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What Turns Me On

What Turns me On.....

This is a brief description of my sexuality. Just because I have raunchy thoughts that does not deprive me of royal porn star treatment. If any man is to ever approach me he shall do so as a gentleman and I as a lady. With this said:

Question - What Turns Me On? What Do I Like Sexually?

Well number one is I like to be Dominated. NOT abused or Slave/Master type of sex, I am also NOT into bondage or S/M. That being said I am very submissive in the bedroom. I LOVE Black men and I like older white men. (30's – 60's) that are masculine. Some facial hair, ... Continue»
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The Sissy Boy 10 Commandments


Here are the Sissy Boy Ten Commandants -
which should be for all of you Slutty White Sissy Boys who Love Black Cock,
and also to your Black Masters that you are attached to:






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The 17 Sissy Boy Laws of Conduct

Here are the 17 Sissy Boy Laws of Conduct.

1) NO Black Man should ever be denied sex.
He should NEVER have to jerkoff.

2) Always defer to the intelligence and desires of Black Men.
Seek their advice on all matters first.

3) Black Women always have first rights to Black Men.

4) In the presence of Black Woman a Sissy Boy must first ask her permission to serve Black Men.

5) If a Black Man consents, a Black Women may request the service of a Sissy Boy at anytime. No denial can be given.

6) In sexual meetings always present yourself to a Black Man on a hands and knees position u... Continue»
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A Little More about Me

Firstly, you need to know I worship Black Cock.

I know that you are here looking for that hot girl (female) because you have the need to get your cock serviced really, really soon. Maybe even tonight.

But, I also know that it is not so straightforward getting to fuck the gorgeous chick that you have just spotted in the bar.
It is time consuming and quite an effort to get that girl in the place that you want her to be in, on her knees, with her mouth around your cock!
Think of all the nights out, meals, drinks and gifts that you are going to have to provide her with BEFORE you get your ... Continue»
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The Sissy Boy Prayer

Angel of the Gods
My Beloved Master
In whose tight grasp
He holds all His Sissies,

Fuck My Ass
As Much as You like,
Please Lube it good
And RAM it inside!

Treat me as
your Little Whore,
Make me Scream
and Beg for More!

Stretch with your Big Cock
My Tight Boy Pussy,
That's what I deserve
for being such a Hussy!

Thank you Master
For turning me into this,
A Horny Little SLUT
Prowling the streets,

Looking for Cocks
And turning some tricks,
And selling me Cheap
To Whomever I meet.

Beloved Master,
Please don't forget,
That I Will Always
be Your PET.

Plea... Continue»
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You are a Slut for Black Cock

You are a Slut for Black Cock.

You are an otherwise intelligent, straight looking and acting white man who craves Black Cock. It's become your obsession. You are fascinated with them.
In terms of your arousal, your own little cock is insignificant; your ass has become your erogenous zone. You NEED to be Penetrated DEEP and HARD by relentless Black Cocks that Fuck you DEEP in your very soul. You NEED to be Pounded and Impaled by Powerful Black Cocks. You are Consumed with thoughts of being a Sissy Boy with an insatiable ass/pussy that pleasures scores of Black Men, leaving them draine... Continue»
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Cock Loving Sissy Boi

Delicious, edible inches of fun
I Love all your cocks but
I just can't stop at one.

The more there is to look at
The better it is for me
I think two are good but
I'd rather have three.

I want one to suck on, devour with lust
To have one in each hand is a definite MUST
Oh dear, I've forgotten, I'll need Many more
One in my Sissy Boi Pussy so that brings it to four!

So now I have one cock in my throat to keep
While pulling on two and three plus
Four buried balls deep.

I shouldn't be greedy but think of my hive
Another one in my Boi Pussy so that it makes five.

To try fo... Continue»
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Blowjobs or Skullfucking

I was wondering which other people prefer,
Blowjobs or Skullfucks?
Let me define my terms:


I'm usually on my knees before the Man and I do all the work. I lick His cock and suck on his testicles, suck the head and then proceed to bob up and down as fast as I can on His cock. I deep-throat as much as I can my tongue slithers around his hard shaft on each upstroke and I twist (or "corkscrew") my head back and forth to increase the pleasure or Him. I'm sucking as hard as I can ALL of the time. If His cock is long enough I'm using one hand to jack Him ... Continue»
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[Story] I'm a Slut

Hi! I'm a Cross Dressing Sissy Boi Slut and I LOVE being Gangbanged!
I want your cum for my dinner, and get my boi pussy Gangbanged
by hard cock and pumped full of cum by everyone there!
I Love to drink cum and love getting my pussy fucked and pumped
full of cum even more!
I am a good suck & fuck slut for everyone.
I'll take all the cum you want to pump into me!
My pussy hungers for Cock, please feed yours to me.
I'm hot to have your cum leaking out my well fucked sissy boi pussy,
down my slutty thighs, and onto my stockings - or splashing around in my belly!!!
So... Continue»
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[Story] More about Me

Hi, I am seeking someone who is discreet in public and in private who enjoys deep breeding a willing sissy boi pussy and mouth with special whispers and intimate roleplays. I am a discreet and submissive total pussy bottom.

I am single, never married 5'10 180. I am HIV neg and virus free, 100% bottom. I can take 10" and LOVE deep Breeding often.

I love lingerie in private. I am very open minded and interested in many things and love to spend time together with someone who is All top and Always horny in private.

I am a submissive pussy bottom and have a deep talented booty... Continue»
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[Story] What I Am

I am a little sissy white boi girl. I like to dress up pretty and be
silly and giggle like a little girl and be shy and hold down my skirt
so the big mean white boys won't peek at my panties. I want a big strong sexy
Black man to hold me tight in his arms and protect me and comfort me and then
push me down on the bed and push my legs apart and shove his Big Hard
Cock Deep inside me and fuck me and make me feel like his Sex
Slut. I want to feel his hot cock buried deep inside me and feel his
hot cum erupting inside me and dripping out of my boi pussy.

I will to crawl on the floor... Continue»
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[Story] Inside Me

Inside Me –

A poem dedicated to Black Men

We arch together, smooth thighs wrapped around your waist and you are inside me.

Black Man to White Sissy Boi, as it should be and you are inside me.

Prettied up for you in make-up and lingerie and you are inside me.

Rectal tissues molding, pulsing around black meat and you are inside me.

Moaning, groaning, gasping, screaming, crying and you are inside me.

Eyes locked, hands clasped, backs arching and you are inside me.

Mouths covering each other, tasting one another and you are inside me.

Sweat dripping onto me, hard... Continue»
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[Story] My First Black Cock

I had noticed that the old black guy next door was always watching me,
especially when I was outside sunbathing in my two-piece that my Daddy bought me.
He had a study or something right across from my bedroom window and I
would sometimes see him in there in the dark, watching. I got a secret
thrill taking off my clothes in front of him.

One night I went to my room to get ready for bed. As I turned on my
lights, his went off, so I knew he was watching. I decided to really
give him something to watch that night.
I turned away from the window, slid my shirt off and unhooked my bra,
d... Continue»
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