Night With A HOT Sissy!

June 28th, 2009. End of senior year of high school. I, Angus Corleon, actualy graduated. I wasn't a model student. I've been a leather jacket wearing, rebel rousin, beer drinkin, hell raisin son of a bitch since middle school. My parents didnt care about me, after all my b*****r is a cop and my s****r is a lawyer, and im the law breaker. Anyways, enough about who i am. My buddies johnny, brandon, timmy, and danny have a hell of a party planned for tonight. Big bon fire out in the back woods of where we live. Must be 200 people were expecting. We set everything up, fire pit, band equipment, chairs, beerpong tables, all the good shit. 6pm rolls around and people are showin up! dozens at a time, everybodies bringin beer n booze and food, ohh what a night! So I gather my boys and we get on the band stage, grab my guitar and we start rockin out with some acdc, led zeppelin, play some country like toby keith and kenny chesney. Gettin d***k at the same time! You know how it is. So while im up there jammin away, i look out and i see this drop dead goergous chick that i had never seen before, she was wearin a short sleeve flannel shirt, denim mini skirt with stockings and heels, ohhh damn goergous.she was about 5'8, red head, nice skinny body, nice big tits, legs that go all the way! so after id say 20 songs or so, we put a ipod on through our system. I headed for the beer and tequilla, and then to find this sexy mystery lady! tons of people around and im walkin around lookin for her. im startin to get down thinkin she left. then there she was, leanin up agains my 1972 Dodge Dart. I thought id play it cool so i walk up to her," well hello there." she said "hi". i says " well whats your name darlin?" She Says "Lizzy." i says "Lizzy nice to meet you, Im Angus, and thats my car your leanin on." She says " i know who you are angus, and i know this is your car, thats why im over here." I says " how do you know me, i havent a clue who you are, ive never seen you around school?" She says " ive seen your band numerous times out at bars and clubs. ive always wanted to meet you but ive been to shy." i says " why be shy of me, i dont bite." She says " well, i think your cute and i REALLY want to get to know you." I says" well lizzy, stick around cuz this party is just gettin started." johnny is callin me back up to the stage for the second set. and Lizzy sits close to the stage. She watches me as i play my heart out on my guitar, and i can see in her eyes she wants me. after the second set its just about midnight. and im packin my guitar in my car, and lizzy comes struttin up to me, puts her arms around me and kisses me, then i feel her tongue slip in my mouth and i gladly accept it and massage her tongue with mine. the kiss ends and she whispers in my ear " take me home." so i get the rest of my shit, she gets in my car and we head for my home. we get to my house and we go in head for the basement, where i live. she sits down on the corner of my bed, i dim the lights real low, turn the stereo on low, and i sit next to her. i placed my hand on her silky thigh and lean in for another kiss, as were kissing she runs her hand down my chest richt to my cock. she gently grabs it while her tongue plays with mine. I move my hand up her skirt and she pushed it away. we stopped kissing and she says" i have to tell you something." and i replied " whats wrong baby?" she says " well its kinda hard to explain so ill just show you." in fear she stands up and undose her skirt, and drops it to the floor, revealing a nice 8 inch cock covered up in her pantyhose. i was speechless, but not in a bad way, i have been bi curious for years, so it didnt freak me out too much. i says " ohh, your not a woman." she looked worried like i didnt accept her. i stood up, took her in my arms and continued kissing her. i ran my hand up her silky leg right to her cock and getly massaged it through her pantyhose. she looked in my eyes and i just said " its cool with me, cuz i really like you!" she pushed me back on my bed, tore my shirt off, pulled my jeans down, got on top of me and went into heavy make out! she then kissed all over my neck, then sucked my nipples, kissed down my stomach, and she freed my cock from my boxers, and started sucking me, oh my gos could she suck a mean cock, she could suck the chrome right off a trailer hitch. i told her " get your cock above my face!" she got into 69 with me and i sucked her cock right through her pantyhose. i was in heaven! she then got up after about 10 minutes of sucking, tore open her pantyhose a little bit, and she got back on top of me, and guided my cock to her ass. feeling her tight seal let loose over my cock was absolutely amazing, she bounced up and down for at least 10 minutes and i was enjoying every minute of it, and she really liked it when i would pinch her nipples while she rode me. so i got her to lay on her back and i mounted her missionary style. then i put her legs up on my shoulders and fucked her nice n deep, i would jerk her cock while i fucked her too. as im pounding deep inside her, she starts moaning and all of a sudden she cums, and i can feel her ass clench with every pulsing jet of cum shooting out of her cock. and it made me explode deep in her ass! after i was done letting my load in her, i decided to lick up as much of her cum off her pantyhose and her stomach, i cum kissed her!she layed and cuddled next to me and said " that was absolutely amazing angus!" i says " ohh yeah baby!" i held her in my arms, kissed her again and we fell asl**p.

that night was so very amazing. inface, lizzy and i, are now legaly married! thank you new york of accepting us! and if your wondering, yes i let her fuck me and i dress like a girl. she has breast implants. shes so goergous!

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nice story would like to
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Very nice.
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Yes, very good story.
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Awesome story. Thanks