I need to fuck some ass -Randy-
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We will not accept anyone with a cock picture for a profile picture. no one wants to see that.

Always, ready, and willing to fuck. we are a kinky couple. If you wanna know just how kinky we are just write us and find out. We are a couple just not the conventional type. We're not husband and wife nor friends with benefits. It is more intimate than that. For those continue to ask. We are brother and sister. Yes for real.

About Jennifer: I am 5'3", 100#, light brown hair, brown eyes. I have a tight ass and smooth sexy legs. I have next to no limits. I have fucked my way to everything I have gotten. I have no shame.

About Randy: I am 5'10", 230#, short blonde hair, brown eyes, 6" long and cut. I love watching Jenni with other guys and girls. I am always willing to share Jenni.
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18 hours ago
always miss the good times...
2 days ago
I am really fucking horny right now. Fuck it I'm going to the bookstore to fuck someone. Anyone in southern maryland is welcome to find me and fuck me. I'll be in the last booth nearest the fire exit. Knock 3 times and I'll open the door to let you in. You come in fuck me and leave. You can cum in me or on me. I really dont fucking care. I'll be wearing a skirt and heels to give you easy access to my tiny tight pussy. Now get off here and come fuck me. Bring your girl and I'll go home with you both.
3 days ago
I am willing to pay a whore to fuck me at this point. Both mom and sis have taken their pussies off the market for a few days to teach me a lesson. About what i have no fuckin clue. Either way i am really horny and need to bust a nut and drop a load either in someone or on someone. -Randy-
8 days ago
I am really fucking horny for some reason. I need to fuck someone. -Randy-
10 days ago
We need pussy this week. -Randy & Jenni-
11 days ago
Continuing on with our last post we would like a black couple to attend. An Asian woman to attend. Anyone exotic. If a black guy shows up i will be taking my first black cock in my pussy. -Jenni-
11 days ago
Randy and i are planning an orgy at the end of March or the beginning of April. This will be open to couples, singles, men and women. Age and race do not matter to us. Please send us a message if you wanna apply to be part of our little event. We are planning on having this event at a hotel. Hopefully we can find one that is to our liking and big enough.
14 days ago
looking to give someone a tribute. but who shall it be? -Randy-
15 days ago
way to go randy
15 days ago
Fuck this i woke up horny as fuck and i need cock. Im waking up Randy
15 days ago
I don't get to go fuck anyone this morning. Schools are closed and that means he doesn't have to go to work. Boo for me. I woke up horny as fuck too
16 days ago
I got the cock I wanted this morning. He liked my pussy so much he called outta work to fuck me all day. I still have his cum dripping outta my pussy. I swallowed 4 loads from him but 2 still made their way into my pussy. Time for a shower now. Love you guys and gals. -Jenni-
16 days ago
Last post is by Jenni motherfuckers. That crazy horny bitch
16 days ago
Early day today. I've got to meet someone outside of his house to fuck this morning. Thankfully it's not too cold out there. Hope he's ready when I get there. It's been a few days since I've had a real cock I'm about to go crazy for cock and cum
18 days ago
thank you
18 days ago
a fav user for sure!
19 days ago
After uploading our Taylor Swift gallery I really wanna fuck her now. She is so damn hot and those legs. Oh. My. Gosh. I want them wrapped around my head pulling me into her pussy. -Jenni-
21 days ago
I am bored, lonely, and horny. I'm home alone tonight. I think i will try to hit up the adult bookstore down the road and see what trouble I can find there. -Jenni-
1 month ago
I watched Jenni fuck my 2 best friends last night. I was so turned on by it that I jerked off that whole time. I cummed 3 times watching them fuck. After they left I fucked Jenni. Story is forthcoming
1 month ago
Thank you. We've read so many bad ones on here that leave us baffled and so when we write we try to satisfy everyone.
1 month ago
hey .... nice stories !!!
1 month ago
Mom is gone with Randy for the day. So I am here all alone with Daddy. I think I will wake him up with my pussy around his cock. -Jenni-
1 month ago
I woke up really horny this morning. Jenni is over at a friends house. So i can't fuck her. Dad is home so i can't fuck Mom either. I need some pussy on the side. I need to take care of this hard on.
1 month ago
I really enjoy reading your stories. I hpe they are all true!
1 month ago
Thank you for the friendship.
1 month ago
How cool is this? Our Mom Changes story is on the top rated list for the week. Thank you all so much for getting the word out about the story.
1 month ago
Randy is taking the semester off from school to help out mom at her office. I bet this is just to be closer to her to fuck her whenever he wants. Oh and lets not forget about him fucking Brittany either. Oh well at least this will give me some time to let Daddy fuck me. I love his cock inside my body. It feels so natural when we fuck almost like it was meant to be.
1 month ago
I love your naughty stories.
1 month ago
great stories
1 month ago
Update #2: i sucked off santa and then that old guy bent me over the seat and fucked my tiny cunt while i screamed for him to fuck me. His cock felt great as my tiny cunt throbbed around his member. I let santa keep my panties since he was so good to me. My little gift to him for the holidays.
1 month ago
Update: I sat on Santa's lap and told him I wanted a big fat fucking cock in my tight pussy. I swear the old man really blushed and told me to meet him in 15 minutes in the food court and he would help me out. That was 10 minutes ago. 5 more and i get to act out my favorite scene from Bad Santa. Fuck me Santa. Fuck me Santa

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