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You decide to go out for a morning jog to help you forget about a stupid fight you had with a male friend the other night over a girl you said you saw cheating on him with a guy you never seen before. It was warm that morning so you decided to wear some running shorts, a good sports so you don't fall out while exercising. You grab your ipod, Lace up your shoes and head out the door. The heat feels good to as you start your routine with your music playing you decide to go a defferent way for whatever reason there are a lot more steep hills you shorten your stide and power through it. Then you notice out the corner of your eye that someone is beside you but lagging behind you glance over to notice he's staring lustfully at your firm and now slighty wet ass. You ask is there something I can help you with; he's caught off guard and smiles with a hint of guilt and replies just admiring the view and just like that he disappears again down another steep hill. You continue down the hill to catch your breath and drink some water as you're about to set out again the guy comes back and you can see him blatantly staring at your breasts and you look down to see your dime sized nipples poking trying to get out of your shirt. I stop dead in my tracks and tell you I was sorry for staring but I never seen a white girl with an ass like that before and how delicious your tits look wet. Before you can react I kiss you on the lips letting me hands caress your soft tender tits, you let out a squeak of surprise and look around slightly panicked and notice that there is no one around you at all. You feel yourself as my hands pull down your shorts and bend you over the bench and bury my between your slightly tanned cheeks kissing and licking, licking and kissing my way to your sweet brown eye I lighty lick as you start to rub your pussy. I smack your ass as you let my tongue in you start to moan and squeeze one of your tits. I stop to you around again and start to lick your pussy from back to front, you grab and tell me to lick it like I want it I wrap my mouth around her and suck until i can feel you cream in my mouth. I stop stand up in front and you yank my pants pants down and you put my balls in your mouth and stroke my hard curved dick until I was rock hard. you bend back over the bench and arch your back and brace yourself, you're already as I grab your thighs and slide my dick inside your hot throbbing pussy; you look behind you andtell me to beat your pussy up you lift your shirt up and let your tits bounce freely as I bury it balls deep inside you hitting spots you didn't think possible. I stop right before I cum and bury it deep in your tight ass; It's so tight i can hardly control myself you're bouncing your ass back, grinding, grinding, bouncing. then my back tightens and I fill you with hot baby batter deep inside your ass.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
that was a hot little encounter!