How I brought out the inner Slut in Linda and turn

I could feel her quiver beside me as her knees buckled just slightly. She grabbed my arm tightly, "Take me to your car and fuck me right now."
"God, you have me so turned on I just want to come. Please make me come."
I smiled as I asked her, " Right here? In front of my friend Andre's house? " Leaning forward half whispered, "What if someone saw us? What if Andre opened the door and saw me fucking you right on his door step? That wouldn't be very lady like would it?" I was enjoying playing with my shiny new toy.
The idea of being caught sent her closer to the edge. She reached for my cock, grasping it roughly through my jeans, "I'm not a lady, I'm your slut! Use me. Fuck me. Take me. I'll do whatever you want, just fuck me."
With a supreme effort I gently pushed her away, rang the door bell and said, "Andre and I will both be fucking you soon."
Her eyes opened just a bit as the clarity of reality came rushing foreword. She was going to be fucked by 2 men, used like a fuck toy, a slut. I could see her question if she really wanted it. This was the moment of truth. If she entered through the doorway she knew exactly what I expected. Would she turn away?
The door was flung open and Andre's frame filled the doorway, his voice booming a greeting of hello. After a quick hand shake I turned to look at Linda, who know stood demurely to my side.
"Andre, I'd like you to meet Linda. Linda, this is Andre."
Like the true gentleman I make it my custom to hang around with he gently took her hand, "Linda it is a pleasure to meet you. I've heard quite a bit about you and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt you are far more beautiful than I've been told. Come in. Please." He stepped aside and, without the slightest hesitation Linda crossed the door way into Andre's apartment literally and into her new life figuratively.
Andre's apartment was a nice 1-bedroom place with the living room just off to the left of the doorway, a hall leading to the bedroom and bathroom directly ahead and the kitchen/dining area just to the right. The living room held a rectangular glass table sat low to ground, surrounded by a couch against the windowed wall that also held the doorway, 2 large leather seats, a large TV and an ottoman just off to the side. Andre plopped down into one of the large chairs. Linda sat in the chair directly across from him. Good girl. That left the couch to myself.
The music from Andre's stereo added a smooth back drop to our conversation. We chit chatted for a bit. I was glad to see the two of them get along so well. I was also glad to see Andre's eyes continually divert down her body. Linda was doing a masterful job of crossing and uncrossing her legs. In fact, she was doing such a good job of teasing both of us it made me question if she had done this before.
At a lull in the conversation I looked Linda directly in the eyes. Speaking to Andre I said in loud, clear voice, " So Andre, how do you like Linda's pussy?"
Not missing a beat Andre said, "I love it. She likes showing it off and I like looking."
Andre and I laughed as Linda's face turned bright red but her legs, I noticed, opened up just slightly more. "Why are you showing my friend your pussy Linda?"
"Because you told me to," she said in a small, quiet voice.
" Because you told me to..." I trailed off, obviously waiting for the Sir to follow.
Linda looked at me unable to come up with the word I was looking for. She wanted to please me. She wanted to be a good girl. She edged up in her seat, her knees spreading farther apart but she couldn't decide what I wanted at that moment. She was lost in lust, her mind clouded by the new sensations filling her head.
"Because you told me to, sir."
"Are you my slut, Linda?"
"Yes sir"
"Tell Andre what you are."
"I am sirs' slut. His fuck toy."
"Linda, stand and remove your clothes but keep the heels on." Without hesitation but with shaky legs Linda took off her dress and bra. She folded her dress and placed it carefully on her chair, the bra on top. There she stood, naked. Her hands to her side, back straight. The insides of her thighs glistened with dew. God, she was beautiful.
I stood and from my pocket withdrew a black leather collar. The collar was narrow, the better to show off my pet's graceful neck. The leather had been worked to a softness that made it comfortable to the skin. It was all black except for the silver clasp at the back. From the corner of my eye I could see Andre sitting back enjoying the show.
"Linda do you know what this is?"
"A collar, sir"
"Yes, but to be precise this is your collar. When I put this collar on around your neck you will no longer be Linda when we are in private. You will be slut, slave, sex doll, fuck toy or whatever else I choose to call you. When we are in public I will continue to call you by your given name unless the situation demands other. But when we are in private you are here for my use and pleasure. Understand?"
"Yes sir"
"Do you want your collar on?"
"Yes sir," she whispered.
"Do you know what I'm going to make you do when you put it on slut?"
"...yes sir..."
"Fuck you and Andre." Andre's smile broadened at the mention of his name.
"Do you want to fuck us both?"
"Yes sir"
I placed the collar around her slender neck. "Prove it toy."
Again my beautiful, precious Linda surprised me. She was truly the woman of my dreams. She began to dance to the soft music, running her fingers through her hair, down her checks, over her breasts pausing to tweak her already rock hard nipples. I sat back down, taking in the site of my gorgeous girlfriend writhing like the passionate play thing she aspired to be for me. At some point, as she danced, Andre and I moved the coffee table so Linda could have more room. Soon she was on her back, arching her back, spreading her legs as wide as she could.
"Please sir, I'm so horny. Let me fuck you, while I suck on Andre's cock. Let me suck both your cocks. Please I need to come."
"Suck my cock slut."
As if the floor was on fire she jumped from her laying position to kneel between my legs. Unbuttoning my jeans Linda slid them to the floor and off. Throwing them to the side she practically attacked my cock, taking as much in as she could in the first fell swoop. It took all my will power to finally command her to stop and tell her to suck Andre. Again she jumped at the chance to prove her sluttyness. As she attacked Andres cock I moved behind her, playfully slapping that perfect ass. I pinched her pussy lips, squeezing the juice as from a an orange onto my hand. Her nipples became my rock hard play things to flick and grab as I continued to swat her ass and the insides of her thighs. Roughly I spread her legs so her knees were splayed apart. She had to rest herself on Andres thighs or be impaled by his large, thick cock. Andre, in the meantime, had grabbed a handful of Linda's hair and was using it as leverage to move my fuck-doll's head where he wanted.
Smacking the insides of her thighs I gathered her fuck juice and smeared it in and around her tight puckered anus. She must've sensed what was coming next even though we had not yet enjoyed anal sex for she arched her back and moaned. Slowly testing the waters I pushed a finger in to her ass. Then two. Pushing in and back, taking long fluid strokes. All the while I continued to squeeze and fondle her clit and pussy lips with my other hand. By the time I had 2 fingers from my right all the way in her ass and my thumb from my left hand swirling around inside her juicy pussy I could feel her tense as if about to come. I pulled the fingers of both my hands loose. Roughly grabbed both her hips and impaled my cock as deep as humanly possible in to her open, waiting ass. She cried out in some pain but mostly from pleasure from the orgasm that had been building for the last hour. Like a tidal wave crashing to the shore her body shook with delight. Screaming she tried to lift her head from Andre's cock but he held her head in place as he too began to cum. Her ass, thighs, every muscle I could see on her finely shaped body contracted. I couldn't take it anymore. The sight of my beautiful slut getting her mouth filled as she came, the feeling of her wonderful ass milking my cock, the pure a****l smell of sex that hung in the air...I came too.
Afterwards we collapsed, Andre into his chair, me onto my back and Linda clasped in my arms, her head on my shoulder. "You were beautiful, fantastic." I whispered to her as she smiled closed her eyes and gently fell asl**p on my shoulder. I stared down at her gorgeous face as she drifted into a blissful slumber. I had to laugh in my head as I thought to myself," she has no idea this night is far from over."
After a few minutes I called up to Andre, who himself had closed his eyes in a short nap," You ready to hit up Gotham?"
"We're still going to the strip club over on Sherman Way?" My buddy asked.
"Yep, I've got plans," I smiled.

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1 year ago
Found it! ;) very hot, I'm positively slippery over here
1 year ago
I like that- I'm your slut. Use me fuck me take me. I'll do whatever you want just fuck me;)
1 year ago
So pussy is wet I would love for my master to do this