Paper Round Blowjob

This happened a few years ago when I was s*******n and I got a paper round to earn some extra cash. I was up at 7am so the streets were usually dead apart from a few cars driving past on their way to work. It had been this way for the first three weeks of my job, but on the fourth week - a Tuesday to be exact - it all changed.

So, I was doing my deliveries as usual and there's this one house that stands out from the rest because the front door is at the side of the house rather than the front. And the door itself is raised slightly by two steps - so the letterbox was at eye-height, making it somewhat easier to put the paper through. On this particular day though, when I lifted the flap to put the paper through, I saw somebody coming down the stairs from inside (the stairs were directly opposite the door, and next to it you could see down the corridor to the kitchen). It was a woman, I had no idea who lived here, but she had a nice slim body and I guess she might of been in her 40's, and long brunette hair. She wasn't wearing anything too revealing, a long flowing lilac night dress that covered her from neck to toes but left her arms bare. Before I could see her face though, I heard a squeak and she quickly hopped back up the stairs. I quickly posted the paper and disappeared to finish my round. She must of realised I was looking into her house and saw her, I was worried that she might of made a complaint and I'd lose the job.

The following day I collected my papers and not a word was said. Maybe she was too embarrassed to mention it to my boss, so I didn't ask to find out and went on with my round. As I approached the same house, I promised myself to just deliver the paper and not even look in. But as I lifted the flap, the temptation was too great, and I took a quick look. I could hear a sound coming from the kitchen at the end of the corridor and right on cue she stepped out into view in the kitchen. Her back was to me, she must of been cooking breakfast or something. This time she wore a shorter night dress in white, it might of even been just a large t-shirt cut halfway down her thighs (nicely toned might I add). I wanted to see her face so that maybe I would recognise her in the street, so I posted the paper and it made a loud slapping sound on the floor, but when I looked back in, she wasn't there. I didn't wait long, as the thought of being caught again quickly drove me to rethink what I was doing, and I left.

I didn't see her again the day after, or the one after that - though I always looked. On the fifth day though, I was in for a surprise. At the weekends my paper load is doubled, so I was running a bit late on my round. When I approached her door, I could hear a voice (I presumed hers). She must of been close to the door, so I chanced a quick look as I posted the newspaper. As the paper fell through, I held the flap up to continue looking and I wasn't expecting what I saw. She was stood just infront of me facing the door - she was dressed in a thin flowing purple night dress that came down just below her panties (which matched) and the material was definitely see-through. She was on the phone talking to somebody about coming around later.. I didn't get the full conversation because I shot away when I realised she must of known I was staring. I paused though on her doorstep. If she knew I was watching - maybe she wanted me to watch - either way, the damage has been done. So I turned back and opened the letterbox. She was still stood there talking on the phone, if she didn't know I was watching then, she must know now from the squeak of the letterbox. I just watched her, the see through night dress showed her stomach was firm, as were her thighs. She must of worked out. Her breasts seemed quite full cupped in her nightdress, sadly that part wasn't see-through. Still her face still wasn't quite in view, so I just went back to staring at her firm stomach through the thin material. She put down the phone after maybe twenty seconds of my staring and she seemed to hesitate before running up the stairs. My thoughts about her arse being as firm as the rest of her were right, the bottom of her cheeks peeking out from the bottom of her tight panties. With her gone, I left too, a little harder than before.

The following morning was the same, I had a large amount of papers so I was running a little late again but it was no different to the day before. I heard her voice again - a deep rusky kind of voice - and as I put the paper through, she was there again on the telephone revealing far more than last time. Today she was just in her underwear, a sexy matching sex of white panties and bra. She stood there again, facing the door stroking her firm stomach - I noticed a thin trail of hair along her stomach, very light. I realised she must of been doing this for me, she must of wanted me to look. She was making all the moves, and I managed to be brave and make a move of my own. At first I thought about knocking.. but I thought if she wanted to fuck me, she would of opened the door already. Instead, I unbuckled my belt and lowered my pants slightly, slipping my erect cock through the letter box. Nothing happened, seconds past and I was wondering if she had noticed so I coughed. Still nothing. Then her voice stopped talking, and I heard her run up the stairs. I had blown it, she was disgusted, I came on too much. I worried myself the rest of the day, convinced she would complain now. Luckily though, no such thing happened - but I didn't see her at all the next week until Saturday came around again.

That Saturday I didn't expect much, infact I almost forgot about her altogether but decided a quick glance before putting the paper through wouldn't of hurt. When I looked through, I was stunned. She was stood right next to the door, with no panties on, spreading her nicely trimmed pussy open with two fingers. I couldn't help but whisper "Oh fuck..". I heard her giggle before she spoke to me "You like?" I heard her say. Of course I liked! "Yeah.." was all I managed though before she spoke again. "Give me your cock sweetie". Rock hard already, I didn't want to take my eyes off that delicious pussy of hers.. but eventually I stood up and slipped my cock through the door. Her gentle touch pushed my foreskin back, exposing the head. She joked about me being so hard already before rubbing the tip against her exposed cunt. It was so warm and moist, I wouldn't of been surprised if she had been pleasuring herself as she waited for me.

Already on the verge of cumming, I was disappointed when she stopped. Resting my head against the door, I waited for her next move. I could feel her breath now against the head of my dick as she moved it to the side slightly I presume to try and get a look at how big my cock was. I heard her whisper "Nice" and then she wrapped her moist lips around the head of my cock. Gently I rocked my hips against the door, drawing my cock in and out of those soft lips, her tongue gliding beneath the cock end. I wish I could of lasted longer, but after a minute or two of being sucked off, I came into her mouth. I groaned so loud, I didn't care who heard, it was the most intense orgasm I have had. After sucking my cock dry, I reluctantly slipped my cock out the door and leaned down to look through. I saw her smile, her lips glistening from my cum. I wasn't sure what to say, but I managed a "Thank you".

"No problem, it was my pleasure. See you again soon". And with that, she got up and disappeared up the stairs. I noticed she has a beautiful tattoo of a sort of devils tail that comes up from the crack of her arse. I must of stared after her 2 minutes long after she had vanished. Maybe I was hoping she'd come back for more, or maybe I was still annoyed that I hadn't seen her face. But that smile.. it made me smile. And with that thought, I got up, tucked myself back in, and finished me round.
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3 years ago
Wonderful I do hope you write more
3 years ago
Glad you enjoyed :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
WOW! Very nice
3 years ago
nice story