Mom and I Getting Plumbed 8 END

"O fuck mommy, I came so hard with Dan's hard cock up my ass. It was everything you described it would be. I love this feeling. Fuck I love sex mommy. Dan that was amazing."
I can feel your cum slowly oozing out of my used ass. Barbara is passionately kissing me while I feel your hands still roaming my huge breasts.
My mother and I let you start washing the two of us, well more like groping our bodies lathered in soap. Your in-between the us two busty woman who you've recently both fucked in the ass. We're all facing the same direction as you have your arm around us kneading our tits and ass covered in soap. Barbara and I take our hands closest to you and start to wash and stroke your limp cock.
"We need you to get clean Dan. We don't like dirty a dirty man. Only dirty sex ;)" I say to you while holding the top of your hand as you sink your fingers into my soft tit flesh. "if you get it up one more time I'll give you the best present a 21 year old busty blonde girl can give a man with a hard cock. It's every mans dream when they see me walking through the streets or mall. I fucking love it Dan. I know you will too"
My mother had enough fun for the day as the suns setting already in the summer sky. She steps out of the shower and drys off. Barbara gives you one small last kiss,"know don't break her Dan, and have fun. She knows how to treat a man."
With that we turn off the shower but stay in the shower. I turn towards you dripping wet, cupping my huge tits in my small hands. "you want me Dan? I'm all her and just me all for you Dan. I wan. To spoil you. To say thank you one last time before my daddy comes home and before you leave. I want you to hump me. I want to be your little slut for the moment. Your busty toy. To be used for your pleasure merely for one sole purpose. To dump you load of cum in or on me" :) I smile looking up at you as I'm stroking your cock with hair conditioner. It's soft silky texture feels I imagine feels amazing to Dan. Dan's moaning softly as I stroke home slowly and lightly. Letting him have a tease of me before letting him have everything he wants.
I turn around with my bubbly ass facing you"hump me Dan. I want to feel that hard throbbing cock pressed against me. Use my ass cheeks to masturbate your cock between them."
Dan nearly jumps on me at he sound of my request. Pushing my whole body against the wet shower wall. My tits pressed firmly against the wall. Your hard cock pressed against my big round ass. You can see my tits sticking out the sides of my body because of how large of a bust I have. Dan's humping my ass groaning like an a****l that can't be tamed till he cums. Pressing deep into my ass flesh with his lubed up cock. Lifting my feet off the floor as he humps my entire body.
"that's it Dan. Use me as a toy. But don't cum just yet."
You reply" I want to stick it in your tight young pussy Brittany"
"another time, right now I want you to fuck my huge 34DDD tits. Stick that hard lubed up cock of yours between my tits as I wrap my huge tits around your cock."
With that I drop to a squatting position with your cock pointed between my big fat tits. I shake my tits so that they slap against your cock. Dan get greedy as you take both of my huge tits in the palms of your hands as you wrap them yourself around your cock. Pushing me back against the wall, pressing your cock between my tits. Humping me furiously. Pumping your hard stiff cock up and down my tits. You're watching your cock disappear between my tits and as you thrust upwards the tip of your cock squeezes through as I look down at my tits sticking out my tongue to lick your tip as you thrust up.
"Your tits feel so soft. I love how big your tits are. You love being used as a cum toy dont you Brittany. You live a hard dick anywhere in or on you body. It brings you pleasure knowing that I want more after more after more. I know you want your daddy too you busty slut. That's so fucking hot. You want me to be your daddy at the moment Brittany?" I reply simply by groaning and moaning loudly nodding my head. "You want your dads huge cock between your tits. You want to taste his cum.". "yes daddy I do. Please fuck my tits Dan, I mean daddy. Punish my huge slutty tits with your cock. I want your cum daddy. I want it all over my face. Degrade your busty daughter. I want to be a slut daddy. I live acting like one. Make me a slut like you made mommy into one. Cum daddy. CUM DADDY!!!!" I feel Dan's balls tighten up, he thrusts upwards one more time with his cock sticking out between my tits. I look down at it as it starts to spurt ropes of cum all over me face. Sticking out my tongue hoping to taste a little bit of your cum as it plasters my pretty face. Your panting hard with your cock going limp as insolent take your cum from my face off and lick my hands clean of your cum. Drop to my knees looking up at you holding my tits upwards towards you "I loved it. I hope you cum back to 'fix' some more. Maybe I'll just break a couple things here and there and wait for your return. :). My Daddys probably coming home soon. We already paid your company. I hope to see you and your huge loads of cum again. Think about my Dan as your busty slut."
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2 years ago
great story britt! keep up the great work!
2 years ago
Very Hott!! Great story!!
2 years ago
good story