Only a Dream?

First i want to say, that this ist my first try to post a story in english, also my english is not very good, i can use it at everything in IT but i`m insecure writing about emotions.

Only a Dream

i looked up and saw i was somewhere in a cafe but i didn`t know how i get here.

The next look around me show me that i didn`t sit allone, next to me was this beautyful Man i know from the videos i saw the last days again and again.

But only his smile and the remembering of this videos told me that he must be this beatiful Lady in front of me.
He wears a white blouse which was transparent and so i could see the nice purple lingere i remembered of the video. His wonderful long Hair glimmerd like a cloud of silky copper and his lovely Face with very decent make up let my heart beat wild.

Since i remembered i ever felt anxious when there are women around me but this time i know this beautiful Lady is male, so there was no reason for that Feeling. I was nervous of course it was a new situation for me and i am shy espacialy because i didn`t know how i should take my emotions into words. So i only said "Hey, you`re looking wonderful" and look with a smile into his Eyes.
"Thanks" he said and his smile seemed to be in his eyes. This kind of smile ever makes me crazy, i knew this because that was it what i felt first time i saw his video and i ever wanted to see it in Real-Life. "You really like TVs, don`t you?" he asked and of course it was so easy "yes, and you are such a beautiful TV" the words arived automaticly, i only had to speak them out. It felt like there has been opened a door and all the words where spoken bevor i thought about them, " you have such wonderful long Hair, it seemed to be silky glimmering copper and your smile make my Heart beat wild, i am so lucky to sit here and talk with you."He answeres but the smile seemed to get a bit melancholy " Well there are not so many Woman which accept me as i am, the only people where i felt acceptet everytime are other Tvs." "Maybe it is because the most Women never accepts theirself, so they ever see other Women and more than this a TV as a threat. You have got such a beautyful feminine radiation, i think they envy you about this kind of radiation" i said. "And you don`t envy on me like this?" he asked me. "No, i think about more than only this, there is something about your radiation that let me see you are espacialy right as you be" i answered. "Sorry, but i`m not shure what you mean" he looked at me and i could see my Words are not what i wanted to say, of course i think german and try to translate what i think into english words. I tryed again with other Words to describe what i wantedt to say " You know that Everyone owns a part of masculine and feminin beeing – i think you have found your own right Balance oft Both and this let you Look to be particularly and so beautiful". He looked at me very astonished but also with this smile in his eyes and answeres "Maybe that`s it, of course i love to be what i am." After this short but important conversation, we talked about some trivial things.
As our cups of coffee where empty he asked me "what do you mean, should we drink another one or doing what we have meet for?" First moment i was astonished but then i knew what we have decided to meet for. "if you want let`s go" i answered, and thought oh yes i really want this, i wantedt to see this espacialy wonderful smile in his eyes and i wantedt to know it was me who bring it on him.

How it could go on...
I payed our coffee, of course i felt like this poor ugly Guy i`ve seen myself over Years, also my Body is female, with the Luck to meet this wondeful Lady. There where some Men sitting and looking at us, the most looked as they envy me that this beautiful Girl seemed to want me. Of course i weared only simple jeans, a shirt a few numbers to large and my long wild hair binded careless, like this no one would see that i am female.
We went to my motel. When we where alone at my room i felt shy again, i knew what i wanted to do of course i wanted to seduce him soft and tender, wanted to kiss him, to whisper him all this beautiful things in his ears which i ever thought about when i was dreaming of him – but i didn`t trust me to do it. So i only looked into his lovely face and he knew what i wanted to do. He took me in his arms and started kissing me, this was the moment when i stoped thinking too much, there where only emotions which wanted to be felt.

This kiss started very soft but the emotions let it go more and more passionately, our play with tongues seemed to be the only thing that was important. As our kiss get more and more passionately i felt his soft and warm hand on my skin under the shirt and it felt so wonderful that i only wanted to bring this soft and tender feeling on him. He stopped kissing and asks me "You don`t wear a bra?" it sounds astonished, i answered "No, i don`t like bras, sometimes i wear bustiers but never a bra... but hey i would like to touch your beatiful skin like you do with mine, do you allowe me to take your blouse off for you?" He loughed and answered "Off course, do it! I`ve never been asked for this, it feels crazy but also respectful, you behave like a gentleman". As i unbutton his blouse i said "well, you looks like a beautiful Lady, so i want to be like a gentleman to you".

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