His fantasy will cum true...

Yeeees ur sex thoughts fantasy
I have a couple
Do tell.
Please be very descriptive
I would like to take you to a strip club once... Get a couple of drinks in you so you would feel comfortable .....
Buy you some lap dances
Of course you would be wearing a skirt an some boy shorts
No bra
As you get comfortable... Am thinking about asking the DJ to play birthday sex...... Have you get up an him introduce you as cinnamon or caramel..... Ill walk
you up to the stage
I can imagine him saying " by special request lets everyone welcome caramel to the stage !........ She will be making her 1st debut ..... You are ALL in for a
You walk up in your heels to the stage
Now daddy I have ur permission to peel my clothes off one at time ?
Yes... You do I hear ppl start yelling an applauding you
The song bday sex comes on
An you start to work the pole
Yess ... Keep going
You split the pole with your ass cheeks bending down touching your toes and the floor showing everyone how flexible
You are
Keeping your legs straight an arching your back as you come back up
One hand maintaining contact with your body....tracing your inner legs
Your ride your skirt higher showing your boy shorts
Inner thoughts
Up your tummy an between your titties
Up your neck an ending in your mouth.... Sucking on your finger
I hear ppl yelling DAYUM!
The DJ says "caramel! Caramel! Looking SEXY as ever!"
I always wanted to jump and slid down the pole upside down and legs out
Your stil leaned up against the pole.... You start to slide down the pole with you back to it
And crawl on my hands n knees toward u. Ur sitting near the stage couple other ppl around u watch me as I come closer n go head down n ur lap n my ass in ur face as I spread my legs open wider . No ever smells me including u
Hiking up your skirt
Legs open
Your in my lap ... I can others watching you an getting up close to take a look... I see dollar bills being thrown at your big ass
Mmm yes
The DJ reminds them that they can only watch not touch ... An the dancer is the only one who can touch
I came back up and I can see they wanted more so I slowly start unbuttoning my blouse
;-) .... I hear show them breasts
As you do that I look at the guy next to me ... And place a $5 bill in the rail in front of him
On the rail in front of him
Mmm that could only mean one thing
Walk rite over to him and slip the rest of my blouse turn around drop it to the floor and and make sure it's close enough that I can feel him breathing on it
Drop my ass to the floor* as I raise up slower
An more bills fly over towards you

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9 months ago
Would love to hear the conclusion to this scenario.
1 year ago
Awesome story...