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I imagined one night you were going out on the town to a dinner party a friend of ours was having to celebrate her promotion for landing a big account earning her employer millions. You were wearing an elegant blue dress that showed off your shoulders,back and it accentuated your beautiful firm breasts and covered your waist and hips just right. After a night of mingling, eating and dancing we return home where you promptly remove your shoes and dress slowly as if you were teasing me. I run some water in the tub for and adding your favorite bubble bath. I help remove your bra releasing your tender yet milky breasts from their cage then help ease you out of your panties you moan alittle saying it feels so good to be out of those clothes finally. you smile and kiss me on the neck and sit in the tub. The bubble look so sensual on your skin. you put your hair in a ponytail before you're fully submerged in the water. I start to remove my suit and join you in the tub; you readjust yourself and lay on me with your back on my chest. Your soft sliky skin feels good on me. I start to kiss your neck and shoulders, halfway down your arms and back up nibbling on your earlobes. I put on some some wash gloves I bought the other day, lather them up with some soap and water. I start rubbing your necking and shoulders paying close attention to the area between your shoulder blades. Using both hands I wash your back, sides and stomach.I lather up once again and go for your thighs, legs, the area behind your knees. You moan in delight as I move my way back up to your arms giving one special time getting your underarms, elbows, hands and fingers. I ask you readjust yourself so I can get to your calves and feet. You have gorgeous feet and toes. I start to caress your calves up and down, kneading on my way up and caressing with some more kneading my way to your tired overworked feet. Kneading the heel and caressing your entire foot . getting between each toes you giggle and moan a little more. I place myself between your legs sitting on my knees and lather up your gorgeous titties using both hands on each breast . I get under each one lifting them up under them in that sometimes forgotten spot. I get out to let you shave your legs. Once you're done I let out the water place a towel on the floor. Wrap you up in another one and towel you off. You sit on the edge of the bed. I sit on my knees in front of you on my knees kissing your thighs you say I know what you want and lie back. My hands are wandering over your beautiful body you respond by putting your feet on the bed and clutching the sheets as I place a hand over your mound and let 2 fingers rub your outer lips. I spread them and lick up slowly and repeat several times; you use a hand to grasp a breast and roll your nipple between your thumb and forefinger. I place my mouth over your clit and nibble ever so gentley then suck on it while my tongue dances around it you grab my head to keep me where i am and rock your hips to match my tongue work. your body clinches and you moan ooooooh fuck and bite your bite your lips as I move my tongue over and under your clit like a snake you grab my ear to move me slightly to the left you shudder again as I find that perfect you grab the back of my head firmly and thrust your pussy into my face and rain sweet beautiful cum over my face and chin. you flop your arms and legs down on the bed then lie on your side letting your brown eye wink at me with a little trail of cum covering it. I grabbed your ass ckeeks and kiss them I lick it clean and place my face right between that beautiful and round ass I suffocate myself a little cum up for some air. I smack your cheeks til it is rosey pink then place myself behind you and slide rock hard chocolate dick inside you moan it's so hard I can feel your veins. Your pussy tightens as I move back and forward at a steady pace you place one of my hands on your tit and your nipple feels like heaven in the middle of my palm. My head throbbs and grows as I start to pound your pussy from and pulling your and feeling your ass bounce back on me is almost too much, my dick jumps as I grab your push deep inside and let loose a toe curling body shaking nut deep inside you.
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very good
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