After Work Surprise

part 3 continuation of "Lunch Break"

I arrive home before you
no went in to work an hour later today
I stop by the fridge and grab a beer
going to the bedroom I strip out of my work clothes...down to my boxers
tonight we're going out clubbing
"Let's see...what to wear...what to wear..."
looking in the closet I select a pair of jeans that I know you like
they're somewhat tight...but you like the way they show off my ass
now for a shirt...hmmmm...we'll go with the light blue button down you gave me last Christmas
it's your say that it accentuates my blue eyes
black leather belt and boots...there...all set aside and waiting
I don't know why it takes you so long to select what to wear
I made my selections and haven't even finished half my beer
still in my boxers...I go into the living room and flop down on the sofa
turning on the television I flip over to Sport's Center to catch some of today's highlights
I soon find myself daydreaming about earlier today
your little erotic striptease left quite an impression on me as I replay it in my mind over and over
soon I find myself with an erection poking out of my boxers
absentmindedly I begin to stroke myself as I visualize you and your striptease dance
now I'm getting all hot and excited...
I hear keys at the door...your home...jumping up I head to the door
the door opens and you step in...
I greet you inside the door with a powerful hug and passionate kiss
nuzzling the side of your nick I drink in the scent of your perfume
my right hand drifts down your back pulling you deeper into my embrace
I kiss the side of your neck and nibble at your earlobe
my hand grabs hold of your ass and squeezes firmly
a moan escapes from your lips
my left hand joins in task with my right hand
together they squeeze and knead your round firm ass cheeks
only one word hisses from you "Yeessss..."
my hands become more diligent at their tasks
moving to your hands firmly squeeze your tender flesh causing you to moan loudly
suddenly...buttons fly as I tear open your blouse
as I yank down your blouse and bra straps large firm breasts spill out
my mouth moves down to the exposed flesh
my tongue circles and flicks at your nipples causing them to swell
as your nipples become rock hard I nibble and bite at them sending intense waves of pleasure coursing through your body
as I suckle your breast you slip out of the remains of your blouse and bra
I unzip your skirt and it drops to the floor
reaching behind you I grab your thong and pull on it
the material slips into your pussy and rubs your clitoris with each tug
you squirm and moan as your hands work to free my swelling cock from my shorts
as you pull my shorts down my rock hard member springs out at you
grabbing your shoulders...I push you down to your knees before me
you eagerly open your mouth and take me in
little over half way you begin to gag and choke
as you withdraw for air a thick strand of drool trails behind connecting you to my cock
again you attempt to take me all the way in before gagging stops you short
on your third attempt you succeed in taking me all the way in
as you start to withdraw I grab your head and hold you in place
you begin to cough and gag as saliva drools from your lips around my cock
your face flushes a dark red as tears spill from your eyes trailing mascara down the sides of your face
I release you and you fall back to the floor
coughing and gasping you lay there looking up at me
I give you no respite
reaching down I grab your thong and yank it off of you
raising your hips I roll you back onto your shoulders with your feet near your head
both of your love holes are offered up to me as I kneel straddling your face
tea bagging you as my tongue begins to flick and dart around your clit
inserting two fingers...I begin to work your fuck hole
to my satisfaction your pussy is already sopping wet
sucking and nibbling on your rock hard love button sends more waves of pleasure through your body
I can feel your body tremble as your moans grow louder
you beg for me to take you..."Fuck me...I want you now...Please...Fuck me NOW!!!"
I get up and move forward facing away from you I slap your clit with my cock several times
positioning the head of my cock at your entrance I give a f***eful shove
between the tight folds of your pussy my cock invades
all the way in...I feel my cock pressing against your cervix
you feel it as well as you suck in air sharply
I begin thrusting into you varying the depth and speed of each stroke
I take some spit and work it around the entrance to your ass
a lustful moan escapes you as I enter your ass with my thumb
I continue to pound your love hole as my thumb works over your rectum
the walls of your pussy begin to tighten
I increase my speed and depth of each stroke
your moans become guttural as you near orgasm
lustfully you tell me to go faster, harder and deeper
your face is flushed a bright red as I feel your pussy begin spasm
gripping my cock like a vise with your cry out that you are cumming
I continue my assault of your pussy until your spasms subside
pulling out of you my cock is covered with your love juice
moving around to face you I position my cock at the entrance to your dark hole
glistening with your own lubricant my cock slips into your ass
I hear you gasp as I penetrate your rectum
my pumping actions are now less varying and more deliberate
I need release...
as I pound harder and deeper into your ass
my balls begin to tighten
I'm close...
faster...harder...deeper I go
with one final balls deep thrust I bury myself all the way into your ass and explode
flooding your ass with my cum
I hold you there until my cock stops twitching
finished I slip out of your ass and unroll you
together we lay on the floor cuddling
neither with the energy to move
you look at me and gaze deep into my eyes and say...
"That's another blouse you owe me!"
we both burst into laughter...

to be continued...part 4 "Sandra"

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3 months ago
awesome story of hot passion. Had me stroking, thanks.
1 year ago
yet another great story, like said before, i luv your writing style! keep them coming.
2 years ago
2 years ago
what an amazing welcome that is coming home ..mmmm ..ANOTHER fantastic hot story ...i had to read it twice got me all excited .....think i'll leave for a bit and come home .. see if my welcome will be this hot ...xxxx