Wake Up!

A wonderful dream ruined as the obnoxious alarm clock sounds off
taking out my angst on the clock I ever so gently shut off the alarm
looking over at you I see that your slumber is yet uninterrupted
remembering that you don't have to go in early today I let you continue to sl**p
carefully slipping out from under the covers I stagger towards the bathroom
examining my face the mirror shows this night's growth of facial hair
turning the hot water on I begin filling the sink
splashing my face with the hot water helps to awaken me
a quick shave makes my face baby smooth just the way you like it
the hot water of the shower gently massages my back easing the morning tension
using the soap I give myself a good lather
washing my genitals I close my eyes and imagine your touch
my cock springs to life...damn...I should have known better
just a few strokes won't hurt my time I tell myself as my hand slides up and down my shaft
imagining your hand stroking my cock I lean back against the shower wall
in heat of my moment I'm jolted back as the shampoo bottle lands on top of my foot
cursing I quickly rinse off grab the towel and dry myself
heading back to the bedroom the towel accentuates my erection bulging outward
upon entering the bedroom I find you in all your naked glory lying there covers thrown aside
taking a moment I reflect on your awesome beauty...eyes closed...spread eagle...totally on display
my cock straining against the towel pops it loose and the towel falls to the floor
did I just see a small grin come to your sl**ping angelic face
as if to make yourself more inviting your legs stretch spreading wider apart
in the dim light I see your love box on display glistening before me
looking over at the clock then back to you...I can forgo breakfast this morning
quietly I climb in from the foot of the bed and slide up between your legs
brushing your inner thighs with my clean shaven face stirs a response from you
"Mmmmm" you groan as you wiggle your hips and widen your legs apart giving me free access
reaching up I spread your pussy lips apart revealing the moist folds of flesh underneath
leaning in I lick at your opening
"Mmmmm it's about time" you whisper
encouraged by your voice my tongue flicks at and darts around your clitoris
inserting two fingers I begin to work your love hole
your dripping wet as my fingers work their magic
I blow and suck on your rapidly swelling clitoris
your moans mix with the smacking sound of my fingers working your pussy
I begin to nibble and nip at your rock hard clit sending waves of pleasure thru your body
your lustful cries beg for me to enter you
moving forward I kneel before your opening
I feel you tremble as I rub the head of my cock against your clit
you grind your hips up at me as I smack your love button with my cock
I enter you slow at first...
just the tip...
again I feel you tremble
I slide in all the way as you suck in your breath
an audible slurping pop rings out as I withdraw from you
I hover briefly before jamming my cock home into you
you cry out your lustful passions
I begin to pump you alternating between deep and shallow thrusts
varying my rhythm I keep you off guard
my thrusts become deeper as my balls slap at your ass
I nibble at your ear as I continue to pound you
deeper and harder my thrusting goes
I feel your hands grab my ass
pulling me to you with each thrust
as you will me to go deeper and deeper
your lustful cries become guttural moans
your fingers dig into my ass cheeks
I feel the walls of your pussy begin to tighten around my cock
close...so close...
your love juices now flow freely out of you with each thrust
the sounds of our skin smacking together and cries of passion fill our chamber
deeper and deeper you pull me into you
I begin to feel my balls tightening
I quicken my pace
you know I'm close and begin to squeeze my ass harder
my breathing becomes labored as my grunting gets louder
my strokes become more intense as I pound you harder and deeper still
I feel your walls begin to spasm uncontrollably as you cry out
one last deep thrust
you pull me in deeper still as I unload into your womb
holding me there you feel the jets of semen flooding your pussy
my cock spasms as I pour my cum into you
you hold me there for what seems an eternity until my cock finally stops twitching
we kiss passionately locked in a deep embrace
my cock slips out of you as I slide off to your side
we continue to embrace one another
as we lay there cuddling I look deep into your eyes and say
"I love you"
you smile "I love you to, but your going to be late if you don't get moving."
scrambling out of bed I quickly get dressed
the smell of sex radiates off of me as I head towards the door
I look back to you and ask "Are we still on for lunch break?"
you grin and nod "I've got something special for you."
"Cool, meet you at our usual spot at noon...'bye."
"Bye dear, see you at lunch break."

to be continued..."Lunch Break"
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1 year ago
another great story! keep them coming!
2 years ago

2 years ago
cum wake me baby ..mmmm....... incredible vivid story ..!!!!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Not bad,