For A Friend....

I welcome you both in. I'm naked, and I lead you both straight to the bedroom where I immediately begin to undress you while your hubby watches. I stack your clothes neatly on the ottoman, then undress your man too.

Now I can adore your body. We kiss, my hands in your hair and my tongue probing your mouth. When we break for breath I notice your husband is slowly stroking his erection. I kiss your neck, the hollow of your throat and each shoulder before I fasten my mouth on your left breast and begin to suckle at your nipple. From there, I'm required to go lower...

I kiss the inside of your thighs while I run my fingers through your pubic hair, then draw your attention to the bottom draw of my bedside cabinet...

Which is full of dildos, vibes, lube and the like!! I select my double penetration dildo and slowly lube it up while you begin to pleasure yourself, then slowly ease the thinner cock into your tight anus then allow myself and your husband the pleasure of seeing the thicker cock part your swollen lips and seat itself firmly in your vagina. I smile at your moans of pleasure and begin to work the toy in and out while slowly moving closer to your sex, first breathing heavily on it then reaching out my breast to stroke your clit with my hard nipple....

Its now that I realise you've taken your husband into your mouth and are sucking enthusiastically on him. I bend my head to you and suck your button into my mouth, running my tongue over it and listening to your muffled moans. You tense and I speed up my efforts, sending you over the edge and you buck and moan. Hubby has obviously been spurred on by this, as he ejaculates in your mouth. Some leaks from between your lips to splash on your breast. We kiss and share the salty goo, before I bend and lick the rest from you...

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3 years ago
PLEASE continue!
4 years ago
very good xx
4 years ago
almost blind at the thought,
4 years ago
mmmmmmmmmm,i love this Caity - my imagination is into the red zone!!!!
4 years ago
very good & hot please write more
4 years ago
very good & hot
4 years ago
Oh my Caity... that is lovely!!
I'd like to think I was the person this was written for.... ;o)
Speak soon, its been ages
J xxx
4 years ago
Can wait for next chapter Caitlin
4 years ago
Great so far. Would love to have description of your conquest- is she like you in build, colouring, appearance? Or is she a contrasting body type?
4 years ago
Very hot!
Would love to be that hubby!