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soooo you and I are dating and we go to a Basketball game and all through the game we both cant stop talking about the guys on the court, especially about how hung they may be since most basketball players are black. SO after the game we are desperate for an autograph and somehow we make it to the locker room door and you knock on the door and lower your shirt a little to show you huge boobs to whoever answers the door in hopes it will help. The guy comes to the door and says what do you want? ANd you bend over a bit to expose your cleavage and say my boyfriend and I want an autograph...pleeeeaaaasee. He says, what would you do for an autograph? So you turn to me and say(with that sweet smirk) ANYTHING. The guys says Anything??? We both say ANYTHING at the same time. SO he says come on in and let me introduce you to the team. So we walk in and they had recently taken showers and were mostly in towels. As we walk around the players are wearing towels and their massive black cocks are just bulging out of the towels, we even saw one guy who had is cock hanging below the towel. The players quickly notice that we both are staring at their cocks and we are starting to drewl at the mouth and snicker with each other as we walk and meet the players. they definately are noticing your huge 36GG cup tits bouncing around in that white skin tight top you are wearing and they love them. One guy says, Hey how big are those titties? And of course you get weak in the knees and say 36GG and all natural. And I chime in and say they are super spectacular, would you like to see them? He says Hell YA. As you lift your top other guys gather around to see the action. Once you take it off I get down on my hands and knees and start to caress and suck your lovely boobs. So one of the players who had a massive dong comes up to you to touch them and give you a kiss. As he gets close to you I can see his big black cock like literally 6 inches from my face as I am sucking your bouncy jiggly boobs. I am starting to get really excited and i can feel my cock growing in my pants. One of the guys reminds us why we are here and says HEY GUYS these two are here for an autograph and said they would do anything for it. So How bout you 2 including you white boy fuck and suck this entire team right now. (Mind you there are like 15 of them and all BLACK and HUNG, it was like you had to have an 8 inch FLACID cock to join the team) ...so we both get ordered to get on our hands and knees and beg for massive black cock and they surround us in a circle and you and i are on our knees in the middle. as we sit side by side the guys start taking off their towels and reveal their huge massive black cocks and grab our heads and f***e us both down on their cocks. We both say please choke us with those huge cocks...pleeeeeasse as we beg for more. one by one they feed us their cocks and we break every so often to make out and only to have them slap their huge dongs in our face and put our mouths back on those huge mouth watering cocks and we love it moaning and groaning because we are so hungry for that cock. Now it is time for some penetration and one 12 incher and about as big around as a coke can lays down on the bench and demands you climb on reverse cowgirl and put his cock in your ass. It is sooo huge you have to use lube to get it inthere. Then after I am finished sucking this massive black dong he goes straight to you and puts it in your pussy as you lay back with that 12 incher balls deep inside your ass. I am now servicing another huge dong guy and he is ready for your mouth. He walks over and you take his cock in your mouth.. you now have a 12 inch FAT cock in your ass and another in your pussy and one in your mouth and 2 others stroking and slapping their big massive black cocks on your face and you are moaning and trying to say "I love big black cock" but it is muffled as you have a cock deep in your throat. As I watch you I am stroking my cock with 3 hung black guys stroking their cocks and slapping their dicks on my face while i deep throat one of them and I too are trying to say"I am a big black cocksucker" and I am begging them to call me a big black cock sucker. So now I am so reved up i want one of them to fuck my ass and I beg for them to run a train on my ass and of course they are more than willing. We now are both side by side...you are full in all your holes and they are each sucking one of you huge bouncing jiggly boobs and I am next to you bent over taking a huge black cock in my ass and have one all the way down my throat with the others slapping their cocks in my face. we both say we dont want to go mor than 15 seconds without a cock in our mouths and ass and of course your pussy for the next hour. we beg them to keep going and they do. One by one they drain load after load on our faces and on your 36GG boobs and down our throats and up my ass and yours and in your pussy for the next hour or so. We both have cum multiple times and are loving this pleasure we are getting. every so often we get the chance to share a cock between our mouths and lick them up and down and every onve in while get to touch tongues and make out before another massive black cock is right in front of us. We get FUCKED and FUCKED and more and more as we drain each and every one of them. Finally I watch as you are getting pounded in the ass and ur pussy is free so I step up and fuck you in the pussy while the other guy pounds my ass and pushes me further and further in to your pussy. I am moaning becasue I am grabbing your lovely boobs and making out while getting it in the ass and me balls deep in your pussy and another hung black cock gets put in our face and we share his cock by licking and stroking and deep throating his huge dong. we both cum at the same time and we cant cum anymore. ALl the rest of the guys dump their loads down our throats and i beg for just one more and ask them to call me a big black cocksucker over and over as i swallow the last load. We finish by making out and fucking just one more time as the guys watch and i shoot my last remaining drops on your huge boobs. We ask them for the autographs and they gladly do it. they tell us that anytime we want one to cum down to the locker room anytime. And we say "man I wish you guys played every day" and walk (wobble lol) out of there feeling like we just got done real good!!!
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