A shitty day on the bus (with Lou_BBW)

I had had a shitty day at work. Nothing was going right and I was glad when the day ended so I could get home to my shitty bedsit on my shitty own. I left the office at 6.45 and caught the 7B bus back into Macclesfield in the pissing rain. It was late and I was fucking soaked through. Fuck me, all I wanted was a cold pint in front of the fire, nothing else! Well a nice slow blow job would have have been nice but they way my luck was going I could forget tat idea.

I border the bus and headed for the top deck. It was emtpy so I didnt have to entertain all the usual nut jobs that frequented our wanderful public transport system after dark.

I must have fallen asl**p as 10 minutes into my journey, I was woken with a startle. I opened my eyes just intime to catch a beautiful buxum girl, who I would later find out was called Lou, tripping as the bus driver accelerated away before she had seated herself in the isle next to me.

"Are you OK?" asked, "fine thanks" was her slightly emabarrased reply.

I tried to go back to sl**p for 30 minutes but all i could think about was this buxums girls wet blouse, clinging to her heaving chest. She was obviously cold and damp, as I could make out her erect nipples strainingg through her white and black bra. To make matters worse for myself, my cock began to stir in my pants, they too were all clingy, stuck to my legs, defining the outline of my rigid cock stuck down my wet trouser leg.

I adjusted my seating position a little emabarrassed hoping Lou hadnt noticed my obvious predictament and closed my eyes.

2 minutes later I was starled again, not by Lou falling over but by her hands. One was on my lap and one was stroking my wet hair.

"I saw you looking at me" she exclaimed.

her long wet hair was clingy to her face and down the front of her heavy chest, framing her wanderful big titties like and picture frame.

"Sorry I didnt mean to stare. Just you look so sexy all wet with your clothes clinging to you. I didnt mean to perve"

"its ok, I kind of liked it" Lou explained.

"I'm Lou and you are?"

"about to shoot my muck in my pants" fuck did I say that out loud.

"yes im afraid you did" said Lou with a giggle.

"I'm Ben, nice to meet you Lou"

Lou slowly moved her hand away from my crotch, running her finger nails seductively over my throbbing cock, taking my hand in hers, she placed my hand up her dress and onto her damp hairy mound. I had fantasied about her cunny being all shaved and smooth as most girls are, but the sensesation I got when my hand came into contact with her silky smooth pubes blew me away. Lou used my hand like a toy, directing me to touch her pussy so I knew exactly how she liked it. Slowly around her hood teasing her erect clitty, pushing firmly down parting her hairy lips, her pubes feeling amazing against the contrast of her silky smooth labia. Lou open her legs a little and pushed two of my fingers deep inside her as she kiss and licked my neck seductively, moaning and panting as I found my lead and work her pussy. Lou's lady juices were flowing around my knuckles as she bit my neck, her hand moving back to my lap rwching for my zip.

as Lou pulled down my flies, my cock sprang to attention, my helemt swollen, purple and shiny cover in pre-cum. Lou gave me a cheeky wink and loved her head toward my lap. The feeling of her wet warm mouth against my cold damp erect cock was mind blowing. Lou used her teeth to to gently bite the tip of my cock, her wet tongue exploring my japs eye.

Desperate to see the beautiful tits that I had been fantasing about and got me into this situation in the first place, I let my fingers slip up the crack of her wet cunny and around her erect clitty for the last time and f***ed my hand down her top, cupping her heaving breast, her erect nipples pressed against the pal of my hand, I released her tits from her damp bra and began to massage them, whole heavy handful of them.

I would feel the back of Lous throat expertly against the tip of my throbbing twitching cock, her lip aganst the base of my cock her hand cupped around my heavy balls as I moaned with pleasure, closing my eyes, massaging and pibhcing her large erect nipples between my thumb and finger.

Lou work my cock like high class e****t, taking me to the hilt before with drawing my shaft from her wet saliva, pre-cum dribbling mouth, bribbling a mouthful of our mixed juices back onto my now sensitive vieny cock. Taking my helemt in her hand she wanked me like a pepper grinder, running her expert fingers and pal all over and around my raging tip.

Lou desperate for her own climax f***efully removed my hand from her top and shoved it back up her skirt parting her legs wider she begged me to "fuck her".

I didnt need telling twice and began to go back to work on her sodden cunt, her labia all puffy and swollen, her clitty all erect and sensitive, her lady juices running down her thighs, I work her cunt like and expert as she wanked me off.

I didnt want to come all over my suit trouser so I order her to bend over the seat opposite, one leg on the floor the other rested up high on the back of the seat. She must have looked a right slut to all the pedesrians that we passed but we were both beyond caring.

Lou breast now free from the chastity were hanging down swinging with the motion of the bus, her skirt hoiked up over her firm juicy ass. Her beautiful gaping cunt, all shiny and wet, pouting like marylin monroe, open and eager for my cock.

I took my place behind Lou, rubbing my cock over her wet labia, greasing her lips with her own juices, teasing her fuck hole before sliding easily in nice and deep. Lou's cunt muscles contracted around my shaft as soon as I enetered her. I gripped her waiste and began to slide my cock i out and out of her wet cunt. My cock making a mental note of every wet fold of of cwet cunny, her sticky pubes tickling my cock, faster and deep I fucked, her hands pressed up aginst the bus window which by now was covered in steam from her panting breath.

my heavy balls slapping against Lous clitty making sloppy moises as my cock slid in and out, lou unable to speak letting out horny moaning noises like "mmm uggghhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ah ah" the occasional f***ed "FUCK ME YOU CUNT" "MAKE ME CUM" squeezing between every deep breath.

My cock began visibly swell, trying to hold my cum inside my cock was futile, my cock twicthed and I realsed a heavy sticky laod of ejactulate deep inside Lou's cunt. The f***e of my cum sending Lou over the edge as I grabbed holed of her hair pulling her head back my cock pumping load afatr laod deep inside her, her cunt convulsing around my twitching shaft, we collapsed up against the window, biting each others lips, our tongue exhausted sliding over each other, laughing panting we emabrassed.
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