Mom and I Getting Plumbed 4

I feel the tip of your cock get bigger I know what's gonna happen next, but I was really surprised when you took your hand and f***ed your expanding cock, balls deep into my throat, my lack of a gag reflex allowed you to sink all the way into my tight throat. My eyes get wide and I stare into your eyes. My big emerald green eyes looking into yours. You can see my surprised look and reaction. My lips against your balls feeling your cum flowing from your balls into your twitching throbbing cock which is lodged into my throat and feel you cum straight into my stomach.
Barbara's still grinding against your hand as hard as she can. "o god Dan I'm gonna squirt all over your hand!" she screams. You feel a warm liquid coat your fingers and hand as she spazzes all over you. Barbara's squeezes her tits in both hands as she's cumming.

I'm still on my knees cleaning your cock off and your eyes avert back to me while I'm licking your limp cock. " why'd you have to shove down my throat? I really wanted to taste your cum. I love it's sweet and salty taste :( by the way we called you to fix the sink and all you've done is enjoy yourself, go fix the sink and maybe we can have fun with you again"
Barbara looks at you now seeing that you came in her busty daughters throat " that's right Dan, you do a good job now and I'll promise to spoil you some more"
"that's not fair mom" I responded back to her " you can't have him knowingly know that he'll get more from us"
"Who said that you'll be pleasuring him Brittany?"
You start to go to work on the kitchen sink as my mother and I walk around topless around you, grabbing drinks now and then while you work. We see you try to take peeks at are huge tits and we can feel your eyes all over our big round butts and toned legs when we walk away.
You're still underneath the sink when I come to the sink and straddle your waist, " hold on for a sec Dan I have to get something out from the cupboard. You can see the outline and impressions of my pussy as I reach for something. As I grab my item you hurry to get back to work as if you weren't staring and I see you've got a hard on again.
"o Dan did I do that? O me I'm sorry, since I was responsible for you getting stiff like this ill make it all better so you won't work in agony"
I drop to my knees as you stay laying on your back. I start to unbuckle your pants, unzip them and pull them to your knees. Your cock standing at attention all for me. I smile "I want to taste you so bad Dan, you're only getting a blowjob from me cuz you didn't let me taste you. But if I feel like giving you more, maybe I'll give you a little extra. And don't worry about mom. She's suntanning again"
I take you into both hands and start to lick your hard cock up and down making it glisten in the sun. I start stroking your cock up and down as I take your balls in my mouth sucking and tonguing them lightly. I feel your eyes all over me. I look up at you and I can see you're staring at my huge tits as jerk you off.
"you love this don't you Dan? I sure do. I love it when a man drools for my body. Here I'm gonna spoil you just a little" I take your right hand and have you cup my huge tits as I'm in the doggystyle position giving you head. Your squeezing my huge natural tits softly as I bob my head up and down your cock. Your pinching my nipple now making me moan around your throbbing hard cock making a vibration with my mouth against your cock with every moan I make. I feel both your hands now roughly groping my full tits, pulling on my nipples. I can feel you getting even harder as you do this to my busty chest, i can here you panting and moaning. I feel your balls tense up at the same time you grab as much of my tits can fit into both your hands. O god tour cumming in my mouth so much, squirt after squirt of tasty cum into my mouth. You finish cumming and I pull my head off the tip of your cock with a load pop. I open my mouth to you to show you how big your load is, close my mouth and gulp gulp, all gone.
"Wow you came so much this time too. I couldn't even drink all your cum in one gulp. It took two. You tasted exactly how I thought you would. I think I might get addicted :)"

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2 years ago
that was really hot britt loving this