My Aunt and I (The Beginning)

I was always close to my Aunt, even if I did see her once or twice a year, we got along well. She was funny, knew how to have a good time, and she's very good looking for her age. But she's always been a little too strong with the physical showing of affection. When I was a lot younger, we had to share a bed and she wrapped her body around me. Another time we were sat on the sofa and she wrapped her arm around me, resting my head against her breasts. Of course, you'd think nothing of it; but a few years ago, she started to take things a little further.

It was 2008, I was 18 years old, and the f****y were coming together at my Aunts house for the weekend. It's something we've done every year for as long as I could remember. One morning though I woke up with painful stomach cramps, my Aunt was concerned and booked me an appointment at the local Doctors, which she offered to take me to. We sat in the waiting room for about 20 minutes - we didn't talk much, idle chat about what we could do that evening. Whilst sat there, I figured I could mention another problem to the Doctor while I was there, I had a strange lump on the shaft of my penis and I probably should of visited the doctors earlier with it. Finally my name was called out and I got up, as did my Aunt. I told her I'm alright to go in alone, and she was persistent saying that she knew the doctor. Reluctantly, I followed her to the room.

As I entered the room, I realised the doctor was a woman - I had already decided that maybe I wasn't going to mention the lump. So I continued to explain the stomach symptoms. She laid me down on the bed and lifted my shirt up to feel my stomach. She gave me some sedatives and told me to see how it all goes. As I got up to leave, she asked if there was anything else. I looked at my Aunt who had stood up also, watching me intently. Looking back to the Doctor, I hesitated. "Erm.. well actually there's this lump on my erm.. penis"
"Oh, okay. Would you like me to take a quick look?"
"Yeah, please" I said, looking to my Aunt - expecting her to leave anyway, but instead she sat straight back down. I looked between the two of them and the Doctor just smiled "Okay well, if you would like to drop your trousers" she said, turning her back to wash her hands. I looked back at my Aunt, she wasn't moving in fact she didn't take her eyes off me. I wondered why she wouldn't leave, surely any normal person would leave and give some privacy. I wanted to say it didn't matter and leave myself - but I doubt they would of let me go now I had mentioned a lump on my penis. So, I cleared my throat, unzipped my fly, and let my trousers drop to my ankles.

Stood in my tight underwear which wrapped snug around my crotch, I could feel the bl**d rush to my cheeks. I didn't look though, instead I carried on and pushed my shorts halfway down my legs before standing straight again. I looked at my Aunt again - she was staring right at my cock - but her face was unreadable. She must of been enjoying this, why else would she of stuck around? I could already feel my cock tingle under her gaze, and within seconds I had a full erection.

The Doctor turned back around and approached me with a chuckle, "That was quick" she implied. I knew she didn't mean the removal of my trousers. I just smiled, face flushed, and pointed out the little lump on my hard dick. She leant forward and examined it - I could feel her let out a deep breath against my dick - I tried to block it out, forget that my Aunt was there, but I was sure she had leaned forward too. The doctor took a gentle hold of my shaft and firmly pressed her thumb against the small lump. She didn't hold it for long until she came to the conclusion that it was something called Lymphocele and will fix itself over time. She smiled and told me to "try" and put my pants back on. Once I finished the zip, I said my goodbye and left the room with my Aunt. The drive home was silent, and the rest of the weekend we hardly spoke to one another.

That night though, I jacked off to the whole scenario, fresh in my mind.
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3 years ago
This was a funny one!
3 years ago
Hmmmm, wonder where this might head? I'm sure something good is going to come out of it.
3 years ago
LOL omg