Amy's Dad

The silver grey SUV pulled into Amy’s driveway and coasted to a slow halt. Amy said her goodbyes to her friend Maria, and thanked Maria’s mom once more for driving her home at this late hour. It had been Maria’s birthday and the day was filled with a picnic bar-b-que at the park, swimming at the pool and about 20 other gal-pals from school.

Amy waved to the car as it left, and walked the cobble stone path to the front door. She paused to smell a fragrant deep red tea-rose blossom her mom planted last year, and smiled with a good and comfortable fatigue from the long day. Letting herself in, she tossed her light jacket, hand-clutch and keys on the bureau and headed upstairs for her room and bed.

The hallway was dark, except for a bright slice of light emanating from under her parent’s bedroom door. She assumed that her dad was in bed reading, as he did most nights. Amy’s mom had left for the week, taking her b*****r in tow, to help out Amy’s grandmother who was recovering from hip replacement surgery.

She made a note to tell her dad that she was back home, but first wanted to get out of her day-grubby clothes, rinse out her bathing suit and grab a quick shower. In the dark of her room, Amy disrobed, depositing her clothing into the laundry hamper. She turned her bra back to her front affording her the ease of undoing the clasps, and peeled her hot sweaty underwear off.

Donning her mint green robe, Amy loosely tied the sash, gathered the still damp bathing suit, and made her way to the bathroom. She paused by her parent’s room and lightly tapped on the door. Receiving no acknowledgment she tapped once again, and called to her dad inside. The door not having been securely shut, popped open a crack… just enough for Amy to look inside.

Craning her eye around the door frame, Amy peered inside and called once more for her dad. She could see that the TV was on, but muted, and see the edge of the bed with her dad’s bare feet fidgeting on the comforter. Leaning closer, Amy’s forehead accidentally pushed the door open a little wider, and her eyes grew ten-fold in size.

Her dad was laying supine on the queen sized bed, his legs askew and was diligently stroking his large thick erect cock. His free hand cupped his scrotum, gently manipulating his testicles in rhythm with his stroking hand. Amy gasped aloud and immediately jumped back into the hall’s shadows fearing that she might have been heard.

Amy’s dad continued to masturbate, totally enraptured in his endeavour to make himself cum that he paid no attention, and was unaware of his daughter’s presence. Amy had seen boy’s cocks before; she had even seen them hard and had several times even jerked a boy off as they made out.

The web had provided her with a multitude of photos and videos of all differing men of all sizes, and quantities of solo and partnered cum shots that boggled the mind… but never in her wildest imagination had she ever imagined seeing her own father playing with himself. Amy never imagined that her father even did such things!

As shocked as Amy seemed to be, she also found the scene slightly provoking in a weird respect. It was definitely something that she should not be seeing, but the taboo surrounding it intrigued her and stopped her from walking away.

Involuntarily, Amy’s body began to respond by swelling her small breasts tightly, firming her tiny nipples and engorging her vulva with lubricating moisture. She had no control over the sexual reaction her body prepared her for, and for that she felt slightly embarrassed and ashamed.

Deep down, she had to admit to herself that her dad’s cock was incredibly large and rather handsome to look at. From what she could see, it was almost as thick as her wrist, thickly veined and topped by a most impressive and shapely head. The colour varied from a deep sensual red to something more flesh like. It was dappled with warm browns and flecks of a dark purple where the sinuous thread of veins came near the surface.

She tried to imagine her mother being impaled by her dad’s cock, or any other woman for that matter, being able to accommodate something that large within her body. Amy knew from her sex-ed classes that a woman’s vagina was remarkably elastic and resilient as proved by natural c***d birth, but she still found it almost unbelievable trying to visualize herself even getting her dad’s massive head within her own pussy.

His strokes were even and firm, his foreskin almost covering the entire head with its upward movement. Amy licked her top lip, mesmerized by the sight. Her nipples were now hard to the point of aching in a good way, and she crossed her legs tightly, wrapping one around the other to apply pressure to her youthful mound.

Amy squeezed her thighs in an alternating fashion until she could sense the pleasurable arousal radiating from her hidden clitoris. Her dad began stroking himself even harder and much faster, his knees raised and feet thrashing about spasmodically. Amy knew he was about to cum, and so was she.

A thick whitish spurt erupted from her dad’s cock, riding a high arc away from him. Amy watched as he continued to milk his erection, attempting to relieve himself from its entire contents. Amy felt a burst from her clitty, a toe curling wave that thundered through her. She came almost at the same time as her dad.

Her dad now lay relaxed and content on the bed, his hand still holding his ever softening cock. His cum glistened in the room’s light and he had spilled his seed well and very plentifully. Amy took a small step back from the door, her body still vibrating from her own orgasm. Slowly, she moved even farther back, eventually turning to walk quickly to the bathroom’s solitude.

She rinsed her bathing suit in the sink, wrung it out the best she could manage and threw it over the shower door to dry. Amy decided to pass on taking a shower, her mind revolving in a tumult of emotions and images still ingrained in her mind. She wanted to be alone, alone in her bedroom to try and process what had just happened and come to terms with what she had seen and her reactions to it.

Opening the bathroom door, Amy walked right into her dad. “Oh… umm, sorry!” She muttered.

“I didn’t know you were home,” Her dad smiled. “Did you have a good time?”

“Umm, a good time?” Amy asked completely distracted.

“Yeah, at Maria’s birthday party – you know, have fun like in ‘having fun?’ Her dad joked.

“Yeah, it was ok, I mean, sure… I had a real good time. I’m going to bed, I’m pretty tired.”

Her dad stepped into the bathroom, and just before closing the door, he said, “See you later!”

Amy almost broke a smile. In her opinion; she had already ‘seen’ way too much of her dad tonight.


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