Just Before Bath

Story Contains some "Water Play" Please read on with an open mind.

I caught my reflection on the way to the tub, in the bathroom mirror. My chin carried traces of the magenta lipstick I had wore a few minuets ago and the saliva that escaped my mouth during the sloppy blow job. My cheeks were warm and stained with tears that were stirred up due to the jolts of my gag reflex, and the braids I usually wore were loosened from being tugged and russled occasionally.

I was a mess. Just the way I liked it. I sat on the bathroom floor with my back pressed against the side of the cold tub awaiting my love like he told me to. He said I was a dirty girl and needed a bath. I didn't blame him, I was not quite presentable.

He said he would bathe me, and clean me; essentially take good care of me after the whole ordeal. When I saw him appear in the door way, I slowly parted my legs like a piece offering, and like It was his he went straight at my cunt, cupped his hand over it and slipped his middle finger into the already very wet entrance. He watched my reaction. My posture slouched and my knees went slack, spreading wider for him. His finger came out and he started to rub my clit, fast and blunt. Nothing teasing about it, he wanted to make me cum right at that moment.
His other hand came into play and began to rub the entrance, getting it nice and slippery to plunge right in. Now his one finger was furiously rubbing my clit while one dug in and out of me. Then one became two, then two became a vicious three, slapping in and out. I muttered curse words and whined pleasure sounds while my back came on and off the side of the tub. Every once in a while my hands came up to squeeze my nipples and playfully pain me while sheer ecstasy went on down bellow. His finger that sensually attacked my clit, was now tapping against my piss hole, gently awakening new sensations.

My face flushed realizing my urge to relieve myself. His intentions were clear, he was not going to allow me to be pleasured with out being degraded slightly. One of my intimate gestures were now made for his entertainment. This made me smile a little. Just as I came a light golden stream of piss came along for the ride, splashing to the tiled floor with a ssst sound and spreading out to his knees, which were bent in front of me. He did not move as the puddle began to get sopped up by his pants. Panting and drained I sat there as he ran the bath water.
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Going to check out your deviant art page
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Wow. Good job. Very hot.
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