Mom tells About Her Anal Joys

It was a lazy day of summer, where the heat of afternoon sun made the world stop moving and lying out on the deck sipping iced tea was the most important thing anyone could do. That’s exactly what Anita and Sharon were doing, but with small tidbits of conversation thrown in.

“So, when was the first time you tried anal sex?” Sharon asked.

“Well aren’t you just discreet!” Anita laughed. “Could you be anymore direct?”

“You said that I could ask you anything.” Sharon stated pointing her finger at Anita.

“I did, didn’t I?” Anita paused. “I guess that I was 16 or 17. It was a boy from high school, but I was playing for years before that.”

“Playing? Like in doing yourself?” Sharon queried.

“Yup, I started fairly young. I guess I’ve liked anal for a very long time.” Anita said.

“How did you start…? I mean, how did you discover you like it?” Sharon looked over to her friend.

“Like anyone I guess.” Anita started. “I used my finger at first, and then slowly progressed.”

“What was the first thing you tried to get up your butt?”

Anita laughed as she recalled. “…it was a Vicks nasal inhaler for colds! The tube was about 3 inches long and as thick as my thumb… but, it felt much larger once I got it inside my bum!”

Sharon laughed hard. “Did it hurt?”

“A little bit at first,” Anita took a sip of tea, “once it was in, I was so thrilled that I came almost immediately! Eventually, it was so easy that I could keep it inside all day.”

“All day? Did you go to school with it?”

“Sure did… or at least I tried.” Anita stated. “I felt pretty sluttish… It felt good!”

“You’re not a slut!” Sharon joked. “Maybe a little whorish… but not a slut!”

“I guess the next thing was the handle of my hairbrush. That was good for a long time. The end was rounded and tapered, then got larger again and tapered back down near the bristles. I could push it as deep as the bristles and keep it inside without holding it with my hand.” Anita explained.

“Wow… cool!” Sharon exclaimed. “So, did you just kneel on the bed or floor?”

“Both, sometimes I would squat over it and take it in that way.” Anita stated.

“Then what?”

“Well, the handle of the toilet brush, carrots, then wine bottles and stuff.” Anita confessed openly. “That was well before any cocks went in there!”

Sharon shifted in her chair. “So what was the biggest thing you took up your ass?”

“Hmm?” Anita thought, “I’ve done some good size cocks, but, I would have to say my hand.”

“You can do anal fisting!” Sharon asked shocked.

“Just started. I can get my fingers and thumb in up to the knuckles. I find that reaching around my fat ass a bit hard… but I’m working on it!”

“How does it feel?”

“Wonderfully full!” Anita said smiling.

Off in the distance, two houses over a voice called for Sharon by name. She looked up then checked her watch. Sharon placed her half empty glass on the patio table and slipped her sandals on.

“That’s mom!” Sharon said rising up from her chair.

“Oh well… we can always chat later.” Anita commented.

“I’d like to hear more. I figure that having some boy fuck me in the ass is a lot safer pregnancy-wise.” Sharon said. “And besides, most of the girl’s my age are doing it and the guys kinda like it.”

“It’s a skill that’s never too early to learn!” Anita said putting her arm around Sharon’s shoulder.

“You won’t tell my mom anything… will you?”

“Lips are sealed. If you want, I can show you some things in private.” Anita started. “Sometimes it’s easier to see than explain.”

“Thanks Mrs. MacKaskill! I’d like that if you’re okay with it!” Sharon beamed.

“Anytime my dear! Anytime.”


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3 years ago
Thank you for letting us in on the sexy discussion. I still haven't had anal sex, but one time at school i did have a butt plug in me all morning.