My Special Lori

Her beauty is undeniable.
Her eyes, nose, lips and high cheekbones were a cross between Nicole k**man, Maria Sharipova and Sigourney Weaver. Although not tall, her body was well proportioned with a shapely body, firm legs and soft supple skin. Her mouth has a quirky way of turning around certain words, which made her even more attractive when she spoke and she had a habit of licking her lips with the tip of her tongue sticking out of her mouth when she spoke. Her teeth were straight white and always clean. Her nose is perfect, slim, straight, and slightly upturned, with the right nostril slightly larger than the left. Her eyebrows were well maintained and framed her best feature, her eyes. Her soft voice, and strawberry blond hair made you want to talk to her just so you could stare at her face and those eyes.

Her medium height and lightly freckled shoulders were perfect. The only physical flaw was a scar on her left knee.
Her life has not turned out the way she had envisioned when she was in High School. She was a quiet rebel when puberty struck and hung out with the students whose marks were not on the Honour list. She liked to hang out with the party crowd and she enjoyed her beer, smoke and her friends. Funny though, there are not many friends from back in the old days that she still has today.
Like all girls in school she had dreamed of a big house, long and happy marriage with c***dren and a devoted, loving, caring, compassion husband, who would devote all his time to her happiness to her and the f****y. Life sometimes kicks you in the stomach and the reality of the situation sometimes “sucks”. But she should of seen it coming for he was the same man she knew before they were married… it was just that she had changed.
She was a trooper though and when the inevitable happened she took charge and showed her strength and instead of taking the easy route of waiting him out, she decided to start a new life away from her familure comfortable surroundings.
Change is always difficult… but she found inner strength and peace by doing things she had never done on her own. Her satisfaction and sense of order slowly returned and after a period of adjustment she could soundly sl**p and wake up refreshed ready to tackle the day. Work days and the routine of feeding, cleaning, driving are now blending into a comfortable routine but something is missing.
In the quiet times when she is alone, sometimes, a wave of her situation overwhelmed her. Yet she refused to cry. She put on a brave face to the world and smiled when she left the house. In the evenings, in her personal time, she spends it in front of the TV with a cold alcoholic beverage and a salty snack.
Inside her supple skin, the freckled shoulder and below that kinky, curly patch below her waist, is an itch that is deep in her womanhood that has not been satisfied for quite a while. There are nights when she lies awake longing to be held, longing to be told how special she is, how desirable she is, how beautiful she is. A soft caring touch, a gentle caress, a warm embrace, a foot massage on her perfect toes and dainty feet, a full body rub with warm oil, a strong hand over her skin. These were the things when she was alone that she misses the most.
With the help of f****y and friends she has survived and much like the song she grew stronger with each new first she has encountered and over came. “I will survive”!
She is not perfect however.
Although she tries not to make it public, her cigarette smoking is her one weakness, her Achilles heel. The tobacco somehow fills a hole in her soul. She needs the nicotine and although she is in the health profession, she could not quit. With the help of breath mints, mouth sprays, and brushing she manages to hide the smell from her mouth but it is the clothes that gave it away. It is a pity that perfection was somehow spoiled by the smell in her hair and clothes. That was not to say however that she was not well groomed on the contrary she was always clean and in many men’s eyes… beautiful.

The pity was that she could not comprehend her inner beauty. That intangible element that made her special in so many ways was there for the world to see. The way she her hands moved as she expressed herself, the tilt of her head when she listened, her mouth when she spoke, her eyes when she was happy, and her smile when she laughed.
Some how the sexuality that she had when she was young is now pushed way back to the back burner and had become a very minor part of her life.
But she has the time now to look sexy to make a change from the person she knew in the past. Pampering herself, improving herself should be a major part of her new life. Shopping for new shoes and clothes, manicure and colour on her nails, colour on the lips, restyling her hair into a sexy look at the salon were things she considered but felt they were not necessary or expensive to be spent on herself.
She intuitively knew about the changes she was capable of and tried to exercise on a regular basis but the duration and consistency were intermittent. Twenty minutes three time a week for a workout seemed like a pipe dream with her busy schedule of work, driving, cooking, cleaning, washing and helping with homework.
It was up to her to fit it in and as much as she loved to sl**p ten hours or more a night waking up forty five minutes earlier would give her the time for fitness and other things she could do in the privacy of the morning before things got to busy. Aerobics before the morning shower and hair wash would provide more energy to get through the day. The burn that she felt in her lungs and the puffer she used when she exercised were directly related to the cigarettes she smoked. Starting the day with exercise instead of a smoke would go a long way in making the necessary changes in her life. A walk, or jog three times a week for 25 minutes would firm the legs, the abs and butt and shed pounds.
The patch, gum or other cessation methods were known to her but have been ignored. The nicotine she inhaled somehow seemed sinful and the bad was good for her.
Of all the habits she had this was the one that was going to haunt her in later life. She knew that the cigarettes she smoked in the morning, after a meal, when arriving home after work and before bed were very harmful. The lungs were slowly being poisoned with the tar, and the 200 carcinogens in the tobacco would bring on cancer and the youth that she had was diminishing as the lines on her face increased with every puff of every smoke. This challenge to quit would save her or reduce her life by years.

Cooking was something that she did. It was not a passion or interesting, it was something she had to do. The discovery of new foods, new cultures and new taste sensations never entered her mind. The white bread upbringing she had was ingrained and pity, for it was being passed on. The exploration of new taste experiences was available at the super market in which she shopped each and every week. Different types of fruits, breads, cheese, pasta, cuts of meat, deli meats, dips and drinks were but a choice away, an isle away. She knew what she liked and she did not deviate from her routine. Pre made food was easy and convenient, but expensive. M and M Meats with their premade food was her saviour. When home alone, Styrofoam containers of deli food purchased to eat at home without cooking became the norm. The food she picked when at the super market was healthy, but lacked spice, taste and variety. The same isles, the same cans, the same meats, the same fruits and vegetables, the same breads all served and cooked the same way week after week. Change could happen even at the dinner table. And change and variety is good!
Music had always been a passion and her life and her taste in music was up to date and current. She liked rock, pop, country and any music that touched her soul. Music reminded her of her youth and the music touched her inner being. Certain songs brought back a flood of memories, which were pieces of her past. Soulful songs of past loves, past heartache, and past happy memories were in the music she liked. This part of her youth had never left her and her tunes were important.
And yet the ache was still there.
The void in her life was still there.
What was the solution?
What could she do?
Change was the answer.

A temporary solution to her lack of a sexual partner would be to try and satisfy herself. And this was a change for her. She would discover her sexuality once again.
Although she had not been to a Sex Shop before she wanted to give it a try. There were several in her city and the one where there were woman’s undergarments would be a good excuse to go into the store under the guise of purchasing lingerie. She went to the one on the corner on New Street and Guelph Line on the southeast corner in a short strip mall. Called Private Pleasures. She knew that there were a section of dildos and vibrators, which would satisfy her needs for the short term. She mustered up enough courage to try something new and went on a Saturday when she was alone for the weekend. Although she had a small flesh coloured one, this was small and dated and only four inches long and not very thick in diameter.
Upon entering the shop, it was just like the more popular linguine stores that she had been in the malls only there were other items, which interested her. She started looking at the sl**p ware and noticed an abundance of lace and spandex, but her ultimate goal was to look at the adult toys. The helpful sales lady asked if she could be of help and she mumbled something about only looking. Just wishing to explore on her own without any one around was her wish. As she stood in front of the wall display of adult toys she was amazed at the amount of dildos and vibrators, the variety was amazing. There were flesh coloured ones, blue, pink and turquoise ones, butt plugs, ones that vibrated, ones that were flesh like soft and malleable, spinning ones and pulsing ones. As she was looking at them a warm glow began to pulse in her clitoris and she could feel a definite dampness between her legs. She was getting horny in an adult sex store.
She selected a flesh coloured textured one, soft pliable and life like to the touch. It was bigger than she was used to in the past, as she had a small four-inch flesh coloured dildo from her past marriage. Although the cost was a lot higher than she anticipated she had decided to spend some of her hard earned money on her-self. Leaving the store (even though the bag the sales person had put the item in was a non-descript plastic one) she felt that every one knew what she had in her bag. Instead of just leaving it on the seat beside her as she drove home, she put it on the floor beside her so as no one could see her purchase.
Upon arrival home she took the item out of the bag and package and for the first time really looked at it as she sat on the bed. It was smooth, soft to the touch and had vein lines and a big circumcised head. She inserted the batteries that the sales lady said she needed and turned it on. The soft buzzing it made made her breath quicken and she put it down, turned it off and proceeded to run a bubble bath for herself. Being a shower person in the morning she normally did not take a bath but she decided to pamper herself. A quick dash down stairs for a goblet of wine and she was all set.
The bath was warm and smelt great; she washed slowly and sipped the wine. Candles in the bathroom came to her mind but that was a bit too much, for this was the weekend when she was alone, and candles in the tub seemed frivolous, but maybe next time.
She felt the heat of the bath and the warmth of the wine and life for that moment was good. As she shaved her legs and arm pits in the bath to get rid of the week’s stubble she decided to shave between her legs for the first time. Not the bikini shave so that hair would not show outside her bathing suit, but a shave to remove the hair around her womanhood. Carefully with the pink razor she started at the bottom as she sat on the edge of the tub and worked her way up the sides, shaving the course curly hair. Because this was the first time, she had to go over the same area several times to get the effect she desired. After she went over both sides for several minutes she rinsed the area and proceeded to shave the outside edges of her mounds. A neat triangle of hair with no hair between she legs was the result of her effort. As she finished, a sexy warm feeling started between her legs and spread throughout her belly and to her breast although the bath was warm her normally slightly inverted nipples were now standing straight out and erect.

Her breasts were not always like this, but after c***dbirth they were not as perky and full as they once had been in her twenties. In the twenties they were small but pert and although not big she was pleased with what she had.
Gravity, c***dren and age were taking their toll on her body. Her breasts were now flat and the inverted nipple when she was not stimulated had to be pulled out as they sunk in to her breast. The size 36 A padded bra she wore, showed the public the breasts that she once had when she was younger and gave her lift and volume. Even her bathing suit had a padded bra built in to the top of her two-piece. Her nipples, which were pink in her youth, were now brown in colour.

She proceeded to bath and wash her hair but instead of getting out of the tub she drained the water and sat in the tub. She pulled her legs were up the wall where the faucet was located and ran her feet up and pressed her calves on the tile. Turning on the water to warm she slid under the cascading water so that the water was splashing directly down on her clitoris. The sensation was amazing as the water put steady pressure on her clit. As she laid there with her legs riding up the wall, her back in the tub, and her head propped up with a rolled up towel she could feel the beginning of her orgasms. She rubbed her clitoris and caressed her breasts. The naked and slippery sensation of her newly shaved pussy appealed to her and her body was electric. But she did not want to come this way and stopped just in time. But maybe next time in the tub was the answer in the near future.
As she towelled off and as the steam of the bathroom slowly disappeared she studied herself in the mirror. She looked at that face she had seen for the past 40 odd years and wondered if any one in the future could love her again? But this was just a fleeting thought. Her eyes drifted to her body and as she towelled off she again rubbed her breasts and pulled out the nipples which were now full and brown pink in colour. As she towelled off her legs she propped up one leg on the counter. She examined her newly shaved pussy and decided she liked it and would continue to be a woman of the new millennium and keep it that way, clean and hairless. As she returned to the bed she took some bikini cream and rubbed it on the outer folds to prevent the rash that shaving sometimes caused.
The vibrator was made of a latex rubber that was malleable and could be put in water to get to body temperature or warmer. She submerged the vibrator in a container of hot tap water up to the controls at the top so as to heat up the vibrator but not to ruin the controls and took some water-soluble lubrication and squirted a glob on her pussy. The sensation of her hand over the newly shaved inner and outer lips was to say the least fabulous. She rubbed her clitoris and lips and dipped one, then two fingers deep into her vagina. A shutter went through her entire being from head to toe. Now taking the vibrator she turned it on with her slippery fingers (and this was not easy done). The vibrator immediately buzzed to life and she put the warm soft vibrator near her clit. The electric shock went throughout her entire being and as she then inserted it into her vagina. She used her other hand to rub her clitoris. Plunging the vibrator in and out of her pussy at a steady rate with her left hand she alternated from her clit to she breasts with her right hand. She moved between caressing the nipple which was pointing straight out and erect and rubbing her clit. She even managed to push up her breast toward her mouth and lick and suck the erect nipple with the downward tilt of her head and an upward push of her breast. Her lips and tongue were working at her left nipple which was a swollen and engorged as she had ever felt it. She was lost in the moment and the climax was drawing near. Because no one was home she let out a loud groan at the pleasure that was engulfing her.
The climax started deep in her very soul and slowly built to a roaring, ragging, crescendo.
Her hand quickened and the strokes became deeper and faster her breathing became short and raspy with low groans, and moans. Her toes curled and her hand quickened on her now very swollen clit. She had never vocalized her organisms much in the past but this time something was different. The scream came from deep in her very soul as her body shuttered and spasmodic wave of pleasure washed over her in wave after wave of pleasure. She screamed, “Ooohhh, yes, yes, ooohhh God yes”! As the second one hit she pinched her nipple and let go of the vibrator, continuing to gently rubbing her clit. It was just as good as the first but less intense.

As the third one hit she thought for a brief moment and could not recall having three in a row ever in her life. The release was total and complete.
As she lay in the bed in the warm afternoon darkness of her bedroom with the shutters drawn she fell into a deep sl**p. The room was warm from the after noon sun and as she gathered subconsciously the covers and pulled them around her body she could feel a new beginning as she drifted off.

The changes were subtle. And throughout the summer she explored her body and her sexuality.
The next time she decided she needed new underwear instead of buying them at Zellers she ordered some from Victoria Secret on line. The thong and lacy panties were added to her collection of other underwear from Zellers. She had once bought from the catalogue but that was at a different time in her life and this was the new and improved person.
She rarely ever wore a skirt or a dress to work but the following weeks were different. Each day she wore a new and different outfit that she purchased at Winners. Their prices were well within her budget. And the fashion was up to date. The skirts and summer dresses were meant for the office and looked professional and neat.
One day, out of the blue she decided not to wear panties to work. The morning rountine of feeding and packing and sending off were over and she on the spur of the moment she powered her pussy and just left for work. The skirt was knee length and the tan on her legs was sufficient that she did not have to wear hose. The white blouse matched with the skirt and the outfit fit the warm weather. The sandals she wore were suitable for the office and her freshly painted red toenails made her feel sexy. The entire day would be spent at her desk at the office and she was very conscious of her nudeness under her skirt.
Yet, some how it also felt adventurous to be out and feel the breeze of the air conditioning when she stood up or walked around the office.
When she went to pee that morning she just hiked up her skirt and let go. After cleaning up, she ran a finger into her slit and felt the dampness of her vagina even though she had just wiped the area. As her mind wandered her hand stroked the hood of skin over her clit and the bud of pleasure was hard and red. Just as the pleasure was building someone else came into the washroom and she quickly flushed and straightened herself out and returned to her desk. Her cheeks were flush with colour as she sat down to her work and she felt warm as she went back to finishing her paper work. Throughout the day as she crossed and uncrossed her legs she could feel the sexy nakedness and it was a thrill to say the least. Daring, different and new was the sensation she was experiencing.
On the drive home the warm feeling that she had when she was at her desk was there once again. Instead of getting dinner ready for herself she stripped down and had a warm shower to wash off the days grime. Instead of changing into her comfortable clothes, blue jeans and a t-shirt, she decided to wear nothing at all for the rest of the evening. After all she had the evening to herself this weekday.
Because she was still shy and conscience of what people would think if she was naked, she took her white terry cloth bathrobe down stairs and left it on the couch. In her mind if someone did knocked on the door she could tie it securely around her waist and no one would be the wiser. As she puttered around the kitchen getting food for her self she was aware of her nudeness and enjoyed the wicked feeling of her newfound sexuality. It was hot outside for the summer was a record heat wave, that seem to last all month without a break. The air in the house was set at a perfect 24 Celsius and the coolness was just perfect. As she past the down stairs mirror she caught glimpses of her self and she liked what she saw.
As she ate her meal and sipped her wine a warm glow was again building in her belly. A smoke after dinner would be perfect put she was gaining strength and control of her life and surely she could control the nicotine craving (which had been like an old deadly friend) for all these years.

For the first time since she could not remember she did not have a smoke that night and even fought the urge to have her favourite, just before bedtime smoke.
She tried to never smoke in front of the c***dren but they were smart and had seen her smoke many times in the past. This habit came to her naturally as her parents both smoked and could say little to her when she took up smoking in her teens. This had been a bone of contention from her former relationship but she had told him that this was who she was and he could either accept it or not.
Instead of having a smoke she got some candy to suck on and had a large glass of water before bed. The nicotine craving was strong and she fought hard as the withdrawal of fewer d**gs in her system was eating her up. Instead of giving in to the craving she decided to concentrate on something else to take her mind off the slight headache and physical discomfort she felt. Lying on the couch she poured a glob of water- based lubricant on her pussy and her breasts, which she had brought down from upstairs. The warm glow of the day was still there and she soon forgot about the smoke and was stroking she hard clit and massaging her now full nipples. The house was empty and she was free to be as loud as she wanted. Naked down stairs panting and groaning loudly was a wicked new sensation. The wave came suddenly and very intensely. It built from a small feeling to a roaring climax of pleasure. Her nipples were hard and her body had sheen of perspiration over it. Her right hand worked quickly and gently over her clit and her other hand was moving over her nipples pinching, pulling and rubbing all at the same time. Her body arched as she came and the sexual tension, which had been building all day, cascaded into one wonderful climax. She screamed and groaned loudly and was sure the sound was going right through the walls so that the neighbours could hear. This however was the furthest thing from her mind. And as she rubbed some more she came again and her toes curled and the feeling was good.
Going to bed that evening without a smoke was the hardest thing she had physically done in quite a while. The discomfort was so great and she could not sl**p so at two in the morning the she broke down and went out back and had a few puffs and swore to her self that she was going to do something about this addiction which was controlling her life at the moment. It was not a narcotic or soft d**gs, she was taking but… the thought of being controlled was something that her newfound independence could not now stomach. She was growing and maturing in ways that even she could not for see.
The next week she went to see her f****y doctor and got the patch. Over the next three months she was down to one smoke a day and then just quit. It was after dinner, in the morning and before bed that she missed her smoke the most but she was a new woman now and she felt great!
The changes were happening in other areas of her life as well.
She was spending more attention to the manicuring of her hands and her feet. The foot file she purchased did wonders to soften the soles of her feet. During a bath she rubbed the file over the heels and ball of her feet. It had surprised her the difference in the bottom of her feet. Instead of that hard-callused heel there was a soft supple texture that any man would love to have rubbed over his legs. But that was for a distant future. The ball of her feet and that bunion by both her big toes on the sides of her feet were now much softer. Her feet were pink in colour and not the brown-callused colour of the past.
She had discovered that Vaseline put out a hand cream that soften the skin and also harden the nails, Healthy Hands and when she tried this on her feet and hands she noticed her nails getting stronger and her skin soft. Some where along the line she had also discovered that the Jamison calcium supplement she had recently started taking also had a duo effect. Not only was it good for her bones but also the added bonus was that her nails were growing in thicker and faster than normal.

This meant that she could now grow her nails without them splitting, chipping or cracking. She shape her nails and apply the clear coat polish so that her hands were professional looking for her job. The task took about one hour per week but once again she found the time. Purchasing a Revlon shape and buff nail file board she could now get a shine on her nails by just using the descending coarseness of the nail shaper on each finger, thumb and toe. Once she got the shine she applied the pre coat of nail varnish, the two coats of the colour and then the hardening topcoat, which prevented chipping.
A little known secret that some women knew, but all men had knowledge of, is that men love sexy fingernails and toe nails. Because of the Jamison calcium supplements that she purchased at the local super market, in the health food part of the store, her nails were now long and sexy. She had let her toe tails grow past the end of her toes and took pride in shaping and polishing them as well as her fingernails. She also purchased the Sally Hanson cuticle remover which she put on her fingers and toes and gave her cuticles a pushed back look that looked professionally done. When she was in the malls she wore sandals and she noticed how many men were first looking at her face then her feet. She even noticed one day while in the line for a movie that a handsome young man in his twenties was just staring at her feet. When she caught him looking her feet, he blushed smiled at her and looked away. Revlon Red 680 was her new favourite colour and seemed to draw the most attention from the opposite sex. She also had used her eyebrow tweezers to pull out the small hairs on her toes and although they were barely visible, no one likes a hairy toe.
She had never really paid much attention to her nails before but she soon noticed all the attention she was getting in the malls, at the stores and generally every where out doors with just her hands and feet. It was a bonus she had not expected. But enjoyed.
With her feet naturally came the need for new shoes. This had never been a priority for her in the past. But because she was enjoying the attention she was getting from the men she decided to for go away from comfort and make a move toward fashion. These shoes would be her going out shoes and she picked out a pair of 4-inch heels with an open toe at a store called Shoes for Less. The colour was neutral and matched many outfits that she had in her closet. When she wore her skirt, to show off her legs, had her nails done, and wore the shoes, this was a killer combination that turned heads and she liked the feeling of being attractive. She liked the feeling of being in control of her life. Smoking did not control her, nor did her former husband, she was a truly independent single attractive woman and she liked it!
Her hair was natural reddish brown now, with blond undertones and when she had coloured it, it went from strawberry red, to red, to straw blond over her lifetime. The next time she went to the hair saloon she asked for a cut and colour, with something different. She had let her hair grow longer over the past two years and the style was simple, with no real character or flare. Having it all one length sweeping across her face from left to right just did not cut it any more. It did not suit her new sexy image. She got a new-layered look that showed off her face and pulled the hair away from the front of her face.
Long at the back but framing her face in the front with soft wisps of hair around her eyes and cheeks. The colour was also due for a change and she took the plunge and went for blonde. Neither the straw blond, nor the blond highlights she had in the past but blonde, blonde. When she was done she did not recognize the new person in the mirror. When she went to work that week she got nothing but compliments about her hair. When she walked by a construction site to her parked SUV she got a whistle from one of the workers from above and this made her blush and also made her day.
The hair, nails, exercise, no smoking, new clothes and new shoes had physically transformed her into a new and improved woman. It was time now to go out and meet the world and maybe a newer better life for her and her f****y.

Her girl friends who helped her move to her townhouse and helped her getting through the adjustment period of being separated suggested that they all go to a night club for drinks and dancing Saturday evening. Although she had not done this in a long time she was game. The preparation started in the afternoon and after the shower, hair, and nails and trying on different outfits she was ready three hours later.
They went to a place with Mediterranean food and a live band and many types of wines. Dinner as a group of 5 included shared appetizers; a pasta seafood entrée, wine with dinner and shared deserts and drinks afterwards.
As she and one of her friends went to the washroom she noticed a handsome mid 30’s man smiling at her as she walked by the bar to the washroom. She smiled back and as she walked by she could tell he was scooping her out. Her friend noticed his looks and they giggled as they entered the washroom. The wine was having its effect; they did there business and returned to their seats. She was disappointed that he was not at the bar, where she had seen him last, but was surprised to see him talking to her friends at their table with a buddy. He introduced his friend and himself and proceeded to make small talk always making eye contact with her. She and her friends were enjoying the friendly banter and asked them to join them. Now, all of her friends were married by none of them were shy and soon they had found out here he and his friend worked and what they liked to do. Since only one of the males was wearing a wedding ring, the one that smiled at her was not, and since she had stopped wearing hers, they were a natural match for the table and ended up sitting beside each other. He was here on business staying at the local hotel and in the city for the next week on a business venture in the area.
The chemistry was there between them and she and he were enjoying the moment. He bought her and the table drinks and charged his tab and did not mind spending freely. Further conversation she discovered he was a CEO of a major d**g company that was relocating in her city. They were buying out German d**g Company located on the Service Road and he would eventually be relocating from Vancouver to her city.
The band started to play around 9:00 PM and the music was a medley of all her favourites. As she tapped her toes to the music he surprised her by asking her if she wanted to dance. All her friends made eye contact with each other and approved without saying a word to each other. She said yes and was swept to her feet in the moment. The dance floor was crowded and they found a place to dance away from the eyes of her friends. The next song was a change of pace and the band slowed right down and played “Stair Way to Heaven”. This was the ultimate slow song and since they had just got to the dance floor she said yes when he asked if she wanted to dance this song. His hands were soft and strong and at around 6 feet tall even with her heels she felt small but fit into him nicely.
They danced and for the first time in a long time… she felt like a woman. Half way through the dance she closed her eyes, enjoyed his cologne, the feeling of being held and the music. The night was perfect.
She felt like a schoolgirl and her pulse was racing and she was hardly aware of time or space. Her and her girl friends and her new friend closed the place and at two in the morning. He had given her his phone number but what good was a number in Vancouver?
When she got home she was not tired at all even though she normally turned into a pumpkin well before eleven o’clock. As she sat at the kitchen table and reflected on the evening for the very first time in over a year she could honestly say she was happy.
That night she slept like a baby, safe warm and content.

The fall and winter months passed with out much change in her life. The new hair, exercise, nails, were all part of the new package and she loved the independence that her new body and refreshed out look had brought. Without the cigarettes she had more money to spend on herself.
She had looked into a course at Sheridan College, which would move her up a pay scale at work if she upgraded her qualifications. She decided to take a night correspondence course in the spring. It would involve one night during the week and one weekend class on Saturday. The tuition would be tax deductible and in the end she would be bringing home an extra $200.00 per month. Although she had not been a great student in High School her independence taught her that anything was possible and not to be stuck in one place on survival mode. She purchased the textbook early and was familure with the lectures even before the classes started because she had read and made notes from the text.
When the classes started she was surprised that the age of the average student was in there 30’s. Not the young college type she had expected. The lectures flew by and she enjoyed for the first time the mental stimulation that the course provided. Although reading had not been part of her past, she enjoyed the academic challenges that the course offered and after the first test, which she got 90%, she was hooked on the course. The professor was around her age and he took a shine to her. His lectures were interesting and were right up her alley when it came to Dental hygiene and community health services.
After class one night, he held her back to ask about her latest assignment. Her insight into the health care community services was of interest to him as he had been out of the practical side of the job for over ten years. When he suggested that they go for coffee she said,” Yes”. Going across the street from the campus there was coffee shop.
He was in his late 40’s around 5’ 9” and handsome. His clothing when he lectured was casual and the blue jeans that he wore fit his ass nicely she thought. He was interested in her job and the conversation eventually turned to his and her personal life.
He was divorced for the past two years and had two teenage girls, one was in University and the other was in his last year of High School. He lived in Mississauga in an apartment off the 403 near the major shopping mall. He had been teaching at Sheridan for the past 10 years and before that he worked for Halton Regional Health unit as a coordinator. He was a complete gentleman and she ended up talking and telling him more about herself than any other man she had met since the separation. They hit it off well and left on a positive note.
Over the next months they make it a regular rendezvous to meet once a month to catch up and discuss the course, her job and any thing else that they thought was important after class.
He then took the plunge into the deep end and asked her out for a date.
She said,” Yes” and felt like a schoolgirl who had been asked out for the first time.
Because it was winter, a pantsuit was more appropriate for the weather and she wore boots with a heel and a scarf around her neck. The dinner at a Mississauga seafood place by the lake was superb and the movie was a nice change from sitting at home in front of the TV. The evening went along perfectly and she took the plunge and asked him in for coffee after he had dropped her back at her place.
While she was in the kitchen he sat at the table and admired her movement as she moved around the kitchen.

The coffee was warm and the conversation was filled with tension and anticipation. They moved to the couch from the kitchen table. What was the next move, how would the dance begin, how far will they go?
He put his arm around her and drew her near. Her pulse quickened and her lips were moist and parted. His kiss was soft and wonderful and she let her mouth slowly open and the tip of his tongue touched hers. Their tongues messed and danced back and forth. Unlike her past marriage he did not just thrust his tongue in and leave it in there like a warm piece of liver. He was playful and sensual. As they were in the romantic warm kiss his hands wandered to her breasts. She let him caress the padded bra that she wore and her hand boldly moved down to his leg, up his thigh and to his rigid manhood. She gasped at its size and girth. She had been used to a normal length and thickness but she was not prepared for this. As her hand playfully moved up and down its length she estimated that the length had to be more than 10 inches and the thickness much larger than her hand could grasp around with one hand.
The kiss was continuing as his hands now tried to undo the bra clasp at the back. Expertly his hand moved under her sweater and touched the bare nipple and she gasped during the touch and u*********sly arched her body toward his hand. She was like a schoolgirl in her excitement and eager anticipation. As the dance continued he slowly moved his hand down towards her pants and easily undid her pant top and pulled the zipper down. The deep red Victoria Secret thong that she wore impressed him as she shimmied to remove the pants she was wearing.
They did not care if their clothes were half on and half off they were just caught up in the moment. As she moved to pull his pants off for the first time she caught a glimpse of his fully erect penis. Oh my God was it big. The head of the penis was circumcised and looked like a small red, purple plum. The shaft was smooth thick with blue veins bulging out the sides and he also shaved his testicals and he was hairless below his penis. If she had ever imagined a perfect penis this was it. Shaving made his penis seem huge and as she stroked his shaft with her hand she was unable to wrap her fingers around the shaft. She wondered how something this big was going to fit into her.
They now had most of their clothes off she could tell that he worked out, for his chest was big, with good definition and his shoulders and arms were big and lean. He moved down to kiss her breast and took the now erect nipple into his mouth and expertly caressed the nipple with his lips and tongue. The sound that escaped from her mouth was a soft moan and this signalled him continue. He now moved down to her belly and although this tickled she was enjoying the sensation of her belly being licked and kissed. She knew what was next and arched her back as he removed her thong. She was a bit surprised when before tossing them away that he held them to his face and inhaled the odour of her womanhood before tossing them on the carpet.
She was never really into oral sex before. This was because the men she had been with in the past either did not know what they were doing or were too intense on her clitoris. She was pleasantly surprised how gentle and soft his tongue was as she began to rhythmically moving her hips with the stroke of his tongue. His other hand was alternating between each nipple gently pinching and stroking each one. The pleasure was building and she could feel the early beginnings of her plateau before the climax. Then he did something quite unexpected and began to lick and kiss her anus. She had never been into anal sex but did not want to interrupt the mood and was willing to go with the flow. As she lay with her legs in the air and his head buried in the cheeks of her ass she began to love the sensation of having her ass licked. Automatically her sphincter began to relax and a new warm feeling was beginning in a place, which she had never associated with pleasure. He next moved to her inner thighs, the weak area of her body, and showered this area with kisses. The plan was to move down to her feet and he spent a good time licking and sucking her feet and toes. Even though she was worried about the smell of her feet he did not seem to mind.

He licked and sucked each toe and licked the arch of her feet. She loved having her feet licked and sucked and closed her eyes and relished the new sensation. For the first time he complemented her on her toenails and she was glad that she had taken the time on her feet, toenails and red colour. He took the big toe in his mouth and sucked it like a miniature penis and she loved the feeling. While he was licking her feet she was stroking her clit and did not mind masturbating in front of him.
After finishing with her toes she could pick up from the dance of love making that it was her turn to pleasure him.

She took the now massive penis, as they shifted places and began to lick and kiss the swollen head. There was some pre liquid on the head of his penis and she did not mind licking this clear fluid. When she tried to take the penis in her mouth she realized that her lips were stretched to the limit and only the head of the penis was in her mouth. He was very vocal and groaned loudly as her head moved up and down to the best of her abilities. She wanted to give him pleasure and would do what she could to give a blowjob to this massive penis. With her hands she stroked the shaft, with one hand above the other, she was a fury of activity. As she was doing this his hand began stroking her clit and she began to work even faster. He then brought her up to his face and soulfully kissed her mouth that had just been on his penis. A deep warm wet kiss.
Now came the first problem. In her past marriage she had not taken the pill or had she used birth control. When her former husband wanted to ejaculate inside her he used a condom. She had none in the house since the move and she hoped that he had one. The second issue was the size of the penis. Although she had c***dren she wondered if her vagina could stretch enough to accommodate such a massive penis.
He did have a condom and when he put the latex over the head she thought that it would not fit. However it slid over and when he went to insert it he made sure he went slowly as he put it in. Never in her life had she felt such a massive penis inside herself. It filled up every pore of her being and then some. He went slowly in and out and after a few minutes she was holding on for dear life, as she was being ridden harder and fuller than anytime in her life. She was used to her clitoral orgasms but when this one vaginal orgasm hit it was like nothing she had ever felt. She arched her back and curled her toes as she raked his back with her nails. She let out a high-pitched groan then a scream of pleasure as the tidal wave of pleasure hit. His body jerked and for the first time in her life both partners came at the same time. She could feel the pulses of his come as they shot into her vagina and into the condom.
Both collapsed in a heap of naked heavy breathing and both could not move for over five minutes as their nerves returned to normal. This spine tingling orgasm was the best she had ever had or was at the very least in the top five of all time.
They slowly came to their senses and gathered their clothes and tried to rearrange themselves. Soft gentle kisses and warm embraces followed.
She excused herself went up stairs to clean up and use the washroom. When she came down the stairs, in her white bathrobe he was gone. He had gathered his clothes and while she was upstairs he quietly slipped out the front door. Although disappointed she did not fret but just went to bed with a content smile and a warm glow in her core. She would worry about phoning him back tomorrow. Tonight she just wanted to sl**p, and a deep content sl**p it was.
As she lay under the crisp washed sheets and fresh pillow case she reflected on how far she had come in the past year and was happy with her self and the choices and changes she had made.
The next day phone call was easy and relaxed and they dated and saw each other on alternate weeks when she did not have her c***dren and when he did not have his two girls.

She could see herself with him in the future but this was the first person she had been with and before she settled in with any one this time it had to be perfect. Although they got along great the problem she soon discovered was his youngest daughter. She could not stand her new fathers girl friend and made life very uncomfortable for her. After a few months they both agreed that it was not working out and he had to solve the problem with his daughter before he could have a relationship and he just was not ready to face the reality of the situation.
Once again she was alone.
This time the loneliness was getting to her and she wanted and needed company and just sex with no attachments.
She received a wrong number phone call one evening from a man and ended up chatting for a few minutes. The stranger must of liked her voice for he phoned back later on in the evening. She was taken back by his call. She was alone in the house, but his voice sounded warm and she had nothing planned for the evening so she decided to talk. As he talked he knew her first name and even gave his first name over the phone to her. It was not an obscene or upsetting call but the thought of talking to a strange man and listening was new to her. He left her with one thought.
That Friday if she wanted male companionship between 1:00AM and 2:00 AM she should leave the front door unlocked, and turn the porch light on, when he flashed a light beam at her bedroom window. After unlocking the door she was to go up stairs and get under the covers and wait.
The request was both risqué and a little frightening. But at the same time also exciting and daring. She had read an article on “Zip Less Sex”, in a woman’s magazine where by couples meet, never talk and just have passionate sex, and then it is over. They go there own separate ways and never see each other again. This was what he was proposing. Two strangers who like ships passing in the night are both looking for a warm, safe harbour. A couple of hours to take away the loneliness, a couple hours of passion without the hassle of the dating dance, two humans performing what is a natural act of humanity.
Before he hung up he left it with her and said goodnight and hoped she would take him up on his proposal. If after he flashed a light in the window she would unlock the front door and turn on the porch light then he would come up, if no light on the front porch he would go home and not bother her again. During the conversation he told her of his passion for her and left it at that.
What to do?
The conflict inside her ate at her throughout the week. What if he was a masher, pervert or worse? What if he was just a nice lonely guy, just like she was just a lonely, decent female? There was a risk and reward involved in this decision.
Through out the week she played the scenario out in her head.
She decided to wait until the last second and when he walked up to the front door she would turn the light on but not unlock the door until she got a look at him in person. If she did not like what she saw she would just leave the door locked and not let him in. She would have her cell phone by her side and be ready to call 911 if there was any trouble. If she liked what she saw she would unlock the door and race up stairs and get under the covers and wait. It was a plan and from every angle she could think of she was reducing the risk.
She could not sl**p that Friday night and she was glad that the k**s were with their Dad. She took a warm bath, washed her hair, shaved and afterwards did her nails. She tried to sl**p at her usual bedtime but her mind would not let her drift off to sl**p. As the time drew nearer her heart was racing. Before all the changes in her life she would never take a risk, but this was different and the new and improved person who wanted to live life and have no regrets.

The house was dark and at 1:30 AM a bright light shone at her bedroom window. She bolted out of bed and raced down the stairs to turn on the light. She then raced up the stairs to peek out of the shutters to get a look at him. To her surprise it was one of the soccer Dads that she knew well and spoke to many times throughout the summer. She recalled that he was also single and that his wife left him for another man. This was the scuttlebutt. She had a quick decision to make… what to do?
In a flash she again raced down the stairs before he got to the driveway and unlocked the door and for the forth time raced up the stairs and leaped into bed. Her heart was pounding and for once she was glad that she had quit smoking and was in decent shape to sprint up and down the stairs.
She heard the front door open, close, then lock and the sound of shoes being removed and the quiet sound of feet coming up the stairs. He entered the room removed all his clothes except for his boxers and slipped beside the bed. The room was pleasantly warm, dark and silent. As he came near the bed he moved to the window side where she always slept and gently took her foot, which was sticking out of the covers and dropped to his knees and gently touched her foot, which was exposed. He began to rub then lick, kiss and suck her foot and toes. She let out a sigh and faked sl**ping anticipating what would happen next.
He slowly removed the covers and she turned her on her stomach. He found the foot cream on the night table beside the bed and squirted a generous amount in his hand and rubbed it together to get the cream warm. He started at the neck and slowly massaged her neck, freckled shoulders, and back. She had never had a professional massage before but she was sure that this guy knew what he was doing. His hands were big, strong and soft and the muscle massage was perfect.
He moved to her butt and massaged the two cheeks and moved down to her legs. The inner thighs and the calves were massaged and then the feet and toes. He used his thumb to massage each tendon on the bottom of her foot from heel to toe. She faked sl**p but was moaning softly as the pleasure was very nice and the anticipation was intense.
He was going to gently turned her on her side but she could anticipate his moves and turned on her own to the side. Facing away from him he put more cream in his hand rubbed it together to get it warm and started from the bottom and worked up one side of her body. Her stomach was ticklish and he intuitively knew and skipped this area and massaged her left breast. She let out a sigh and he lingered on the nipple and used the thumb and forefinger to gently caress and rub the areola. She let out another sigh and turned on her back to expose her front in the dark, warm room. He applied more cream and worked down her other side. As he moved to her right leg she let her legs part to expose her shaved naked pussy. He slowly parted the lips, which were very wet from her vagina and ran a finger gently over and in her lips. The caress caused her back to arch and a loud sigh escaped from her throat. It was more like a moan, than a sigh and her eyes flickered open for the first time.
In the darkened room their eyes met for the first time and she could see the warmness and gentleness in his eyes. In her eyes he could see the need and the built up passion that only an experienced lover could show. Without a word spoken she removed his boxers and knelt down at his feet and took his manhood into her mouth. She expertly tongued the head and then deep throated the entire head and shaft into her mouth. He jerked at the pleasure and let out his own groan of pleasure. She continued with her hands caresses his butt and gently rubbed his scrotum. She then licked his scrotum while her hands expertly stroked his shaft and the head of his penis. He gently lifted her to her feet and gave her a full nude body hug. Her mouth found his and a passionate kiss that lasted minutes took place. He gently lowered her down to the bed and rolled on a condom over his stiff head and shaft and entered her with one accurate thrust.

She gasped and groaned in pleasure and she was not afraid of showing her passion and sexuality as a woman. The old sexually repressed wife was replaced new more assertive, more confident, more beautiful person. A person who lived life to its fullest not afraid to try new things and explore new ideas or new passions or new people. She was truly free to explore her sexuality.
The intensity of their two bodies found their rhythm and they moved as one in a passionate embrace. After about 5 minutes she could feel his climax approach. She was not ready for him to cum so she adjusted her hips so that he would miss on his next stroke. When he pulled out, she slipped up the bed so that her pussy was at his face and he picked up the clue and begin to lick, kiss and suck her inner and outer lips with his tongue and lips. He was an expert lover for he worked around her clit and not directly on it. For he knew what was too intense for most woman. She could feel her climax building now and went with the flow. With his face buried between her legs her body began to arch and she pinched and caressed her own nipples. The feeling of being with this man, this stranger between her legs, eating her out was, the thrill she had never experienced. She was bad, but she was in control and she loved it.
The first wave hit like a tsunami it was all encompassing and complete. She pulled his hair and mashed his face into her mound as her feet arched, toes curled and her voiced screamed with pleasure. The second came when she held his face there and he moved his lips expertly on the button. She was spent… but up for more.
He then moved his attention to her butt and began to lick and kiss her anus. She liked the feeling and let him probe down there. To make it easier she turned over on her hands and knees and arched her back to open her backside to him. His tongue begin to probe her anus and the sphincter began to slowly relax and open to the probing. She was enjoying the new wicked sensation and while on her knees she was caressing her breasts and clit. Her sphincter was relaxed so he gently put one finger in her rectum with plenty of lubrication. It slid in easily and she felt like a bowl movement but her colon was empty so no need to use the washroom or avoid an accident. The anal feeling she was experiencing, and this was slowly was turning into a pleasurable feeling. She relaxed her sphincter and there was a feeling that any thing could be put in her ass.
He lubricated his penis and gently slid it into her butt. There was a slight resistance but it went in and when he slowly began to thrust, she began to rock in rhythm with each thrust. She was so tight down there that he was in heaven. She was not sure about this new full sensation and began to rub her clit in earnest to distract from her anus. Because there were nerve endings inside her anus, unlike the inside of her vagina, which only had nerves in the opening, the anus was providing a new super sensual sensation. There was a third orgasm for her building and the cum inside him began to build up to a boil as well. The newness of the anal sex, the adventure of the “zip less sex” with a stranger and the sexual freedom were all building to this one gigantic, mind numbing orgasm.
He came inside her first and this triggered the third orgasm in her. She screamed and buckled and bucked with his last strokes, her orgasm came from her clit, her anus and her vagina. Both then collapsed into a sweaty heap of spent flesh on the bed. They both lay there for minutes with out moving. Both just breathing deep and recovering from the mind-numbing organism they had just experienced.
He tenderly kissed her cheek and after a few moments he quietly gathered his clothes and slipped out the front door. She heard the door close, and a car door open and close, and a car start up and drive off.
Her mind was in another place and she did not even have the energy to go down stairs to lock the front door. She just gathered the sheet and covers around herself, scrunched her pillow and drifted into a deep, long, peaceful sl**p. She was happy and content both emotionally and physically.

That soccer dad and his daughter moved out of town and the experience was truly “Zip less Sex”. They had mad, toe curling sex, never spoke and never saw each other again. When she inquired where his daughter when, she was told that the f****y moved and the husband was transferred to Montreal.
What was next in her life? Her disposable income had increased, she had quit the “habit” and got a huge monkey off her back, she was running now and getting in shape after dropping 15 pounds, and she was trying to prepare new foods and recipes.
But the biggest change was her new view of her sexuality and her view of her body as a sexual being. She was no longer tied to the traditional norms of a woman waiting for a man. She was beginning to understand her body and the power she possessed as a woman. The unknown and fear were no longer part of who she was. For the first time in her life she was confident of her future and she knew what she wanted and how to get there.
A phone call came and she was surprised that it was the executive from the pharmaceutical company, from Vancouver; she had met one night at the nightclub with her and her girl friends in the summer. He was now living in East Oakville down on the south side of Lakeshore Road near Maplegrove in the very exclusive part of the Town. He told her his house had a view of Lake Ontario out from his back yard and he had about three acres of land. The land had once belonged by the owner on Mattany homes but since his divorce he had sold the property.
He invited her to see his new house and she took him up on the offer.
When Saturday came she drove out to met and see his new house. She was not ready for what she was about to see. It was a mansion. The estimated cost of the house, guesthouse, garages and gardeners house on the three acres with the baseball field, docks and boathouse was forty five million dollars. She never in her wildest dreams had ever been inside such a house. The main house had 9 bedrooms with 14 bathrooms. There was a movie room, which seated 20 in plush leather recliners on a large screen with its own popcorn machine.
The house had three kitchens with a walk in freezer, wine cellar and a restaurant size fridge. The 12-burner stainless steel gas stove was restaurant quality. The dinning room seated 16 on a one-piece oak table. The basement had a squash court built into the ground and a full disco with complete sound system and dance floor that could accommodate 50 easily on the floor.
The master bedroom had a bed that was bigger than a king size, with a fire place, sitting area, full Jacuzzi bathtub that could handle 4 people easily, with gold fixtures and marble tiles. The shower had a glass enclosure with 10 nozzles that a f****y of 4 could all shower together without bumping into each other. Each of the bedrooms had its own four- piece bathroom with a separate room for the toilet. There was a servant apartment built into the house with a separate entrance.
Wow! What a house!
They had lunch in the breakfast room, which had a fireplace, mini bar with a sink and a beautiful view of Lake Ontario. The floor to ceiling windows let in the sunshine and it was warm and beautiful all in the same breath.
There conversation was light as they talked of her work, her c***dren and her life so far. He was funny, warm and charming.
He asked if she was free for dinner? When she said yes, he said he would pick her up at 7:00 PM and dress for semi-formal.
She dashed off back home excited and out of breath. The thoughts and the prospects raced through her head. First off what to wear? Second shower, hair, nails, make up and the right fragrance for the evening. She only had two hours!

She tried on six outfits before settling on a the classic black knee length party dress, with a black one strap three inch heels for shoes and a black glitter sequence handbag. She showered and shaved her legs carefully so as to have no nicks or cuts on her legs. She repainted her toenails and took her time with her make up and washed and used the curling iron for her hair.
The stretch limo picked her up and she had never been in one that seated ten people. On one side of the limo was a fully stocked bar. The other side had side facing leather bench seats. The ceiling of the car had a star motif with a ribbon of lights around the entire cab. The back seats were soft and supple and there was a TV with DVD player and a satellite connection with 500 channels. He offered her a drink of Dom Perion and some canopies, which had been made by his private chef. The ride was smooth and the food and conversation was light and easy. He had a way of making her feel beautiful and listened to everything she said with such concentration and interest that it made her feel special. She talked about her k**s and her work and he listened with a smile and genuine interest. The five star restraunts in Toronto was the best meal she had ever had and the menus had great food but no prices. In a restaurant of this quality if you had to ask the price of anything you could not afford it. The six-course meal started with appetizers, soup, salad, pasta, main course, then coffee and deserts. The drinks started with a glass of wine for each course, which perfectly matched and complimented each of the food items. With desert instead of champagne, Ontario ice wine from the Iniskillen Winery in Niagara was provided. The meal was perfect. The conversation was perfect. And he answered each of her questions and inquiries with honest, and sincere answers.
The next part of the evening involved a drive to North of Barrie at the Casino. The Dobbie b*****rs were playing there live and he had front row seats. The concert was perfect, the group sang all their old famous hits, and everyone on the house was up and clapping and singing by the end of the concert. After the concert he asked her if she wanted to visit the casino and since she had never been in one before she said yes. He purchased a tray of three hundred one dollar coins and she began to play the dollar slots. Putting five dollars at a time and pulling the handle she won the triple cherries on this one armed bandit and ended up winning $ 10,000.00. After all the lights and whistles went off she had cash in her handbag for the most money she had ever held 100 one hundred dollar bills.
They left shortly after her big win and the drive home was quiet with all the alcohol she had consumed and the soft music from the 10 speakers in the cab, and the fact this was well past her normal 10:00 PM bed time, she feel asl**p in his arms. He dropped her off at her townhouse and in the quiet of the limo they had a soul full good night kiss, with the promise of a phone call and more to come.
The next morning she awoke to a knock on the door as the florist had delivered 48 long stem roses with a note attached.
It read, “Had a great time, away on business next week will call you when my plane touches down in London.”

What was she to think, she was a single Mother of two with a $150,000.00 mortgage on a detached town house with $1400.00 per month separation payment from her ex. She did not know how to react about the greatest turn of events in her entire life. Was this for real, was it a dream, what would her friends, her c***dren, her Mom and s****r think about the turn in her life.
She had never been so happy in her entire life.
For the next week she floated on air with a silly smile and grin on her face. She felt so alive, so positive. This was a definite upturn in the cycle of life, which had been so down for the past 5 years.

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