Hi. My name is Tess U. U is the initial of my last name, which I won't tell you. You don't need to know. Let's preserve a bit of anonymity. On the internet, where we can be anonymous. Yay.

My name is Tess U. and I don't have a boyfriend. Well, I have boyfriends, but they're all gay. Good to talk to, but no use when I get wet between the legs. Which happens often. My fingers won't cut it.

Fortunately, I'm also the owner of the world's only miniature portal gun. You know, the one from the famous game. That V company thought their tech would make great love toys and licensed the portal gun to DeepPleasure, the famous love toy maker. You have heard of them, haven't you? Good.

Problem is, even in downscaled form the portal technology is plagued by high levels of radiation coming with usage. So basically, it's not very safe to use on living beings. Which is why only one prototype was made. Which I happened to get a hold of. Radiation sucks, but what is a horny girl supposed to do?

So I had one of my gay friends come over, the one I knew to be the biggest slut, and bent him over, pulled down his pants, opened his ass hole with a speculum and fired a portal some inches deep into his buttery tunnel (haha). (I didn't butter it or anything, it's supposed to refer to his butt.) (In case you wondered.)

I fired the other portal on the inside of my panties. And sent him off: "Go get laid. Don't come back before you do."

Next thing was waiting. Waiting for gay boyfriend to find someone to give us a good ride for the night.

It didn't take long. So when my cherry was suddenly popped, unexpectedly, I wasn't wet yet and it hurt quite a bit. But it soon got better and losing my virginity became more fun.

When I thought about how gay boyfriend (he really doesn't have a name, stop wondering about it) right this moment was getting embraced, kissed and pounded roughly, of course, I got all fuzzy on the inside. Sure, I would have liked to also be able to see and hear what was happening to him, but just sharing the fullfilling sexual intercourse was already satisfying, in a way. It wasn't the complete experience but somewhere half way there.

Obviously the anal to vagina mode of the sex was cause to some problems. Gay boyfriend wouldn't get pregnant, but I would. STDs are also frightening, especially AIDS, but these should work to ensure that the other guy would use a condom, right?

The cock inside me did feel softer than the skin of my fingers but I wasn't sure if it was gum or skin. I pulled on my drawers so I could see the wall of the panties and the portal with his cock coming out. It was a big cock's tip in all its glory, no rubber to hide it.

Shit. Should I put it back in? I hadn't cum yet... Did he wonder why his cock's head was getting so much air all of a sudden? To him it must have appeared as if he had pierced gay boyfriend's belly wall or something.

No use thinking about it, so I put it back in. It didn't get in very far, since a good part of it remained in gay boyfriend's rectum but he was sufficiently big to do more good than my fingers. Fantastic. He might even make me cum. I so wanted to cum. I didn't want to get pregnant. But I did want to cum. Decisions...

I didn't make any decision until it was made for me so after I had barely cum and 9 more months I had gay boyfriend's baby. Well, it's not really his baby, because he can't have babies (I can, he can't) but it's my baby and the one of the lucky guy banging gay boyfriend that night.

I asked gay boyfriend for the name of the father but he didn't know it. Apparently gay people simply don't have names, just genitals. Hmmm. I wonder if they become gay for lack of a name. So if I wanted my baby to become gay as well I should not name it. Decisions...

The decision was made for me, by gay boyfriend. He said the baby should be called Cecky. He claims that's his own name but I don't believe him. Well, if he insists, his son can have a name, unlike him. Only that it isn't his son. Whatever.

Cecky. Welcome to this world, Cecky. Have a lot of fun.
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2 years ago
lol the delemias of motherhood
2 years ago
What? Ask away, I don't want you to remain dumb.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wow, this is getting a lot of hits (compared to my other two English stories). If you liked this (or didn't) check out the other @ story as well.
2 years ago
Yeah we've established that >>>"My name is Tess U.