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it's been a while

Hi everyone

It's been some time since I wrote any stories and for those of you who were kind enough to tell me you enjoyed them I apologise. Truth be told, I was bored. Not of the stories but of typing them out.

But I've started feeling like a I wanna write some more again so I thought I'd ask your opinion guys: shall I start writing again? And if so, should I continue where I left off (I think there's probably 3 parts left) or start with something brand new? And if brand new, feel free to suggest any ideas, roles or scenarios you might like to hear.

Thanks x
Posted by BustyBride 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Definitely start writing again. My initial feeling is that you should build on the amazing success of your early writings. But, if you feel inspired to strike out in another direction, I'm sure that will be fine. You have a natural gift for erotic writing.
2 years ago
Your stories are very interesting. I can't help but wonder how things go from your last story. Keep writing!
2 years ago
i want to be the Vicar mmmmmmm
2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback guys. Will start writing again soon. Next part is at the wedding rehearsal…
2 years ago
your stories are good maybe meet up with me and write about that :p
2 years ago
I would love to hear the ext three parts!
2 years ago
Love to hear more of your busty bride stories XXX