Busty Bride Ch 3 – The Hen Party Pt 1

I'd been looking forward to my hen party for months so I was naturally very excited when the time arrived. Whilst my husband-to-be James and his friends were going to Newcastle for the weekend, my girlie friends and I were off to Ibiza for a few days. It was destined to be the best time ever. There were 12 of us altogether, including, surprisingly, my mum! I had no idea she would have wanted to come along as I didn't have Ibiza down as her sort of place. So when I invited her, out of courtesy, I almost fell over when she said 'yes'.

But my mum is pretty cool so I thought 'what the hell' – no big deal. The only concern would be if I got up to any 'mischief' – I really didn't want her to see what can sometimes happen when I'm out with my friends. But it was getting ever nearer my wedding – it was time to stop all my silly behaviour; time to be a good, honest and faithful wife.

So off we went. At the airport we had great fun – lots of drinking, laughing and general carrying-on. The flight too, just a coupled of hours long, was a hoot. We were such a boisterous rabble, a total hen party cliché – all 'L' plates, t-shirts with our names on them and inflatable penises – but we didn't care. My friends were all aged 17–23 and I was the first to get married so we were out to make the most of it.

The flight left in the evening so by the time we arrived at our apartment in San Antonio it was just about midnight. The plan was to quickly dump our cases, have a quick freshen up and change then hit the town. So within 15 minutes, all 12 of us were teetering down the street in our heels looking for the best or busiest bar we could find.

I'd ditched the 'L' plates but wore a veil (being the bride-to-be) which marked me out as the centre of our hen party. It actually went quite well with my outfit of bra top and short skirt (something like this http://www.wickedtemptations.com/rouge-bella-skirt-set-157145-prd1.htm)

We found a very busy bar and squeezed our way in. We did our best to stay together as best we could but there just wasn't the space. Plus, a group of young hot girls like us are going to attract attention so we ended up breaking up into smaller groups, with the majority of us soon being chatted up.

There was a stage in the bar upon which was a DJ, playing music, taking requests and generally ramping up the hot, noisy and sweaty atmosphere. A few of my friends and I made our way over to see what was going on, just at the point where a party game had begun. There were now three guys up on the stage, all of whom were on stag parties. I wasn't certain but I had the feeling each of them were the groom-to-be. So we stood watching, laughing and cheering as these guys were made to strip to their underwear, wolf whistling as they stood in their boxer shorts. One of the guys looked mortified but the other two seemed to be loving the attention, flexing their muscles and so on.

Then there was the call-out from the DJ: "Are there any hen parties in tonight?" My friends were giggling and squealing, jumping up and down in response. Seems this party game needed three brides-to-be up on stage too and my friends were quick to volunteer me. I was reluctant at first, desperate to avoid any potential embarrassment and hoping that three other volunteers would be quickly found. But that didn't really work out and when the DJ actually came down off the stage to pull me up, I didn't have much choice.

Soon enough, there were three brides for the three grooms all on stage. I was paired up with a rather good looking guy, one of the not-so-shy ones. The other girls looked even more embarrassed than I did; one of them was a very slight, skinny girl who looked like she could die of embarrassment at any moment, the other was a bit less apprehensive and was far fuller in figure.

As I wondered what would be in store for me, I looked out into the crowd to see that most of my hen party was now looking on, cheering and shouting my name in support. And I'm sure they were as stunned as I was when the DJ told us what the 'game' involved.

"Alright guys and girls!" he bellowed over the PA system "As you're all soon to be married and essentially ruing your lives forever [cue loud cheering and laughing from the crowd] we're gonna let you all have a bit of fun. Guys, the wedding night is a big deal – you need to be able to perform, make it a night to remember. Ladies, you need to make sure you can please your man sooooooo… the winner of this competition will be the couple who can make the guy reach climax first!"

I gasped and looked out at the crowd. My friends' faces were a mixture of shock and delight. It took a while for it to sink in. I had to make this guy cum? Here? Now? Surely not? I glanced at my playing partner and he had a huge shit-eating grin on his face, smiling to his mates who were making so much noise cheering him on. But whilst he displayed this bravado he turned to me and whispered quietly: "I'm really sorry about this darlin'. If you don't wanna do it I don't mind".

"And if having some hot fun with a hot partner isn't enough" roared the DJ again "the winners will each receive a bottle of Champagne!" The crowd erupted again. I was stunned. They seriously wanted me to make this guy cum, on stage, in front of all of these people? Seriously?

I looked along the line of volunteers on the stage beside me. Surprisingly, the larger girl was now looking so well up for it I actually felt a bit sorry for the shy guy she was paired with.

"Ok boys and girls." yelled the DJ, " Let's countdown our newlyweds shall we? [Cue another huge roar, followed by a deafening] Three! Two! One! Go!!!"

I looked along and the larger girl had just yanked out the shy guy's cock. It was about average size but appeared to be shrinking under the pressure. The girl had grabbed it and was now wanking it furiously, much to the guy's discomfort. The next couple (shy girl and confident guy) were stood looking at one another, as me and my partner were, when he pulled his cock free to encourage her. She looked like she just wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. I looked back at the first couple and the shy guy was now erect and looked to be having a good time. All the while the crowd were cheering, chanting and mocking everyone in equal measure. I looked out at my friends who were all egging me on, telling me to go for it. I turned to the guy I'd been partnered with.

"Listen, I mean it" he said, "if you're not up to this then it's cool."

I smiled up at him. 'That was a really sweet thing to say' I thought to myself as I looked at him. He really was pretty fit, and his boxers did look pretty snug. And of course, I didn't want to lose this sort of competition to a fat girl so, in a rush of courage and bravado, spurred on by the fact I was very d***k, I thought 'Fuck it, why not?'

With that I crouched down in front of him on my haunches and slid his boxers right down at the same time. The roar from the crowd was immediate as his fat semi-erect cock flopped out.

"Oh fuck yes, girl" he chuckled, "Go for it!"

With that I gripped his cock firmly and began to yank its full length slowly to begin with, feeling him thickening, lengthening and hardening in my hand. Like a show-off, he put his hands behind his head and grinned at the crowd. Spurred on by the attention we were getting I decided to up the ante a little. As I glanced over at our rival couples – the fat girl tugging on the shy guy's cock like a woman possessed, the shy girl now gingerly wanking her partner – I decided that a handjob just wasn't going to cut it. Teasing the underside of my partner's fat head with my thumb as I jerked his cock, I leant in, opened my mouth and slid his rock hard cock in slowly.

The cheer was the loudest of the night as I took his throbbing cock into my mouth slowly. It wasn't overly long – a healthy 7 inches – but it was nice and thick and really pulsing. I wondered if it was as a result of an increased heartbeat, the thrill of the show we were putting on.

I began to suck long and deep, really putting on a show as I jerked his cock at the base. Slurping loudly, slobbering down my chin, I was putting on my best porn star blow job for the crowd who were loving it. Not quite as much as my partner who was now thrusting his hips in time with my head bobbing back and forth. He placed his hand on the back of my head as he began to fuck my mouth and throat, his fat head easing its way in as he thrust forward.

I glanced to my side to see the fat girl had followed our lead and was sucking off the shy guy like a pro. The shy girl at the end however had decided that was a step too far, still jerking off her partner, much to his annoyance.

So it was a straight fight to the finish between me and fatty. And there was no way I was losing. I began to suck faster, my cheeks really hollowing, as I bobbed and twisted my head, my tongue massaging his underside continually in order to make him cum as quickly as I could. In response, my partner began to thrust his hips faster and faster, holding my hair tightly in his hands as he fucked my mouth. I could feel my juices now running down my legs, my thong totally saturated. The noise of the crowd, the buzz, the humid atmosphere – fuck, I was close to cumming, never mind him!

But then I felt it. That first twitch, the tell-tale sign that an eruption is on its way. I kept sucking as his thrusts halted; I heard him grunting hard as he then thrust forward one more time, unleashing a hard, hot, sticky spurt into my mouth. I swallowed it quickly before pulling off – we had to let the crowd see we were victorious. I continued to pump his fat cock in my little hand as he shot his load, over and over, spurt after spurt, onto my face, hair and cleavage. The cheers from the crowd almost took the roof off; the place was electric as he slowly caught his breath and his orgasm subsided. As the last few dribbles oozed out, I leant forward again and sucked them in greedily. Cleaning up his cock, I looked up at him – the smile on his face said it all. Job well done. And fair play to the fat girl; she kept going until she made her partner cum, only a minute or so after us.

I got to my feet, helped up by my partner, and we stood side-by-side facing the crowd taking in the adulation as the DJ presented us with our bubbly. Cum was running down my face, down my neck and right down in-between my tits – I was covered.

But then as I look out at the crowd I see a face, the only face that wasn't smiling or laughing or cheering: my mum's face. Shit, I'd forgotten about her. And here she was, standing before me, totally stunned at what she'd witnessed. Her own little girl, behaving like a whore.

"Shit, I've got to go" I said sitting the champagne down.

"Wait a minute darlin'" said my partner, who may or may not have fancied his chances of going further with me.

I didn't know how I felt as I ran from the stage; embarrassed? Ashamed? Guilty? I didn't even know where I was going until I got there – the girls' toilet. I went in and stood in front of the mirror at the sink. Looking at myself I was surprised at the mess I was in. Cum, some of it now drying, was all over me. What a sight I looked. 'Time to clean up' I thought was I began to wipe the cum from my cleavage with a tissue. I didn't have my make-up bag with me so had to go au naturale as I then wiped it from my face. 'Not a good look' I chuckled to myself as I began to lighten up a little, the pats on the back and the "go girl!" congratulations I was receiving from the other girls in the toilet helping me feel better. After all the excitement, my panties now just felt cold and damp against me so I decided to whip them off quickly, tossing them in the bin. I gave my hair a ruffle and tried to straighten myself out. I wanted to go back out there looking and feeling confident, face my mum head-on and tell her that's just what happens on hen partys.

But just then I saw a large figure behind me, so tall I couldn't see their head in the mirror. Before I had the chance to turn I felt two hands on my waist, two large male black hands, so large they were able to reach right around my waist, holding me tightly.

"What the…?"

"Mmmmmmm hey baby, that was some show you put on out there" came the voice, very deep and of African origin.

I tried to look around but I was being held in place against the sink. I panicked a little as I watched the looks on the faces other girls passing by.

"How about you give me a little bit of what you was givin' that guy out there, huh baby?" he grunted quietly behind me.

"Er, no, thanks" I said politely while struggling in his grasp "I really need to go"

"Oh come on now baby, don't be a cocktease now huh?" he insisted, holding me firmer then grinding up against my arse. "Just a little suck is all I'm asking for now"

"Please, no, I need to go" I repeated, still not able to see his face, but looking at other girls passing by with pleading eyes, trying to say' help me'.

He continued to grind against my arse, moaning low and deep.

"Come on baby, I'm asking nice" he whispered again. "Oh…" he then said, and stopped immediately. He began chuckling, laughing quietly then getting a bit louder, sounding a little menacing. "Well, well, well, what do we got here now?" he asked.

'Shit!' I thought to myself. 'Shit, shit, shit!' His grinding against me had lifted my skirt up over my arse, exposing the fact that I was pantieless – the ultimate sign in any guys' eyes that I was a slut. He laughed some more.

"Maybe I oughta forget about your mouth baby and get me some of this pussy now" he moaned as he let go with one hand and run it between my legs, his hand so large on my bald wet pussy. "Mmmmmmm yeah baby, wet already huh?" he sniggered.

"Come on now, please, this isn't right" I pleaded as he rubbed my pussy, begging it not to betray me again.

"What's not right baby, is a little slut like you thinkin' she can cocktease a whole room full of guys and then just leave them hangin'" he replied a little more assertively. At the same time I felt his hand moving away from my pussy and his belt being undone.

"Right, no, seriously now, I'm not joking!" I said panicking, fear now surely evident in my voice.

"No, baby" he whispered "neither am I"

At that point I felt it. His fat cocked running along my pussy. The moaning from behind me sounded sinister as he rubbed it back and forth along my lips. I tried to struggle still but his large hand and bodyweight kept me pinned against the sink. I tried not to think about what was happening but it was impossible. His cocked felt huge and the looks on the faces of passers by told its own story; they all looked equally shocked, surprised and horrified by his cock.

"Now just be a good little girl and play nice and this wont hurt" he laughed a little "Well, not much." And with that he began to ease his cock into me, splitting my pussy lips apart as he pressed pretty firmly to begin with.

"Shit baby, for a slut you sure got a tight pussy" he grunted as he pushed in more. I couldn't believe this was happening. I could't believe I was allowing this to happen. Not five minutes after being covered in cum by a total stranger in front of hundreds of people on a stage, I was now about to be fucked by an anonymous black man with a monster cock in the bar toilets.

I yelped weakly and feebly as he pushed himself into me slowly, short thrust after short thrust. I whimpered every time he drove into me, he grunted every time, getting further and further into me. It was by far the thickest cock I'd ever felt and it was deeply unpleasant; it simply did not feel good. Tears were welling in my eyes as he f***ed himself in more and more. I couldn't tell for certain but there was at least seven or eight inches in me at this point and I still couldn't fell the rest of his body pressing up against me. Now suitably impaled on his cock, he let go of my waist, his hand reaching up and pulling my top down, yanking my tits free.

"Mmmmm yeah baby now these is what really caught eye yeah" he laughed behind me as his enormous black hands pawed and groped at my tits. My nipples were rock hard and he took great delight in rubbing and pinching them, albeit not as roughly as I thought he might.

And still the thrusting into me continued. I was panting and sobbing heavily, trying not too look at myself in the mirror in front of my but every so often I'd catch my reflection, tears running down my face, still wearing my novelty veil in my hair, my tits exposed, huge black hands playing with them, all the while I'm having the biggest cock ever stuffed into me. It was so far up inside me I could hardly breathe. It felt like it was practically invading my womb. And the all while, I could hear "Fuck yeah", "Mmmm yeah" or "Yeah baby" being muttered behind me in that thick African accent.

And then I felt it. I don't know if he changed positions slightly or not, but all of a sudden the pain and discomfort started to ebb away as his enormously long cock started to glide back and broth along my G-spot. Several inches of cock rubbing back and forth along it was sending shivers and shockwaves through my body. I couldn't help it; I let out a moan. And he fucking loved it.

"Oh fuckkkk yeah baby, that's it, let me hear you moan on this big cock yeah" he laughed as he continued to plough in and out of me, his large hands continuing their assault on my tits, squeezing them, pushing them together as his thrusting became faster. I was gripping the sink, trying to will my body not to betray me again but it was no use; this was now simply just too good. As wave after wave of pleasure swept over me I began moaning louder and louder, arching my back and pushing back on this monstrous cock, wanting every inch of it inside me. Sensing that I was now enjoying myself and eager for more, the laughing stopped as he gripped my hips and began thrusting faster and harder. I let out a loud shriek as I felt his balls slapping against me, knowing I now had everything he had inside me. The noise, the squelching of my pussy, was so loud – I'd never been wetter. He was driving me wild, or at least his cock was. The thrill of it, the danger, the random anonymity of it was turning me on much. It was primal, a****listic, public; I could feel my orgasm building quickly.

There was now a crowd of around half a dozen girls standing watching. Watching as I moaned and screamed louder. I yelled "All the way out and all the way back in please!" Begging for him to use his full length as every ridge and groove of his cock was rubbing along my G-spot sending me insane with pleasure. And so he did; all the way out before slamming all the way in, hard and fast, my tits wobbling as he pounding me, my little body being savaged by this monster of a man.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck please, please fuck me" I whimpered as I felt my orgasm building faster. By now my hair was soaking wet with sweat, sticking to my face as sweat dripping from the end of my nose. His pace was unrelenting as he drove into me, over and over again as I felt this euphoric wave wash over me. It was like an orgasm, but more intense, more enveloping. I suddenly had the overwhelming feeling that I was going to piss myself. I panicked a little but the feeling of this huge cock sliding in and out of me was too much to care. At that point, it was too much; I let out an ear-splitting squeal, my body shuddering and convulsing wildly on his cock as my orgasm erupted, releasing not a torrent of piss as I had worried but vaginal ejaculation – for the first time in my life I had gushed. I could feel it splattering over my legs as he continued to fuck me relentlessly through my orgasm. It was the most intense feeling I'd ever experienced. I slumped forward as I almost passed out.

This delighted him, and no wonder. It must do wonders for the ego of a man to make a woman do this, especially in these circumstances and considering just a few minutes previously she was sobbing and pleading for him to stop.

"I'm gonna flood that pussy some more" he grunted in my ear as he leaned over my now-slumped body and started to hammer into me faster.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" he grunted as he pounded me over and over like a piston. I lay on the sink, almost lifeless, trying to regain full consciousness as he drilled my pussy with his huge thick black cock. "Here it comes baby, I'm gonna fill you real good, yeah" he roared as he thrust in deep and hard as a torrent of hot cum erupted from his cock and shot deep up inside me. I'd never had cum so far inside me before, practically delivering it direct to my womb as he thrust over and over, cock pulsing and throbbing wildly and spurt after spurt squirted out.

He soon slowed. I could feel our sweat mixing, bodies sliding against each other as he gently thrust into me a few more times, before slowly pulling out. His cock seemed to go on forever as he removed it. My pussy felt like it was gaping wide open as his cock slipped out with a loud sloppy noise.

"Fuck baby, that was fucking hot" he whispered behind me as I heard him doing up his jeans and belt. "I'm glad I followed you in here now" he laughed. "Take care now."

And with that, he left, leaving me prostrate over the sink, my legs covered in my own cum, his cum oozing from my gaping, battered pussy. I never did see his cock, nor even his face for that matter. I had to get out. I stood myself up, a little dizzy and woozy, my legs wobbling a little on my high heels and tried to compose myself. My skirt had fallen back down but I had to stuff my tits back into my top. The girls standing round watching were all wide-eyed in amazement. I smiled politely but said nothing. I had to get out of here and away from everyone. As I left the bathroom to the sound of giggling I didn't go looking for my friends or my mum; I snuck out of the bar and headed back to the apartment, my head still reeling from what had just happened.
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perfect slut
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Very nice!! Made me hard ;-)
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