He craves to taste
The juices between my thighs
He caresses me with his long tongue
The abundance of my wetness greets him
I gyrate against his hungry lips
His tongue slides along my slit, opening me
The petals of my flower welcomes him
My flower opens as I thrust agains his tongue
My desire is heightened
I crave his oral caress
His exploring tongue, pushes up my hood
Working my phat clit, the pearl of desire
Moans escapes my lips
As he swirls his glorious tongue around my pearl
His rod hardens in response
He is relentless in his oral magic
He explores my deep secrets
With his fingers expertly
I arch my back, then my knees buckle
I am no longer in control of my body
The ecstasy is so near
He licks with passion, no mercy
My body pushes harder and faster against his tongue
With lust, holding him tight
While he's right there, greedily licking my tight fountain
His tongue skillz is insane
He takes me to the max, I'm about to cream
My cries fills the air, I spell over his lips trembling
A gush of satisfaction he recieve
I quench his thirst
Never letting me go
He loves when I squirt
It reallp turns him on
He licks every drop
Like a fiend high, got munchies
Not letting it waste
He looks up and I see his smile
The smile of fulfillment of his oral love of me
The simle of knowing his turn is coming
I lick seductively down his body
To his awaiting, magic stick
Throbbing for my love to take him in
To quench my thirst ;)

82% (7/2)
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3 years ago
well written , poetic and very erotic
3 years ago
yummmmy, every drop !
3 years ago
I LUV IT! Of course I would luv to be "him" even though I'm a her.
3 years ago
very good