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I'm:Nalani Wall, 32
From:Bismarck, North Dakota, United States
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Kids:No, but want some
Occupation:Registered Medical Assistant
Education:Associate degree (2 years college)
Star sign:Scorpio
Physical Information
Body type:Average
Height:5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Hair length:Long
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Blue
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Update 6-22-14

as you may have noticed my profile says Lesbian now, That Means I am only looking for Women & Trans-Women. Guys I am Sorry but I have been hurt a lot by Men in the last few years and I taking a break from your gender (this will be my Choice for the foreseeable future unless something Major Happens to change my mind) I am now placing my hopes on finding a Women or Trans-Women to spend the rest of my life with someday (sooner rather then latter would be wonderful)!!

girl is a un-owned submissive. girl is looking for a Domme (female or trans) who might be wanting a live in submissive (maid, human pet, live in fuck doll or any other type of submissive can me discussed, maybe even LTR if it comes up latter on). girl has moved to Bismarck, ND from Houston, TX. Please message her if you are interested. ~bow~ Thank You!!

**WARNING**: Sydney University and all other institutions &/or individuals using this site or its associated sites for projects or personal - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy & will be subject to legal action.

**Please send girl a message before sending her a friend invite.**

This girls name is Nalani.

This girl is a Pre-op M2F Transgendered, has been working & living full time as a female for over 6 years now & started hormones on 10-12-2011. girl stands 5’7’’, has long blonde hair & lovely blue eyes. girls breast are currently a small A cup. girl can be very shy at first but tends to open up quickly. girl guides my life by the love in her heart & the lust in her mind (it's very dirty in there!! giggle). she a girl in my mind and when she looks at myself in the mirror. ***girl is not a Sissy or a CD so if you want one of those then please look elsewhere.*** girls clit is only there for going to the bathroom & for future owners use as far as she is concerned.
girl is a 100% submissive bottom, that lives to serve & is happiest in a collar. girl never top's, Dom's or switch's. girl has tried it, but really don't like it. girl felt wrong & out of place in those roles.

girl lived her life from birth until I turned 25 pretending to be a guy (this was not by choice mind you). girl realized when she was 16 (maybe younger, but that is when girl began to understand her feelings better) that she was meant to be a girl & spent the years since learn the things about being a girl that she didn't learn when she was younger & theirs still stuff she need & want to learn but could some help learning. So for girls own mental health she plans to have the SRS surgery when she can afford it (unless she get lucky & they start doing sex organ transplants).

girl had a car wreck in 2009 that screwed up my left arm & that side of my neck so when I play certain modifications must be made from time to time (girls injury is healed but has been known to act up from time to time, but this is rare now days).

***Lifestyles girl Is Involved In.***

girl has been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for about 15 years (please keep in mind the first 2 years, 16-18, girl spent researching on the internet) & have had Dom's, Domme's, & Master’s, Mistress's, boyfriend's, girlfriend's & lover's. girl even still talks to some of them & except for those who have burned or hurt girl over the years. girl still cares & loves the ones who treated her good very deeply because that is the kind of person girl is. If it wasn't for them girl would not have been able to keep trying to find a Long Term Owner. To those of you who are part of that group girl wish's to say thank you & that she will always love you no matter who she is with. girl has enjoyed every minute of the BDSM lifestyle & intend to continue being part of it for the foreseeable future.

girl is a diaper lover!! girl's current favorite diapers are pull-ups style girls Goodnights(but that's more to do with the fact that girl can just buy those at the store). girl loves the way they feel when she wears them. girl has only pee in them when she has wet herself while sleeping in them. ~blush~ It is rare but girl has wet the bed from time to time. girl would love to try the full Adult Baby experience at least once someday.

**Spanking/Fisting/Big Toys**
girl loves to have my pussy (ass) played with! girl loves to have it spanked, fingered, fisted, stuffed with big toys, fucked (with cock or dildo) & eaten like the pussy it is!! girl is clean most (if not all) of the time for her own health.

**Puppy/Pony Girl**
girl is a puppy/pony girl! girl would love to be a little puppy or pony for her new Owner. girl would love to be given baths, groomed & played with. girl would love to curl up at her New Owner’s feet or in their lap. girl would be willing to be used for sex with other puppies &/or ponies. girl is still somewhat new to this lifestyle but really love it so far. girl tend to be more puppy girl then pony girl although this is changing as she learns more about being a pony girl.

**Rope Play**
girl loves to be tied up. Japanese rope bondage is girls favorite kind, but any kind of bondage works for girl. girl really loves the loss of control and the sense of helplessness when she is tied up! girl would love to try suspension as well someday.

**Little One/Age Play**
I am a little trans-babygirl! I love to dress in cute dresses, play with Daddy when I am a good girl and punished when I am a bad girl! I always loved the idea of being used by a Daddy, Mommy, Older Sister or Older Brother as their little sex toy! Having them teach her about sex the fun way!

**Rape Play**
The thought of being forcefully taken in a public place makes girl very horny! Being forced to have sex by someone she doesn't know (rape play, so girl would know the person in truth) is one of girls biggest fantasies.

**Forced Part Slut**
girl would love to be taken to a party (regular/swinger/BDSM) & be used by everyone there! Filling both of girls holes with cocks & dildos!!! girls ass spankied until it is good & red (maybe even more if her future owner would wish it)!!!

***Who girl Is***
girl is a goth/punk/grunge kind of girl that loves pink, dark red, dark green & black. girl is very feminine but can be a little tomboyish sometimes, although that tends to be when girl is working on her SUV or when she is sick (not want to get good clothes dirty), but what would you expect form a girl who has owned 2 Ford Ranger's (girl currently owns a Ford Explorer XLT) & was born in Texas! ~giggle~

girl loves leather, rubber, latex & lace. girl loves motorcycles, trucks & fast cars. girl loves tattoos & piercings, hope to get more of both someday. girl loves to wear high heels (would love a pair of ballet calf boots someday), short skirts, tight jeans, tight tiny shorts, tight t shirts, tank tops & short low cut dress most of the time. girl tends to dress sweet, sexy or sometimes just plain slutty! girls favorite type of panties are thongs and G-strings or none at all!

girl has an addiction to Big Black Cocks (aka Queen of Spades, girl prefers them to be on Trans-Women, but girls New Owner when she gets one would always come before girls love of BBC!!)) but any cock or dildo will do if its big enough (yes girl is a size queen)!

girl is not a push over. If someone wants her to do something she doesn't like (Small chance of that though girl is really opens minded!!!) she will say something. If it is something girl has never tried or something she never thought she would be interested in she will try it at least once. girl knows what she want from the people who are allowed to use her, but she is always willing to extend her limits.

*What girl Is looking for!*

I am looking for a Women to date and have a LTR with if possible.

girl is looking for Mistress/Domme/Mommy to serve. girl is looking to be a fulltime submissive/slave/pet/kajira for the right Women. girl is interested in a LTR if it should happen at some point.

I am looking for a Trans-Women to date and have a LTR with if possible.

girl is looking for a Trans-Women/Domme/Mommy to serve. girl is looking to be a fulltime submissive/slave/pet/kajira for the right Tran-Women. girl is interested in a LTR if it should happen at some point.

girl is interested in finding CD's & TV's to have as friends and maybe playmates.

girl is not looking for men at all currently (and might not be for the foreseeable future). Not as friend, not as playmates and not for dating. To the Male Friends girl already has, she still likes you and wants to stay friends!!

***Things That Drive Me Wild & Make Me Wet!!!***
* Love Big Cocks (9in+)!!!
* Big Black Cock (on Tran-Women)!!!
* Black Women, Tran-Women!!
* Smooth or well-trimmed pussy's!
* Big tits on girls & Trans (Keep in mind girl thinks all tits are sexy & fun)!
* Tattoos & piercings!
* Vampire & Werewolves!
* Cum (Women's, Tran-Women's!!

***Thing That Turn Me Off!***
* Hair nuts!
* Shit!
* People who don't read girls profile before sending her a message!!
* People who try to Dom girl in their first message!!

My safe word is ***RIBBIT***!
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Thanks for the add
2 months ago
Thanks for the add Girlfriend
3 months ago
sorry to hear about what happen with you and done to you by men , i apologize for that for been a man my self and i apologize for not staying in touch that much with you
i hope you doing good with your new choice in life and everything working fine with you :)
wish you all the best
3 months ago
Sweetie take care xoxo
4 months ago
U look sexy
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Hi Bry, thank you for accepting me here on Xhamster as a friend. Greetings Patricia xx
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Hi Nalani Wall, you are a sexy babe. I simply say times hello. It's very hot here.
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Thanks for the add.oxoxo
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Very sexy profile, hon. :)
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c2c my skype: gh_wolf
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I love your pics & vids. Your ass looks so hot in thongs. I love watching you push all of your huge dildos in your bum. More thong pics plz!!
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Email me sexy
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you are awesome
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hi sexy
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Thanks for your friendship and your hot sexy avatar !
Please, have a look at my selfmade video :
I need to be your slut whore submitted to all you whims !
I'd love to become addict to your intimate smells !
Could we swap some smelly PANTS or pantyhoses ?Contact me on Skype : angela-on-cam
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My my, such a naughty girl
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awesome profile
very cute gal
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I always wanted u to suck my dick
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hi my sweet,
you look very sweet
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sexy sexy
1 year ago
you are beautiful and so sexy and very hot
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you look amazing!
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U are so SEXY honey !
I hope u accept my invite !
1 year ago
you look so beautiful
1 year ago
hello beauty when thou shalt bring forth a new video?
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Hi honey u are sexy!
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Very nice profile
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Very sexy , we should chat sometime....

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