How I developed a crush for transvestites

How I developed a crush for transvestites

I am a 33 years old woman who loves sex very much. My name is Desirè. With my boyfriend Errol we have a very happy and open relationship. Since I am also a bisexual from time to time we make love with another woman. We also had group sex a few times.

Last week I left home to go to my girl friend Natalie's summer place to have a threesome with her husband. Just when I was approaching the suburbs I noticed that I forgot my cellular phone. Since it was early enough I returned home.Errol had told me that he would go fishing. When I entered the ground floor living room I noticed that his jacket was on the floor. Then I noticed a ladies jacket on the floor. We make love to others too but since we inform eachother about that, I found it strange. Why he was concealing an affair from me to which I would accept anyway. Silently I went upstairs. Our bedroom door was ajar and moaning could be heard. I noticed that they have just started for they were undressing eachother and I decided to watch. Errol was nude rightaway. The woman with him was a very pretty and sexy one. She was a thin and tall girl about 25, with a great body and long wavy jet black hair, long red nails and great makeup. Errol was frequently calling her "My pretty and sexy love, my darling Salma". Errol undressed her till she was left with garter belt, black seamed stockings, black g-string and red high heeled shoes. Later he laid her down on her back on the bed and leaning on her he started to take off her g-string. Because Errol's bach was towards me I could watch comfortably. When he raised her legs and took off her g-string I was suddenly surprised! There was a dick between the legs of that pretty and sexy girl! That excited me quite alot. When Errol leaned and started to suck the girls dick I became excited, I had fever all around me. My cunt started to get wet immensly. While Errol sucked the girl's dick, that little dick got bigger, bigger and became a huge cock. All this time I was squating with my mini skirt at my waist, my red lace panties aside, caressing my cunt and clitoris. I thought about joining them but because I found out from their conversation that this was Errol's first transvestite experience, I quit.

After licking her cock for awhile Errol laid beside her and positioned her on him and they started to 69. Salma's back was towards me and I saw Errol fingering her asshole while sucking her. After afew second I understood from Errol's moaning that Salma is also fingering him. At that instant I started to push my middle finger in my asshole while putting my thumb in my cunt. With my other hand I was kneading my tits. After sucking each other for awhile Salma stood up and sat on Errol's chest and put her cok in his mouth. And after some thrusting she started to come in his mouth. While Errol was swallowing most of the cum he was caressing her balls with one hand and wanking with the other. After afew seconds he too squirted towards her back and smearedthe cum on her asshole.

They were both so hot that they went on fucking without rest. Errol removed the girl's garter belt and stockings and started to suck her toes. All the while I was so hot. From time to time I was letting my tits and caress my feet with red toes. After Errol licked and kissed the girl's feet and legs they again resumed the 69 position and Errol took her limp cock again in his mouth and started sucking. This time they sterted to insert the heels of her shoes to eachother's assholes. I was getting crazy while watching. Than Salma took a latex vubrator and started to put it in Errol's asshole. Guessing what would happen soon I was fingering my cunt and asshole as if tearing them.

When Salma's cock was erect a second time at last, Errol laid on his back on the bed aand puttind a pillow under his ass he bent his legs raised them. Now his asshole was in front of transvestite Salma. Salma lubricated her thick cock and Errol's asshole which she had enlarged quite a bit before and started to insert the head in Errol's asshole. At that moment I left kneading my tits and started to put my entire hand in my cunt and push four fingers of my other hand in my asshole.

Errol was moaning while getting fucked. He was screaming "Fuck me baby, my fucker bitch! Fuck my asshole!". And the girl was asking him while moaning, "It is nice getting fucked in the ass, isn't it? Do you get pleasure while I enlarge your asshole?". After fucking Errol's ass for some minutes while moaning and making him moan she started to tremble and started to come in Errol's asshole. Errol came on his chest at the same time for he was wanking himself while getting fucked. Salma laid on him without taking off her cock and started to lick the cum on Errol's chest.

I couldn't stan it anymore. I silently left home and ran to the condo guard's house. I would get myself fucked by the guard. While I was thinking of sending her wife away if she was at home, guard Olson opened the door and and I saw that only his brither and b*****r in law was at home. Without hesitation I said "Fuck me! Fuck my cunt, asshole and mouth! Come on, don't stand!" and started undressing. After a moment of surprise three of them jumped on me and started to fuck me hard with their huge cocks. As I received those thick cocks I wanted more. I returned home after getting fucked each of my holes about two hours, I returned home. Errol and the trannsvestite girl were gone.

I cleaned myself and went to Natalie. When I told her what happened she said "Don't worry, we will do the same". I was very glad. Natalie made a surprise for me and and invited a hermaphrodite besides a transvestite girl. She had both a cunt and a cock! I had seen them many times on video but never fucked with such a person. All that night long Natalie's husband, the transvestite and the hermaphrodite fucked us in our every hole. Her husband fucked the transvestite and the hermaphrodite, we too fucked the all using strap-ons. We had a great weekend. In the coming weeks I will get Errol fucked by Natalie's hucband, the transvestite and the hermaphrodite. And the to the guard and his b*****r and b*****r in law. He will understand what it is to get his ass fucked without telling me.

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1 year ago
HOT !!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wow that was excitting so what happened with the Hermaphrodite and the next shemale
4 years ago
i will just fuck u damn but your never had 14 inch ok blk dick
4 years ago
What a day for you.
4 years ago
Very good. I love the thought and would love to meet and play with one, they areso rare here.
4 years ago
We've never been with a transvestite, it just may be our next adventure!
4 years ago
very good & hot