Party Play

It wasn’t easy, but you finally managed to talk Master into going to a Saturday dinner party being thrown by your best friend. You’d been looking forward to the chance to show him off, so you patiently tolerated his grumping and griping as you made arrangements.
Truth to tell, Master looked quite nice in a suit, even if he rarely wore one. You took the occasion to get yourself a slinky black dress, slit up almost to the waist on both sides. It disappointed you a tad that you had to get one that was opaque (they had a sheer one that made your nipples throb with excitement when you tried it on and saw yourself in it), but you made up for it by getting one that was so snug you couldn’t wear anything underneath it.
Low-cut and backless, it looked elegant to those who didn’t know – and shameless and slutty to those who did! When Master saw you in it, he asked how you were going to keep your nipples under control while you wore it. You curled up in his lap and reminded him that it was HIS job to keep you under control… if he chose to.
Master spanked you until you cried for your mouthiness, but the fingering he gave your pussy afterwards certainly made you feel better. You resolved to be on your best behavior, lest he change his mind and call the whole thing off. It wasn’t always easy, but you managed to mind your mouth until the weekend (quite often by stuffing Master’s cock in it).

Things were quite tense at first. Even you were a little nervous, considering this was the first time introducing Master to everyone. (For sake of discretion, you'd agreed to introduce him as your boyfriend.) Luckily, things went quite well as the night proceeded.
Master started off his usual quiet self, but everyone drew him out a little talking to him about his past experiences in the military. Everyone seemed interested to hear his stories.
Of course, he never failed to give you some attention now and again. Even if it was as simple as a caress of your shoulder or a discreet pinch on your ass, he let you know he hadn’t forgotten you.

Unfortunately, Master's little reminders had an unexpected effect. With every caress, you had to resist the urge to twist your body to bring your breast to his hand. Every pinch, you found yourself wanting to press your ass back against his hand, seeking further contact. It eventually got bad enough that you started to catch yourself u*********sly caressing and pinching your nipples through the fabric of your dress. Crossing your legs put an uncomfortable pressure on your pussy, and you could feel a familiar emptiness starting to grow inside you.
Finally, you couldn’t stand it any longer. You whisper in Master’s ear, telling him you need his help. The urgency in your voice makes him look at you with concern, and for a moment guilt puts your hunger on hold. You lead him to the master bathroom, hoping he won’t be angry when you explain yourself.

The bathroom was surprisingly large, mostly done in marble. The uncontrollable image of Master fucking you in the huge bathtub drifts through your head, doing nothing to help you control your growing urges. Daddy stands at the door, obviously confused, wondering what’s wrong.
You lower your head, suddenly feeling sheepish as you lean back against the sink. “I’m sorry, Master. I…um…”
He looks at you, still confused, still concerned. “What is it? What’s wrong?”
With his attention on your face, he doesn’t notice as you lift the back of your dress, resting your bare bottom on the cold marble of the sink. “I need your help, Master,” you say in a small voice.
He raises an eyebrow, wondering what the hell is going on. “Help with WHAT, exactly?”

Feeling a little afraid of his reaction, you pull the front of your dress to the side. Your pussy is swollen with need, and little trickles of your juice run down your thighs. Your free hand slips down as your thighs part, smearing your juices over your skin. “Your little girl has a hungry pussy, Master, and she needs you to feed it.”
He blinks in surprise, obviously not expecting THIS. “You need what???”
Guilt rolls over you again. PLEASE, don’t be angry with me. Your bottom lip pushes out in a girlish pout. “I’m sorry, Master, I can’t help it,” you whimper in a small voice. “I tried using my fingers to feed it earlier, but it didn’t want them.” You finally raise your eyes to meet his as you slip your ass up onto the sink. “My pussy needs Master’s big dick to fill it up.” You raise your knees a little and shift your thighs further apart, your fingers stroking and spreading your lips. “Please, I’m so empty it hurts. Please feed me.”

Master steps between your knees, leaning forward and resting his hands on the sink. You still can’t tell if he’s angry with you or not. “Is that all you need?”
You bite your lip, shake your head. Might as well go for broke. “No, Master, there’s more.” You use your free hand to slip the straps off your shoulders, letting the dress fall free of your breasts. “My poor titties don’t want my pussy to get all of Master’s attention. My nipples want Master's kisses, too.” You reach up and caress his cheek. “Please, Master, I’ll be good, you’ll see. I’ll be quiet and nobody will know. I’ll put a washcloth in my mouth so I won’t make any noise while you fuck me, and when we get home you can tie me up and spank me and whip me and whatever else you want and I won’t complain or give you any problems.”

You gently grab his collar and pull him forward as you lean back, raising your knees higher and wider apart. You gently kiss the line of his jaw. His hands move, and you know he’s opening his pants. You tease your fingers through his hair as you kiss him, feeling his tongue mesh with yours, fucking into your willing mouth. You pull back to look into his eyes, your own gaze a mixture of lust, hunger, and adoration. “I’m yours, Master,” you whisper as you feel him slide into you, “your fuck toy, your plaything, your dirty little slut girl.” You wrap your legs around his waist as he pushes deeper. Your breath is hot in his ear as you keep talking, goading him on. “That’s right, Master, fuck that pussy. Fill your little girl up with that big dick. Show me how Master fucks his little girl.”
It feels so good, you barely remember to grab a washcloth before you start to moan with your first climax. You stuff the cloth in your mouth and bite down hard, muffling the sound as Master pounds harder into your dripping cunt. Your hands cup and lift your breasts with a mind of their own, offering them for Master’s attention. He obliges, and you groan even louder into the cloth as he sucks them into his mouth one at a time, sucking them hard, flicking them with his tongue, nipping with his teeth.

Several orgasms later, you feel Master start to reach his peak. He eases back and you slip forward, ready to suck him down. Before you can drop to your knees, he spins you around and pushes you down onto the sink, holding you with his hand on the back of your neck.
You offer no resistance, merely reaching back with both hands to spread your cheeks apart as Daddy presses into your tight asshole. No delicacy now, he shoves all the way in with his first stroke. You shriek into the washcloth as the pain hits you. Your nails dig into your skin as you pull harder on your asscheeks, trying to spread yourself open even more. Tears slip down your face as your cheek rests on the cold marble. You welcome the pain. You know this is punishment for making Master worry like you did, and you know you deserve it. You find yourself hoping he does it again when you get home so you can use your hands to push back against him. Taking it deeper and harder. Making it hurt even more.
All the better to teach you your lesson, you selfish little whore. It’s not like Master would have minded if you’d just told him you needed a cock injection. He knows how much attention your sluthole needs.
Your mental self-admonishment doesn’t last long. Master grabs your wrists, squeezing them hard as he shoots into your tight ass. You give a groaning sigh as you feel him fill you with his hot cum. He steps back, and you slide off the sink onto your knees, turning and using the washcloth from your mouth to clean off his cock. You lick gently at the tip, catching the last drops of Master’s juice, not wanting any of it to go to waste. You lovingly kiss the head, grateful for the pleasure it’s given you.

Master looks down, still breathing hard. “Get straightened up,” he says quietly, “they’ll be wondering what happened to us.”
You check yourself in the mirror. While your hair is pretty much intact, your makeup is a mess. You quickly wash your face and dab on some lipstick. Not much, but it’ll do. Miraculously, your dress made it intact, without so much as a stain or a wrinkle. Score another point for dark skimpies.

You rejoin everyone with Master holding you close, his arm around your waist. The pain in your ass makes you walk a little stiffly, and you slide a hand over your stomach, explaining you had a bad reaction to something you’d eaten earlier. Nobody gives you any indication they suspect anything. You sigh in relief, glad you pulled it off.
As the party winds down, everyone starts saying their goodbyes. Master goes to grab your coat as your friend pulls you aside. She leans close, but the expected peck on the cheek turns into a flick of her tongue at the corner of your mouth. You blink in surprise as you see her swirl something in her mouth before swallowing. Oh, no… is it possible?
She smiles warmly. “Mmm… he does taste good. Next time you get the urge, though, you should tell me. I could have let you use the guest bedroom. It’s upstairs at the other end of the house, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the noise.”
You gulp in sudden embarrassment. “You knew?”
She bites back a giggle at the look on your face. “How long have we known each other? I knew when I saw the look in your eyes as you dragged him into the bathroom.” She looks around, then leans in closer. “If you absolutely HAVE to use the bathroom, you should grab a couple of towels from the closet. They’re very thick, and they make it a lot more comfortable than just doing it against the marble.”
You nod silently, wondering if it’s your lingering guilt with Daddy that’s making you so embarrassed. She wraps her arms around you in a hug. “By the way,” she whispers, “thanks for not making a mess.”
She starts to giggle again, and you can’t help it. You return her hug, giggling yourself as the absurdity of the conversation finally hits you.
Over her shoulder, you see Master eyeing you with a curious look. Thankfully, he keeps his peace and his distance. Oh, I’m REALLY going to get spanked when I tell him about THIS!

With a final exchange of kisses and pleasantries, you leave the house and head for the car. Master opens your door, but his hand on your shoulder stops you from getting in. You look back to see him looking around the street. “Not yet, you don’t,” he says quietly.
You look around yourself. Aside from the two of you, the street is deserted. What could he have in mind? Even at this hour, the risk of getting caught precludes him fucking you here. Perhaps he plans to put you on your knees for a blowjob?
Standing behind you, he removes your coat and tosses it in the back. “You got a serious case of the wilds in there, little girl.” His lips brush your neck, sending a tingle down your spine. “I intend to keep it going for a while.” He slips the straps off your shoulders, letting your dress slip down to pool around your feet. Wearing only your heels, you slip into the car. As Master collects your dress, you recline your seat and turn onto your side to face him as he gets in. You raise your upper leg and rest your foot on the dashboard as you reach around and behind to tease your pussy from the back. Your hips begin to squirm as the sensation washes through you. Your wet fingers slip back a little to rub your juices into your still sore asshole.
As he gets in, your other hand spreads and strokes your pussy from the front. You start to finger yourself from both ends as he looks on.
Your lip pushes out in a pout. “Master, I’ve got a problem,” you say in a little girl voice.
He smiles, enjoying the game. “What is it, little girl?”
“My pussy is hungry again, Master. I need your big hard cock to feed it some more.”
He chuckles. “You know what I’m going to do to you once I get you home?”
You smile and nod. “Of course, Master,” you purr. “You’ll fuck me and spank me and finger me and whip me and do all the other things a misbehaving slutty little fuck toy girl like me deserves.”
He smiles as he starts the car. You twist your hips so he can get a better look as you slip more fingers into your dripping cunt. You may have some serious punishment coming, but there will be more than just that, and you’ll gladly take the good with the bad, when it comes from your Master.

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fabulous, i really enjoyed reading