Master's Homecoming

The sound of the key in the lock alerted her to his arrival. With a final glance in the mirror to check her appearance, she quickly walked to the end of the hall and lowered herself to her knees. As she waited, her mind wandered back over her recent lessons…

Part of her original attraction to him had been his open mind. Not many men (or women!) could handle a wild c***d like herself, let alone bring her to heel. He had more than proven equal to the challenge though, which instilled within her an appreciation for his perspective.

It had all begun the first time she greeted him at the door. She didn’t see anything amiss being dressed in heels and sheer lingerie, and was baffled by his reaction. She’d tried a different approach the next time, wearing one of his dress shirts instead (unbuttoned with nothing underneath, she’d felt overdressed as it was), with the same result.
His first discussion on the topic of “discretion” was so alien to her that she’d wondered if she’d done something deserving of punishment. The idea that less could be more was a ridiculous concept to her, unless one was discussing clothing. And who really cared what the neighbors thought? If those stupid bitches knew anything about how to please a man, none of them would try to look at her, would they? Besides, she knew who owned her, heart and soul, and if she wanted to show off for him, that was good… wasn’t it?


For some reason…

It displeased him.

No, no… be fair. It didn’t displease him, it made him uncomfortable. This was quite confusing. After all, he didn’t mind when she dressed up naughty for an evening out. Hell, she would walk around his apartment bareass, and not a single complaint. Then again, he DID always keep the blinds drawn…

She sighed happily at the memory. It had taken a hell of a lot of patience to change some of her habits. She certainly hadn’t been an easy student. How he’d put up with her…

His yawn brought her out of her daydream. He’d called her before heading home, and she could tell from his voice that he was tired. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea?
She caught a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror, took a second to study her image as she heard him putting his jacket in the closet. Her hair was done up in a loose ponytail and d****d over her right shoulder (a sensible thing, she thought, as it made it easier for him to grab her hair if he so chose). The robe she wore was silk, done in deep black with gold embroidery (it had been a gift to her shortly after they’d started seeing each other; a gift she cherished). Ordinarily, it came to mid thigh, but her spread kneeling position had raised the hem nearly to her waist, fully exposing her pussy (with no panties and shaven smooth, a couple of new habits he’d instilled in her). Although the robe covered her fairly well, she knew from past experience that it would only take arching her back and a deep breath to fully expose her breasts.
No. After the day he’s had, he needs this. Not a bad idea at all.

He rubbed his eyes as he came down the hall, oblivious to her presence. He nearly walked into her as her hands gently grabbed him by the hips, stopping him in his tracks. Before he could react, she opened his trousers and drew him out. Tired he may have been, but his cock responded quickly to her attentions. Opening her mouth wide, she hungrily sucked him down.
Fighting her own desire, she took her time, gradually taking him deeper as her head bobbed back and forth. She knew she could bring him off quickly, but that wasn’t the point. This was about his pleasure, not hers.
Keeping a gentle grip on the base of his dick, she slid the robe off one arm at a time, carefully setting it aside (it was silk, after all). Her free hand slid over her naked skin, pinching here, caressing there, ensuring her body was ready for whatever he desired.
Maybe today you’ll push me onto my back and spread me open, give me a good fucking right here on the floor. Or maybe you’ll f***e my legs up and make me play with my pussy myself while you fuck my ass.

She f***ed the thoughts from her head. He was the priority now. She moaned softly as she felt his fingers gently dig into her hair. She lowered her other hand, now using both to caress and tease her body. His fingers gradually tightened as he began to move his hips against her face. She felt her throat muscles put up a token resistance before relaxing as he pushed himself deeper into her throat.
She looked up at him, eyes glittering with adoration. For all the problems he’d had teaching her, he’d rarely resorted to punishment, choosing instead to reward her behavior when she was a good little girl. It had taken time, but she had learned her lessons. She was a VERY good little girl now, and from the slight tremble in his hands, she’d be getting another reward soon.
Oh, but I’ll teach you, too. Some day I’ll get you to pull out and shoot it all over my face instead of down my throat. And then you’ll call me a dirty slut as I run my hands over my face and suck it off my fingers. Or else you’ll put it all over my chest and I’ll show you what a shameless little whore I can be by holding my tits up to my mouth and licking it off my skin.

His fingers dug tighter as she heard his breath come harder through his clenched teeth. She purred along the length of his shaft in anticipation.
Oh, yeah, I’ll get it out of you. I’ll make you growl. I’ll make you ROAR. You may have taught me to keep things IN, but I’ll teach you to let things OUT.

With a shudder, he finally let go. She greedily swallowed her reward down, easing back and coaxing it out with her juice-covered fingers. Her tongue slid over the tip, catching the last drops, not letting any of it get away.

She gave the head a final, loving kiss as she lazily stroked him hard again. As she looked up again, she could tell it was just the beginning for that night.
She smiled, eager for more attention.
“Welcome home, Master.”

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3 years ago
Wonderfully written. Both in third and first person, showing both reality and the mentalities. Beautiful descriptions. I LOVED it.
3 years ago
Great to read a mix of reality and at the same time have a look into the submissive mind.

I have always told my submissives I can't read their mind even if it sometimes looks like I can. And I bet this Master was able to at least read part of it.