My First Black Cock

I had noticed that the old black guy next door was always watching me,
especially when I was outside sunbathing in my two-piece that my Daddy bought me.
He had a study or something right across from my bedroom window and I
would sometimes see him in there in the dark, watching. I got a secret
thrill taking off my clothes in front of him.

One night I went to my room to get ready for bed. As I turned on my
lights, his went off, so I knew he was watching. I decided to really
give him something to watch that night.
I turned away from the window, slid my shirt off and unhooked my bra,
dropping it on the floor. Next, I pulled off my shorts and bent over
to pick up my bra, making sure my panties slipped further into my
butt crack. I took my time so he could get a good look.
I walked over to the mirror and began brushing my wig. I wondered
if he was playing with his dick. I could just imagine him stroking
it in the dark. I put down the brush and cupped my little breasts to look
at them in the mirror. My nipples were already hard as I started to
rub them and giving them a little pinch.
I could feel myself tingling 'down there' and slid one hand inside my
panties. I stood, rubbing for a while, before slipping out of my
panties. I let both of my hands creep up my inner thighs as I
straightened up. I went to the window and opened it wide, letting
the cool breeze caress my body.
My bed was directly across from the window. I crawled up on it,
giving his a great look at my little cock and ass before lying down on my
back. I began playing with my breast again before I moved one hand
to my cock. I opened my legs a little and rubbed my little boy clit. I
pictured him over there jacking off and wished he was here to play
with me.
I raised my knees and spread my legs wide as my other hand went to my
ass. First one finger, then two went inside. I fantasized that he
was jacking off a really big dick, his thick cum shooting out all
over! I started to climax, my hips rising as I fucked myself with my
fingers. I thought of him inside me, filling me with his cum.
I dropped back onto the bed and laid there until I caught my breath.
I got up and walked to the window. I then waved.
I couldn't see, but I bet he shit a brick that I knew he was there watching.
I pointed towards his window and made 'jackoff' motions with my hand.
I blew him a kiss and turned out my light.

The next day, I saw him out in his backyard working on his garden. I
hurried and dressed in my skimpiest 'Daisy Dukes' and a crop top but
no panties or bra. I quietly snuck over and leaned on the fence so
he could get a good look at my outfit. 'Enjoy the show last night?'
He jumped and turned around. His face got flustered and he kind of
stuttered, 'UH, What show?' 'The show I put on for you. Did you like it?' He nodded his head. 'Next time, keep your lights on so I can watch you, too!' smiling and winking as I said it.
He finally recovered from the shock. 'I enjoyed the show very much!

I've watched you a lot but I didn't think you knew it. Yeah, next
time I'll let you watch me, too.'
I was waiting for him to make a move but he wasn't, so I decided to.
I noticed his above ground pool, perfect! 'It's so hot already, OK
if I take a swim?' 'Sure!' he said.
'Could you help me over the fence?' He reached over and placed one
arm just under my butt, the other around my waist. I put one foot on
the fence and pushed. It knocked him off balance and we fell, me on
top of him. I wondered if he knew I did it on purpose.
'Oops!' I said. I put my hands on his shoulders and sat up, my legs
straddling his waist. 'I didn't hurt you did I?' He shook his
head. I could feel him getting hard. He didn't seem to be in any
hurry to get me off of him as he looked around. 'Is your Dad
home?' I told him that my Dad was spending the weekend away
and won't be back until Sunday night.
I wiggled my hips against him and ask, 'Should I go get my bikini or
just skinny dip?' I pretty much knew what his answer was going to
be, so I just smiled and got up. I walked toward the pool and
stripped. I slowly climbed the steps and hopped in with a splash.
The water was cold, making my nipples stiffer than they already
were. I sat down, the water coming just under my chin
He just stood there staring with a tent in his shorts. 'You cumming
in?' I yelled. He came over and got naked too. 'Oh My God!' I
thought, 'That's the biggest dick I've ever seen! It was bigger than my Daddy's
I watched it bobble as he got in with me. He was tall enough that his enormous
black cock was above the waterline.
I reached out and took a hold of it with both hands and there was
still more of it. I started to stroke.
I leaned forward and licked it with my tongue. I licked around,
took the head in my mouth and started sucking while still stroking.
I tried to get as much of it in my mouth as I could. I'm pretty good
at deepthroating but I could only do about half of it. I took one
hand off and starting playing with his big balls. I took it out of
my mouth and looked up at him. 'Let me know when you're gonna
cum cuz I wanna swallow it all.'
I started sucking on him again, slowly at first, and then taking his
dick in and out of my mouth faster and faster while licking at the
Suddenly he said, 'I'm gonna cum!' I took his cock as deeply as I
could and held still. His jizz flooded into my mouth and down my
throat. There was so much of it that I couldn't swallow it fast enough as
it started to spew out, dripping down my chin.
I waited until he started to go soft before I
took it out of my mouth. I looked down to see some of his cum floating in the water.

'Damn!' he
said, 'Where'd you learn that?' I just smiled as he sat
down beside me to catch his breath. "My Daddy taught me."
My hand went to his dick and gave it a squeeze. Even soft, it was still big.
I stood and turned to him. He looked up and told me that I
looked so cute with his cum on my chin.
I slowly sat straddling his lap, letting my little breasts slide along his
face. I kissed him deeply, shoving my tongue into mouth so he could
taste what I did. He lifted one of my boobs to his lips and sucked
in the stiff nipple! The feel of his mouth and tongue made me start
to cum! I started grinding my body against his leg as he sucked
harder on my nipple!

When I was done, he kissed me then he started rubbing my cock
and balls then squeezed my ass then said "I Love fucking
white bois, they have the sweetest pussies, and
I wanna take Yours for a hard ride."
and suggested we go into the house. We
got out of the pool and he asked if I wanted a 'monkey
ride'. 'Sure,' I said, not knowing what it was. He turned me away
from him and pressed up against me. He d****d one arm over my
shoulder, hand moving between my legs. He spread my ass cheeks
and slid first one, then two fingers into my lubed ass. As he lifted me,
he wiggled his fingers as I rode to the house. I came twice, my
juices pooling in his palm.
He gently laid me on the porch floor and began licking my balls,
and sucking my little boi clit. I closed my eyes as
my hips rose and I climaxed, he sucked on my little clit so hard I came
twice before he let it go of it!

Without waiting, he turned me over and lifted me to my knees, my ass
sticking in the air! I felt the huge head of his dick press against
my hole. I could feel he was hard again as he began to enter me!
My God! I never felt anything like that! It hurt a little, it felt
like I was being split apart, but I loved it! It just kept going in,
farther and farther like there was no end to it! The head hit the
end of my tunnel and he just held still for a minute! He started to
slowly pull back until only the tip was inside then back in again!
He began pounding faster and faster. I looked back between my legs to
watch his balls swing back and forth! I came so hard!
Suddenly, he slammed in as far as he could go and flooded my pussy
with his hot cum! He stayed inside me until he went soft and my legs quit

We fucked MANY more times that weekend. And whenever my Dad
went away he came over to fuck me like the Slut that I am.
He also shared me with Many of his black friends.
And ever since that first day, I have been addicted to Chocolate.
87% (112/17)
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Very erotic story Luv

At thirteen , saw just one pornographic pic of a guy fucking a woman laying on he back with another woman sitting on her face getting eaten! Right then I wanted to be in the males place fucking grown up women! Now I began sleaking out at night and peeping in women's windows watching them undress and getting in bed before they turned off the lights. On rare occasions they masturbated with the lights on and I beat my meat brutally with them! I would go back home and have to jack off two more times imagining those Milfs and in some cases daughter would catch me and demand I come in and fuck them or face the consequences? That never happened but I finally did get laird by a twenty nine y/o female when I was fifteen. After that I stopped spying on women at night. Good thing , cause I would have eventually got found out and at that time , I seriously any female would have asked me to lay between her legs and go into her. More likely I would have gone into the juvenile detention center!
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