The Couple's Massage

I lay back on the sun lounger and enjoyed the feeling of the sun warming skin. It was in the high thirties and I was feeling relaxed on our f****y holiday in Turkey. My husband, James, was playing nicely in the pool with our c***dren, and letting me sit back and watch them having fun.

I had noticed that in reception they had advertised a k**s club, and I thought it would be a nice surprise if the next morning I booked our two boys in and arranged for us both to have a massage in the hotel’s beautiful spa.

I made the excuse of needing to get something from our room, and took a walk down the spa to book our massages. The spa was absolutely beautiful. It was dimly lit by candles and had no artificial light at all, and had relaxing music playing in the background. It was decorated in rich and modern natural woods and slate, and made me feel relaxed immediately. I noticed a dark, handsome man standing behind reception and went up to ask for a list of the treatments available. He looked at me intently as I approached, before smiling.

“Hello Madam, how may I help you?” he asked in his strong Turkish accent.

“I’m looking to book a massage for my husband and I tomorrow morning, and wondered if you had any availability?” I said.

For some reason I felt myself starting to blush under his intense stare. He was ruggedly good looking, tall and muscular – everything I found attractive. He was dressed in just a white robe, but at the front, I could see he had a lovely hairy and tanned chest. He was making it quite clear that he found me attractive, and this made me feel slightly self conscious. I was usually confident in my looks - I’m in my late twenties, and although I had two c***dren, I had made sure I had taken care of myself and kept the same body I had before the c***dren. I also still had my waist length wavy blonde hair that my husband loved. I wished that I had dressed more appropriately before coming down to the spa, but instead I just had on my bikini with a transparent white linen shirt and sandals. The shirt and bikini left very little to the imagination and I could see him casting his eyes over my round, firm breasts, down my slim waist and tanned stomach to my hips and full behind. I found myself pleased with his reaction to me and my confidence began to grow as we casually flirted while he booked us both in for the following morning.

“So, I have booked your husband for a Thai massage with Mai Ling” he said pointing to a beautiful and petite Thai girl with long black hair, “and you are booked in for our Indian hot oil massage with me, Okan, at the same time”, he said.

“Oh, I didn’t realise you did the treatments yourself. I thought it would be with a woman masseuse”.

He smiled and said “No, I specialise in your chosen treatment. Don’t worry, you’ll find it very relaxing”.

I walked away feeling rather perplexed by the last comment. It was laced with lots of innuendo, but could also be perfectly innocent.

All evening I felt uneasy at the prospect of the man I had met earlier rubbing my body all over with oil. I lay in the bath thinking of how it would feel to have his hands rubbing my back, over my firm bum and down the back of my thighs. I shaved my legs and pussy, making sure I was completely hair free. I wanted my skin to feel silky soft under his touch. I had a mixture of trepidation and excitement going to bed that night, and the two together meant I hardly got any sl**p.

The next morning James and I dropped the c***dren off at the k**s club and walked hand in hand towards the spa. He had been very excited at the prospect of a massage, and even more so when I let slip I had booked him a Thai massage with a beautiful Oriental girl. I didn’t mention anything about the guy who would be doing my massage. I knew this would only ignite jealousy.

We arrived at reception and a young Turkish girl took our names and led us through to the changing rooms. She gave us a tiny white muslin cloth to wrap around our waists to cover our modesty and thick white toweling robe to go over the top. Once we were changed, we walked outside and waited in reception. I was feeling very nervous, and part of me was hoping that someone else would come and collect me for the massage.

Just then, the door opened and both Okan and the Thai girl came out to collect us. He was staring at me with the same intensity as the day before, and I felt my knees go weak as I stood to follow him. I turned around to see James being led off by Mai Ling. He was obviously looking forward to his massage as much as I was, given the smile on his face. He turned quickly and said, “See you in an hour Sweetheart”, and with that both entered our rooms.

Okan led me into a beautiful oak paneled room, lit by candles and infused with the scent of burning oils. In the middle of the room was a large massage table covered in clean white towels. I went over to the leather seat in the corner to sit down and take off my slippers, and as I sat I heard the sound of the lock faintly clicking. Ours eyes met for split second but neither of us said anything. I knew that if he overstepped the mark or made me feel uncomfortable at anytime I could either unlock the door myself or scream for help, but something inside me knew that would not be necessary.

I felt him come and stand behind me and his hands come round my sides. I gave a yelp. “What do you think you are doing?” I asked.

“Relax. I’m just undoing your robe. Here, let me take it and then lay face down on the bed. I’ll turn my back until you are ready.”

I felt stupid for having been startled so easily by him and so let him take my robe. I stood there with just my small muslin wrap around my waist and hips, my breasts totally uncovered. I lay on the bed on my tummy and pulled my long hair into a twirl at my side. I told myself to relax and try and enjoy the massage, and that I was being silly by reading too much into the guy’s comments. After all, my husband was only in the next room.

Suddenly he was standing at my head and his large warm hands began to firmly rub hot scented oil down my back. He was standing so close to me that with every breath I took I could smell his clean, yet manly scent. I found myself inhaling deeply the smell of his gorgeous man who was now working his hands down to the base of my back. He was leaning over my head and I realized that his cock was being pressed against the top of my head. It felt strange to be so close to a man other than my husband, but not unpleasant. I felt his hand glide over the globes of each of my bum cheeks and back up my back. I was no longer uncomfortable with his touch or closeness. I was actually enjoying the feeling.

After a short time, I felt him move to the side of the bed and take up my leg in his hand, working from my foot up my calf to my thigh. I realized that from this angle he would be able to see everything under my muslin wrap. My cheeks were barely covered and my pussy would have been partly on display. I tried to block this thought out as best I could, but it was very difficult. He was slowly rubbing his strong hands up my leg to my full round bum, each time going a little higher with his hands. His oiled hands were sliding up and down along the inside of my thighs, and I felt his fingers momentarily run up the side of my pussy and back across my cheeks lifting the cloth entirely of my bum. I gasped at the intimacy, but didn’t react. I was surprised at how turned on I was beginning to feel by the situation. It was obvious that he was staring at my bum and pussy, his hands massaging the bottom of my cheeks and tops of thighs, opening them up each time his hands rubbed across them. I adjusted myself so that I slightly opened my legs to give him a better view. I felt him rub up my legs and then touch my pussy lightly with the tips of his fingers from front to back, testing the water to gauge my reaction. When he realised that I was not going to stop him I felt him slowly slip his finger between my lips and push deeply in my tight wet hole. He kept it still for what felt like an age, while his other hand massaging my cheeks, before pulling it out and sliding it back in.

His fingers felt sublime in my pussy and I found my legs opening even wider so he could watch his fingers working their way in and out of my oiled covered lips. He was now forcing his second thick finger in and out of my body. I raised my hand and found his rock hard cock at my side. It felt huge in my hand, its head large and swollen and desperate for relief. I wrapped my hand around it began massaging it. I pulled his waist closer to my head so I could suck on his head while he continued to work his fingers in me. He tasted and smelt so good. I was sucking as much of him in my mouth as I could, as I wanted him as big and hard as I could make him. Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and got on the bed behind me. He straddled me and kissed my neck from behind and I raised my head and bum simultaneously to meet him. I was desperate to feel him in me. He had made me so wet, I was desperate to cum all over his massive cock. He sat up and opened my checks while still straddling me and rubbed his head up and down my lips. He slowly applied pressure and I felt my lips open as he f***ed himself deep within me. I felt totally impaled by him. His cock was thick and long and was stretching me wide inside. I knew that my pussy would feel tight and juicy around his cock, his foreskin being pulled back tightly each time he re-entered me. He was enjoying the view of my pink, hair free lips being f***ed open by his hard cock, and I could only imagine how good it would have looked. I pushed one hand underneath myself so I could touch my clitoris while he fucked me. Just a few seconds of touching myself and I felt my orgasm rising. He thrusts were becoming harder and deeper and I knew he too was on the brink. He held my hips roughly in his hands and plunged his entire length in me and out of me roughly, and through the pleasure and pain I felt spurt after spurt of hot his cum pour out in to me. That was enough to bring me to orgasm, my pussy clenched around him and milked every last bit of cum out of his balls. He lay down on top of me, kissing my neck and stroking my skin. Our bodies now relaxed, satisfied and fulfilled

He climbed off the bed and helped me up. I felt lightheaded and dizzy. He kissed me gently on the mouth and thanked me. I was unable to speak, so I just laid my head on his chest for a moment. It was now quiet in the room and I thought I could hear the muffled sound of a male in what sounded like ecstasy in one of the nearby rooms. I panicked, hoping that I had not been vocal myself during sex. He then led me to the adjacent room where a bubble bath was waiting for me to wash all of the oil off my body. I stepped in and lay there for some time, relishing the warm water which was relieving ache in my pussy.

There was a knock at the door and I heard Okan open it and greet my husband. He led him in, smiled at me and left the room.

“How was your massage Honey?” James asked.

“Amazing, how was yours?” I asked.

“Oh, she was very good”.

He seemed rather coy with his answer and so I could sense that something similar may well have occurred during his massage. I felt a pang of jealously, but who told myself it would be better if neither of us knew the full extent of what happened over the last hour. After all, what good would it do? So I just put the experience to the back of my mind and looked forward to the rest of our holiday.

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1 year ago
Loved it. Well written and very hot.
1 year ago
Amazing! Just posted a very similar experience I had very recently!
3 years ago
Outstand story. So hot!
3 years ago
Very erotic. Now, I'm eager to hear hubby's side of the story! ;-)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Hot. My wife ould sure like that nt to mention myself