Seattle time

So you fly up to Seattle with a couple of your buddys to see the night life. youre walking around the streets trying to see whats the best place and that when you see me standing in line with a tight lowcut sparkly black shirt that shows ample cleavage that even you can see from across the street and a matching mini skirt with 3 inch heels. you absolutely fall in lust for me, even more so because im white with blonde curly hair just past my shoulders. you decide to choose this bar, but your buddies want to go to a sports bar so you split up.

you finally get in and go straight to the bar and get some shots in to get ready for a good night. your determined to find me. you find on the dance floor dancing with some scrawny white guys and you step in.

i start grinding my soft round ass into your cock which has come to life. thinking to myself "omg its fucking big and hard already" you put your hands on my slender waist while i keep backing up on you to feel more of that big black cock of yours. my panties are getting soaked and all i can think of is this will be the night where i get fucked by a hung black guy. my tits are barely able to be contained in my shirt. bouncing all over the place. you can see everytime the strobe lights go off.

we go to sit and order a couple shots to feel even better. and get up and say "wanna go home and continue are own private dancing?" you immediately kno im down to fuck. we walk a short distance to my apartment. as soon as we enter my my place i turn around "i want to fuck your big black cock right now" drop to my knees when you shut the door behind you and undo you pants to see your big curved dick in my face and i start slowly licking your cock from base to tip getting it wet. feeling your cock twitch. now that its wet i take my top off and your hands go straight to my huge white tits but i grab them "you cant play with them till later" so you put your hands on top of my head and guide my mouth onto your hard curved black dick. slowly i move my lips up and down your shaft. slowly getting deeper till im an inch away from the base and i start to gag. i gasp for air " i love gagging on a big dick like yours. want to fuck my big fucking titties?" i spit into my cleavage and place your dick between my soft tits. you grab my tits from the sides pushing them together. your fucking my huge tits hard now going crazy. precum oozing out your tip. "you fucking love my tits dont you? dont you dare cum now. i want to feel that big load in those heavy balls in my ass. you do want to fuck my ass dont you?" with that you lay on your back naked, and i sit on your face "eat my tight white ass" and i start blowing you again. your getting me so hot with you tongue. " i cant take it anymore." i go on my hands and knees, " fuck my ass with your curved cock. i fucking want it!" slowly you pu the tip in, its so tight around your cock. it feel so good in my ass. its fucking amazing. you start to pick up the pace till every inch of you is burried in my ass. you push me flat on my stomach with you still buried in my ass, you reach around and hold both my huge tits. i start screaming " cum in my ass, cum in my tight white ass. i want to feel your huge load shoot deep in my ass"
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9 months ago
You are amazing, I'd love to fill you with BBC.
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
I'd love this to happen