The Adventures of Teri Sue

Teri Sue walked down the yellow brick-road wearing her trademark red-riding hood and carrying a basket with cake and wine for her grand-aunt. She was in a rather good mood as the sun shone on her smiling face with its rosy cheeks. The weather was perfect for the delighting trip she had been looking forward to for so long.
Her shoes, also the same color red as her hood, clapped on the yellow bricks in an upbeat rhythm and you could tell how full of energy she was having just started on her trip. She felt like singing and started humming a melody that she made up as she went along. Her a****l companion Chester thought it slightly resembling a whole lot of other tunes he had heard her and her mother sing before, but it couldn't be denied that there was a distinct originality to it as well. If he had been able to, he would have liked to hum along with it but sadly it was beyond his scope. Instead he let loose an occasional woof not quite fitting in with the tune.
It wasn't for long until they met Mike the huntsman whom Teri had known since she was a c***d. He seemed alarmed, raising his rifle and aiming it at Chester. “Look out, Teri Sue, there's a wolf right behind you!”, he yelled, affirming his aim on the forest dweller. Teri signaled Chester with her hand to take cover behind her, which shocked Mike the huntsman, but not so much as to lower his weapon.
“You're not going to shoot my cute little doggy, Mike, are you? Surely you can tell a pet from a b**st?”, said Teri Sue in a scolding tone, as if she were his elder. Mike perturbedly replied: “Teri Sue, look again, that clearly is a wolf! I also didn't know your mom allowed you to keep a pet!”
It was true, her mother didn't know anything about Chester. Teri Sue had befriended him in the forest, in the depths of which she by her mother's orders was not to play in. “Come on, Mike, dogs are nothing but domesticated wolves, and I domesticated Chester alright!”
This didn't convince Mike in the slightest. “Looks like a b**st to me”, he said as he fired a warning shot to the side of the brick-road. This made Chester jump backwards. Mike was intent on not letting the wolf escape so he charged after him, bumping into Teri Sue as he hurriedly passed her by. “Run Chester!”, Teri Sue yelled, but she also had another idea for helping her canine friend. When Mike stopped to take aim at Chester, who after having put some distance between himself and Mike couldn't seem to decide if he should escape or stay, Teri Sue was quick to grab his pants and pulled them down with a swift downward motion. This distracted Mike and he missed his shot.
Next moment he realized that Teri Sue had managed to pull down not just his outer pants but also the inner ones so he stood there buck naked the waist down. Turning his head he looked at Teri Sue and shouted: “Are you out of your mind!?” This turn of event made Chester take the chance to run back towards Mike, who of course didn't see him closing in on him. Teri Sue was making faces at the angry Mike and stuck out her tongue. Before Mike could decide what to do with the girl Chester clawed at the rifle and pulled it down to the ground. Mike turned forward again and tried hard not to give up the rifle to Chester, when suddenly Teri Sue kicked him in his backside which made him fall over, the rifle falling to the ground. Chester now bit Mike's neck instead, not allowing the huntsman to get back up.
“Good, Chester, very good”, Teri Sue commented as she picked up the dropped rifle. “Please, Teri Sue, tell your wolf to let go off me!” Mike was in terror. The b**st might decide to kill him at any moment. But he was about to get a bigger problem.
Teri Sue shoved the rifle up Mike's asshole with a good push. It went in much deeper than he would have thought possible, and it made him scream in pain. “So, Mike, do you still think it was a good idea to fire your rifle at poor little Chester? Said poor creature was still holding Mike's neck firmly in check. “I could just fire the rifle now, Mike. Wouldn't be a pleasant sight. Wouldn't be one at all...”
“Please, Teri Sue, stop this...” Tears were falling left and right of Mike's head. “You promise not to hurt my doggy?” Teri Sue's voice commanded almost as much authority as did the rifle up Mike's ass. “Yes, Teri Sue, whatever you say, Teri Sue, just pull out the rifle already, Teri Sue...”
“Let go off him, Chester.” Chester obeyed his mistress instantly. Relieved of the painful bite on his neck, Mike tried to get up but the rifle inside him still held him firmly to the ground. “Teri Sue? Aren't you going to pull out the rifle?” Mike couldn't see the grin on her face but he felt her moving the rifle into and out of his anus. She didn't ever quite pull it out completely, instead shoving it back in again with f***e. “What are you doing?” Mike was afraid that the rifle might yet go off but he was also shocked that she was apparently fucking him with his own rifle. “Ooh, aren't you a good tight little ass cunt, Mike! How does it feel? You ever had one up your back door? I'm sure it will make you come very hard! Come on! Come for me! Come for me you a****l torturing ho!”
Who had taught the lass such language? Mike would have been puzzled if he hadn't been fearing for his life. “I won't stop until you shoot your white gold for me, Mike. Better make it quick. Or do you like to suffer?” Mike realized she was serious so he moved his hand between his legs and started to jerk his penis. He had trouble even getting a decent erection. “Teri Sue, how am I supposed to come if I have this cold thing inside me!?”
“You better think about how, or this will go on forever. I'm really enjoying making a woman out of you, Mikey!”
After a while the huntsman learned to adapt to Teri Sue's rhythm and stroked his cock the same speed as the rifle went in and out of his anus. Finally it got hard between his fingers. His breath became louder and moans came to be heard. He wasn't enjoying this but his body started to show the reactions Teri Sue demanded from it. “Ah ah ah, ahh....” Mike felt pathetic.
“Very good, my little ass whore. You sound like you're enjoying it. So let's up the speed a bit, shall we?” Teri Sue wasn't k**ding. Mike's hand followed suit automatically and he indeed came closer and closer to his climax, which Teri Sue heard in his moans getting louder and faster. “Good boy! Just a little bit more!” She paused the rifle, only to shove it in very hard the next moment. This she repeated thrice, making him wait for the f***eful thrusts. On the last push a big load shot out of his cock, sullying the yellow brick-road. Chester couldn't help but feel sorry for the huntsman. No one deserved to suffer the wrath of his mistress. But it had been his own fault...
Weakened by the ordeal, Mike was out of strength and fainted, crumbling to the floor. Teri Sue pulled out the rifle which was covered in Mike's bl**d and put it over her shoulders. “Come, Chester, we still have a long way before us!”


After an hour they arrived at a river which the brick-road was supposed to cross over a bridge. But the bridge had crumbled and the path been obstructed. “Gee, now what are we gonna do...” If anyone had heard Teri Sue say this they would never have thought that she had just ****d a man a while ago. Everyone would have believed that she was the helpless girl that was seemingly about to cry because of this unforeseen trouble. Chester knew better but it gave him chills thinking about how well she hid her mad whims.
But Teri Sue wasn't helpless at all. She pulled out the wine bottle from the basket and said, “Maybe we can draw out the spirit from this bottle so it will grant us a wish? It's not an oriental lamp but there is a spirit residing in it, anyway.” She started rubbing the bottle, stroking it not unlike Mike had stroked his cock following her thrusts in his ass. She knew how to get a man off, that much was certain. It worked as well on the bottle. Mere minutes before the cork plopped out and the spirit appeared from the bottle neck.
“Wow, that felt great! You have the trained hands of a high class prostitute!” The spirit's body waved over the bottle, towering above Teri Sue and Chester. He was fat and his body oozing an intoxicating odor into the air.
“Spirit! Grant my wishes!”
The spirit looked at Teri Sue flabbergasted. Then broke out in laughter. “Wishes? What wishes?”
Teri Sue blushed in embarrassment. “Then grant me my one wish?” Maybe she had been too greedy.
“Why do you think I would grant you a wish? Just because you rubbed my bottle?”
“Isn't that what trapped spirits do? I let you lose, you owe me!”
“I owe you. Hilarious!” The spirit was delighted by Teri Sue's demanding posture.
“Aw, fuck man! How are we supposed to get over this river without that faggot spirit helping us!”
“Who are you calling a faggot, you whore!”
“I'm no whore, faggot!”
“Too bad! I might repair a bridge for a good whore like you...”
Teri Sue's eyes widened in surprise. No way did she want to service that fat freak. But if that's what it took...
“I see we're in agreement. Let's start with a nice blow job.” The spirit positioned himself in front of Teri Sue's face and manifested his cock from the vague shape of his body. It seemed quite long and slender.
The moment Teri Sue opened her mouth it snuck in like a snake. Not quite material it felt like corporal gas, its form distinguishable yet not really solid. Being made up by the spirit of the wine it didn't fail to intoxicate Teri Sue instantly.
Inside her mouth the soft matter stretched to fill the whole cavity, pushing against the inner walls of her skull. The spirits member had appeared quite long even before it had entered Teri Sue but it stretched further to invade her stomach an lungs.
It didn't stop at her stomach, making its way further through her guts until it came out of her body again through her cute butthole. Since Teri Sue didn't wear any knickers the tip of the spirit cock had no trouble finding its way back into Teri Sue's body through her other, the girl hole. All three of her holes being in- and evaded by the spirit's one long cock Teri Sue felt pleasure like she hadn't known before. Too bad she wouldn't remember it as the sensation was being clouded by the daze of the intoxication. But right now she was screaming and moaning louder than Mike had been before.
The spirit's hands pulled the hood from her head, then the marine blue onepiece over her head, flinging the clothes a few meters away. She didn't wear a bra either and the sight of her cute titties made the spirit's dick gain another inch of girth. Further stretched Teri Sue moaned even louder.
She had come thrice in a matter of minutes when the spirit also reached his orgasm and poured gallons of the finest red wine into her mouth, ass and pussy. It was too much for Teri Sue to contain inside her, so she was left in a puddle of wine.
When she woke up again, the next day at dawn, she had the worst kind of hangover. The pressure on her bladder was killing her though so she had finally woken up. Chester had watched over her all the while to make sure no one took further advantage of her. Now Teri Sue had to relieve herself and she stumbled towards the nearest tree. She had always wondered if she could piss standing up like a man. Now was as good an opportunity to find out as ever so she started to pour out the gallons that had poured into her the day before.
“Hey! What are you doing!?”
A voice was heard from below. Teri Sue looked down at her hip and legs and the piss pouring out of her. There was a little green creature sitting under her, leaning against the trunk of the tree. It was a small, trollish looking female creature. And it was shrinking further in the downpour from Teri Sue's pussy. “Stop it! I'll put a spell on you! How dare you piss on the witch of the east!”
Still tired, Teri Sue pondered what this meant for her. The witch of the east melted like ice cream in the sun. Before Teri Sue could make any meaning from the situation the witch had been no more. “Problem solved.”
Teri Sue walked back towards the yellow brick-road.
“Now I have to take a crap.” Only a few steps away there was an ant hill. It was quite big and Teri Sue hardly fit it under her bum but there she went, covering the pile with an even bigger one of her own. “Take that, stupid ants! That's for always invading our porch and living room in summer! Fucking stupid ants!”
I don't think that were the same ants, Chester thought to himself. But the thought didn't convey itself to Teri Sue. To her Chester just looked his usual cute doggy self, wagging his tail.
“Fuck, I feel spent. Yet unsatisfied. What happened?” The bridge had been repaired, as a quick glance confirmed. So selling her body had been worth it, it seemed.
“Ooohh, I need to get off!” Teri Sue let herself fall to the ground, lifting one leg and rubbing her clit furiously. Please, Teri Sue, get dressed. There's no time for this! Chester was annoyed. As if the scolding look on his face had gotten through to Teri Sue she got up and walked towards her blue onepiece, and the red hood and shoes. But instead of dressing she pulled out a little mirror from the pocket of the onepiece.
“Mirror, mirror, in my hand, who fucks the hardest in all the land?”
“That would of course be you, Teri Sue! But the seven dwarfs with their obscenely longs scarves fuck longer and better than any trend setter! You can find them in 7th Heaven, the finest man-whore brothel in all the forest.”
Hmm, the last bit didn't rhyme, Chester mused.


It hadn't taken long for Teri Sue to find this 7th Heaven place and there they were, the seven dwarfs with their obscenely long scarves. Scarf means cock, of course. It rhymes with dwarf, you see? And it's a figure of speech meaning cock. Hanging down from their body, like a scarf. You get the image? Good.
“Hi, I'm Teri Sue. You're in the fucking business?” Teri Sue asked the dwarfs who were tiny creatures indeed. Except for their exposed members, which were as long the dwarfs were tall. How long exactly that was I'm leaving to your imagination. To each their own. Cock length.
“How much money do you have on you?”, one of the dwarfs asked.
“You're k**ding, right? You wanna take money for fucking this fine pussy?” Teri Sue pointed to her crotch, with both of her hands.
“Let's talk about money afterwards. You get on all fours!” Another dwarf cut to the chase.
“Oohh baby, I like how you think!” Teri Sue bend over to do as she was told.
“I'm gonna take her mouth!”, another dwarf said. Teri Sue's mouth was justly filled.
“I'm gonna take her ass!”, the next one said and impaled her butt from above.
“I'm gonna take her cunt!”
“I'm gonna take her left nose hole!”
“I'm gonna take her right nose hole!”
“I'm gonna take her left ear!”
“And I'm taking her other ear!” They all did as they said they would.
Teri Sue would have complained but her mouth was otherwise occupied. It was the craziest midget gang bang Chester had ever seen and he had seen a lot of midget gang bangs. It got boring after a while but Teri Sue seemed to be enjoying it. The dwarfs lasted very long and gave Teri Sue even more satisfaction than the booze bozo had the day before. Something to remember.
Once her mouth was free again, Teri Sue said: “Wow, this is so much better than d***k driving!” More like, being driven, d***k, Chester thought. Haha.
Sperm oozed from all her bodily orifices. She didn't hear her own voice though, at least not for a while. Then she kept sneezing out the dwarf sperm from her nose. Her whole body was covered in sperm. The seven dwarfs each had come seven times. That's a lot of cum. Can you imagine how much cum that is? It's a lot.
“Here's the bill.” One of the dwarfs (they all looked alike but Teri Sue recognized him to be left nose hole) handed her a piece of paper.
“Are you nuts? I don't have that much money!”
“Then how much do you have?”, ass asked.
“On me? Nothing!”
“You don't mean to tell us you come to a brothel empty handed?!”, cunt shouted.
“Yeah, don't come to a b*****r empty handed!”, other ear yelled.
“Screw you, you should be paying me for fucking this fine cum sponge! I'm out of your league, you small pricks!” Teri Sue was pissed off.
“We'll get the huntsman! He is upholding order in the forest! No way are we going to let you rip off us honest dwarf-whores.” Teri Sue couldn't tell if it was right nose hole or left ear, they looked exactly alike. Really!
“Good luck with that, I ****d him on the way here.” Teri Sue confidently patted her rifle.
Gasp, all seven went at once.


So at one point in the story Teri Sue finally arrives at her grand-aunt's house. This is it.
Bell chimes. Steps. Door opens. “Teri Sue! I expected you yesterday! What took you so long?”
As tough as Teri Sue was, she still felt the authority her grand-aunt had over her. “Oh well you know, Grand-Aunty, the bridge was collapsed. I had to find another way over the river.”
“Ah, I see. Well, now you're here. As is your cousin Larry, by the way.”
“Cousin Larry?” Teri Sue's cousin was cursed to be a dove and flew letters between the houses of the other f****y members so they could stay in touch.
“Did mom write anything?”
“Yes. She mentioned the red wine you're supposed to bring me. You didn't lose it on the way here, did you?”
“Aww, you know, Aunty, that wine, I'm really sorry, but... you know, I don't have it. There, I said it. I needed it to wish for the bridge to be repaired.”
“Then why did you take so long? If you could straight cross the river?”
“Good question! Why are you so smart, Grand-Aunty?”
“Because my brain runs on baby stem-cells! It will save mankind, I tell you.”
“Fuck, I can't hide anything from you...”
“I don't think that word is proper speech for a young lady! Now come bend over my knees.”
“Oohh, Grand-Aunty, why are you so strong?”
“So I can spank naughty girl asses like yours!”
“But Grand-Aunty! Do I feel a bulge between your legs? Is that the giant clit I've been hearing about? Why is your clit so big?”
“So can fuck all your holes!”
“Please, not my nose again!”
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2 years ago
Interesting, good humor, and bit unrealistic.
2 years ago
lol awesome