I love his cuddles, even more so when I don't feel very well
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We decided to stay because actually we really do like this site and the friends we have.

We are a normal couple who live together in a little cottage. Well we are almost a normal couple, I'm a girl, he's a boy. We are in love with each other but we have a little twist, we are brother and sister. We don't care what people think, our neighbours have no idea and think we are married hence the same surname.

We live normal lives, I work for a shipping company and his lordship runs his own courier business. I used to work with my bro but had troubles a while ago and decided to get a another job, it doesn't mean I don't love him I just needed a change.

We have a very healthy sex life, often I go to work with what he calls a "glow" because we have done rudies in the morning, its really naughty but hay how we do love each other very much.

You can probably tell from our favourites that we like most porn, my favourite is lesbians, I get really turned on see them have fun, I guess thats my bi-side coming out to play and bringing back wonderful memories of when I was at boarding school and before I fell madly in love with my brother.

His favs are all porn, apart from fatties, he just sits there and goes "faaaattttyyyy" just like when he's driving, and yes he does get told off for saying it. Apart from larger people he likes all porn and will watch anything oh and not men on men but he's more than happy to watch two girls.

We are very open and will chat with anybody as long as your nice, we have had problems on here so we have rules. We will not share pictures of ourselves, we will not tolerate violent or threatening behaviour towards us. We will just block you.

I hope you all having wonderful days and do stop by and say hello if you wish. I will be posting stories again as I have more time on my hands.

Hugs and kisses CLA & MIK.xxx
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24 days ago
Great profile, thanks for the add.
1 month ago
Great stories!
1 month ago
I think it's awesome that the 2 of you love each other like you do, hope you accept my friends invite would like to chat with you 2 some time. :)
1 month ago
Thanks for your comments
2 months ago
Lovely profile, love your selection of favourite videos
2 months ago
I would love to hear yr story on how it all started. I dont have a sister but did date my cousin in secret 2 years ago when she was 20
6 months ago
We love your relationship!!
8 months ago
8 months ago
Thanks for friending me!
It's so nice to meet like minded ( & sexual practicing ) people!
11 months ago
You are the most amazing couple ever!!! Thank you for adding me to your friend's list.
12 months ago
Thanx for the add sexy people, fantastic content XX
1 year ago
So glad to hear you ok x
1 year ago
Lovely pics
1 year ago
We are so, so, SO overjoyed to hear that you're home safe. My hands are shaking, this is such good news. Happy Holidays, you two!

All our Love!
-Jamey ;)
1 year ago
I just wanted to say thank you for every ones lovely comments about me, I was finally aloud to go home today (Friday 6 December) and I am know resting on my own bed at long last. I hope to catch up with people very soon but I am still very tired. Lots of love. (Sorry this is a copy and paste xxx)
1 year ago
ty 4 your comment about the beach-movie :)
1 year ago
Wishing for a speedy recovery our prayers and wishes are with you both hope to hear some good news from you very soon x
1 year ago
Not at all, Sweetheart. I know how you must feel; I couldn't imagine living without my Little Bro. Just hang in there, & remember how much she loves you. What you two have is Beautiful & Wonderful. She'll be Home again soon. We're thinking of you both,
-Jamey & Jon ;)
1 year ago
Thanks for your conments. As soon as Claire improves I will inform every one.
1 year ago
My Little Brother & I are so concerned for your sister. We hope everything works out alright; she'll be fine, we're sure of it. Hang on, & remember how much you love each other. Be strong. She'll be alright. We're thinking of you both.
1 year ago
Thanks for your comments!
1 year ago
you may be interested in my blog ,for future reference.
1 year ago
You may be interested in my blog for future reference.
1 year ago
Thanks for your comment,i like your favorite vids!!
1 year ago
Glad you blocked them,and I for one , am happy that you have a life together. May it be filled with heavenly bliss
1 year ago
Hello, I like you comments because they are nice. Our update yesterday was a bit of a rant because I was getting really nasty comments from a sad person in America and they have been blocked, i think they must be jealous that we chose to be together and she or he is probably being forced. Hay ho.
1 year ago
I seem to be filling your page with comments,so I apologise for that,but I just noticed your update.if users think you are fake, fine let them think it,don't even give them the satisfaction of replying to them,simply block them,if you are pestered for pics again simply block them,it's more than likely, that it's not your friends who are doing this,as a friend wouldn't.I would also add,that you have the right to say "screw you,WE don't give a damn what you think"and with the politest of clicks ,BLOCK THEM.
1 year ago
you are more than welcome,and thank you for comment
1 year ago
I think you may mean Ribena in your changed status , I hope the child didn't cry , by the end of the day you may have another regret? enjoying the pleasure of each others bodies more . May you be lovebirds forever .

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