a story.
I dreamed on a bit about seeing my name on the by-line of a national 'Top reporter probes the dark underside of suburbia', ‘Award winning journalist gets the story’, well why not, everyone has to start somewhere. The next day I brought it up with my Ed who didn't sound too impressed but to humour me he gave me the green light to investigate.I wasn't too sure where to start, I mean, did I wander the streets of k**erton looking for pampas grass then knock on the door saying "Hi my name is Jenny, do you want to swing?"

Somehow I doubted that’s how the News of the World get their stories. So, I decided to go undercover and do a bit of sleuthing. My first point of call was my friend Jerome. Jerome and I used to be a bit of an item but then he got a job as the Manager of the local supermarket and all of a sudden his only interest seemed to be the price of beans. Apart from the odd bashed tin it was downhill all the way for us. But now I thought he might prove useful. Who else would get the local gossip on the bored housewives of k**erton?Jerome was up for it, well I knew he would be; since we broke up I don’t think he'd had a date more exciting than the wilted flower on his forecourt, and the thought of finding out about group sex was all he needed to get him interested. Jerome was on the case and a couple of days later reported back to me."Apparently, it goes on every week, Friday nights. There's a lock in at The Kings Head, whoever stays in the snug puts their name in a hat and the names are divided out. Do you want to go?"Well of course I did, this was the lead I had been waiting for. So Friday saw me and Jerome in The Kings Head, not the usual place you would find me or him on a Friday - frankly I would rather be battering fish. Looking around the snug all I could see was an extremely unattractive middle-aged couple and an old bloke.

Things didn’t look good for my exclusive. So Jerome and I sat and got pissed, so much that we didn’t notice that by about 10.45 the snug had become unusually busy. I noticed in my d***ken haze that there was now about five couples in the snug and a couple of youngish men. Things were looking up. As the rest of the pub emptied, only the snug - with me and Jerome in it - remained full. People were smiling and flirting and then the hat came round.Oh well in for a penny, Jerome and I wrote out names out and put them in the hat. After a bit of an awkward silence, the names were called out. Jerome was matched up with the only single woman in the place. A tarty middle-aged blond with dyed roots but she was, for all that, not unattractive and Jerome seemed pretty pleased with himself. As he went off I reminded him the idea was to get the story, make his excuses and leave in the best tradition of reporting but he didnÂ’t seem to be paying much attention. Now it was my turn, I hadn’t heard the names but saw a woman and a man smiling at me. Oh god, this is it then, time to get my story.

Mary and Jeff introduced themselves - god this was cringe-making. At least they were quite attractive and not that old - late twenties I'd say and probably had quite professional jobs, not that I'm a snob or anything but at least we could probably hold a conversation.Mary was tall and slim but had huge breasts, I thought they must have received a bit of surgical enhancement, while Jeff was good looking in 'The Gap' kind of way. So off we went in their car, all the time talking about the weather and what we did and why I'd got in to swinging. Hmm, tricky one that but I think I made a good account of it, all the time trying to probe a bit deeper about why they did it. When we got to their house - which was your typical ‘all bought from IKEA’ jobs on the 'executive estate' we had a cup of coffee. Well not exactly sordid but before I could take a sip Mary had stripped down to her underwear. I had never been attracted to women before but something got me and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. Jeff by this time had loosened his trousers and was now waving a very large cock in my general direction.Oh fuck...this was my time to get up and leave, I stood up, opened my mouth to speak but before a word could get out Mary had fixed her lips on mine and was rubbing her huge breasts against my chest. Before I could protest she had taken off my top and was playing with my tits. I was starting to feel turned on by now, and well what was the harm in it? It would get me an even better story. Mary gently pushed me on to the sofa and spread my legs, taking off my jeans and knickers. She then replaced them with her mouth, licking my cunt and nibbling my clitoris ever so gently. "Ooh" I groaned and pushed my cunt in to her face wriggling my bum as I ground my clit in to her mouth. "Do it harder, please... mmmm" I was in heaven. This time, as my mouth opened to speak, Jeff put his cock in it. “Mmmmfmffm” was all I could manage as his hairy balls tickled my chin. Mary was still working on my cunt and I felt it only polite to reciprocate with Jeff’s huge cock.

He pulled out saying he would cum and didn’t want to just yet. With that Mary stood up and moved away to a armchair and sat watching as Jeff pulled me on to the floor. I was now on all fours facing Mary as Jeff pushed his cock into my cunt. Mary wriggled to the edge of her seat and grabbed my hair pushing my face in to her wet smelly cunt. DonÂ’t get me wrong, it smelt clean but with the whiff of the sea and I loved it, especially as Jeff pumped in to me. Just as I was about to cum, he pulled out, grabbed some lube and spread it all over his cock before pushing his cock back in to my arse. Ooh now I do love anal sex, if itÂ’s done right and Jeff did seem to know what he was doing. I continued lapping at MaryÂ’s cunt for a while before she slithered off the chair completely,, got down on the floor underneath me and started licking my clitoris as her husband fucked me. I came with a loud shout and collapsed on top of Mary. Mary wriggled out and straddled Jeff. I watched as she moved on top of him and it wasn’t long before he came with an almighty roar.Well...yes I thought, and what do we do now. I didnÂ’t need to ask as there was a ring on the door, Mary threw on some clothes and went to answer it. She returned with Jerome and the tarty blonde. "Time for seconds" she said with a grinI looked at Jerome and he just shrugged. Guess I wasnÂ’t going to get my exclusive just yet, but in the interests of good investigative reporting I had to keep going...
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3 years ago
well done!
3 years ago
good 1,you have a nice gift for writing
4 years ago
4 years ago
excellent & the part 2 is a must write
4 years ago
getting me going - the doorbell just rang!!!!!!!
4 years ago
Lovin this blog as well
4 years ago
Great start, I hope there are several sequels to come.
4 years ago
Hope there's a part two to this story!