What I Am

I am a little sissy white boi girl. I like to dress up pretty and be
silly and giggle like a little girl and be shy and hold down my skirt
so the big mean white boys won't peek at my panties. I want a big strong sexy
Black man to hold me tight in his arms and protect me and comfort me and then
push me down on the bed and push my legs apart and shove his Big Hard
Cock Deep inside me and fuck me and make me feel like his Sex
Slut. I want to feel his hot cock buried deep inside me and feel his
hot cum erupting inside me and dripping out of my boi pussy.

I will to crawl on the floor over to the couch where he sits satiated.
I will to lay on the sofa and snuggle up to him with my head in his lap
- taking his beautiful Black cock in my mouth and sucking it like a baby with a
pacifier. Feeling it harden in my mouth as I kiss it up and down its
length, worshiping it. His cock is my god and I love it with my mouth.
Warm and hard and smooth. Nuzzling his manly balls with my nose and
licking them. I want to feel him caressing my hair lovingly as I
worship his fuckstick with my cunt mouth.
Running my tongue around its head and swirling it around his shaft.
He then stands and f***es me to my knees and holds my head in his hands as he fucks my mouth vigorously and uses it like a cunt. Fucking my face - pounding my little boi mouth, driving his big hard cock down my throat - pumping his cock...his beautiful, glorious dick in and out of my mouth - I'm his sex toy - I'm his cunt -
my body is his to use for his pleasure - I am the definition of a whore
- I am only here to service Black Cock - I want his seed inside me.
He pumps faster and faster, for my mouth is not mine anymore.
It belongs to him. Its a cunt for him to fuck - for him to use - for him to cum inside...and finally he does...oh Yesssss....I feel his prick twitch and I hear him
moan and I smile with my mouth full of cock because I know I've given
him pleasure. I get my reward as I taste his thick creamy Cum flooding my
mouth and I swallow it like the good girl that I am and feel it running down my
throat and warming my belly - his seed...inside me...his Love warming
me. I hold his Beautiful Black prick in my mouth sucking out the last drops
of his juice and licking him clean like the Black Cock Slut that I am.

He invites his friends over for me to service too - they laugh and tell
me what a little sissy boi I am and I can only nod and take their
Cocks into my waiting holes. I regret I only have two holes to offer them.
They fuck me, they pound, slam and ram their Masterful Swords of Black Meat into my hungering holes. My ass cunt and a my mouth are for Black Cock and I worship each and every one. Beautiful Black cocks of every shape and size. Licking and caressing them with my tongue. They begin to cum - one after the
other shooting streams of hot white Sperm on and in me. They cover me
with their creamy goodness. Hot and wet. It coats my face
and drips down obscenely. My legs are lewdly spread - offering my most
intimate of places for their Black Masters pleasure. One cock spurts
inside me and I feel its heat in me and it's quickly replaced by
another and another - I am being Gangbanged by gorgeous studs. They
fill me with their cum. I am a cocksucker. I am a cum slut. I am a Black Cock Sex Toy.
I am a fuck hole for their cocks. I am a whore. I am their whore.
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Posted by CDSlut
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1 year ago
very sexy
2 years ago
ilove to be held tight by blk man as he kisses me i can feel his power.im thiers and they know it when i meet them that i am bbc slut.willing to warship
3 years ago
Umm, be my slut baby!
3 years ago
Well said..pussy boi..yum yum
3 years ago
After reading this Baby I'd have to agree! ; )
3 years ago
You are a natural hot slut!
4 years ago
nuzzle my balls baby