Clitty Jill for Money

To say that Danielle was nervous would be the understatement of the century. She had gone beyond being anxious hours ago, and no reassurance given to her was going to make much of a difference. If she thought she had any other options, there would be no way she would be standing here today.

Danielle was already behind on one mortgage payment, not to mention the electrical bill and her car needing repairs. Money was so tight since losing her job, but she always made sure that her two babies were fed and clothed. The twins were the love of her life, and as a single mother, she would do absolutely anything for them.

Hence, the reason she waited in the dinning room of a very luxurious apartment, flicking her French manicured nails with an almost annoying repetition. Danielle paced the floor in her bare feet, the deep pile pushing up between her toes. She could no longer contain herself and wished to burn off the excess energy.

This was a bizarre way to earn some extra cash, but it beat the alternative and she was scared to death of hooking up with strangers. Her good friend Paula was looking after the twins, and was actually the person who suggested this, having partaken of the work last year. Danielle trusted Paula, listened to her reasoning behind it and what to expect and do for the excellent payday.

The work, in the strictest sense was easy and would take no more than twenty minutes or so, but the mental and emotional walls were the highest that Danielle would have to over come. She had many doubts; doubts about the way she looked, what she was going to be asked to do, whether her caesarean scar was too large, her ass too wide, her tits too saggy, or whether to smile or not.

Paula had accompanied her to the interview, not only for moral support, but to make sure she understood what this was all about. They seemed very friendly and took an extraordinary amount of time to answer her questions and alleviate any of her fears. The photo documentation was a little unnerving; she had never been totally naked in front of a group of people, especially her friend Paula and the mix of men and women in the room.

She was asked to turn right, front, back and left… kneel on the sofa and spread her butt-cheeks, sit normally with legs open and several very tight close up photos taken of her pussy; both closed and spread open. She even endured having her ‘brown-hole’ documented as well as photos taken of her breasts and nipples.

One of the women present suggested that Danielle should consider getting waxed and to make sure that her stray nipple hairs be plucked. Paula said that she would take care of everything, and did. Danielle answered a questionnaire regarding her height, bust, waist and shoe size, what her preference was regarding dildos, vibrators or hand work and whether she would be comfortable working with another girl or woman.

They wanted to know if she could make herself squirt, fist her vagina or anus, and whether she would do object and veggie insertions. Danielle’s mind reeled with the intimate nature of the questions, but Paula’s experience maintained her focus. When it came to ‘Urethral Play,’ Paula very calmly explained what it was and how it was performed, leaving Danielle to leave the box unmarked.

Danielle found that the sex and eroticism was replaced with business and product and that made her take pause. Paula stated that it was much easier to think of it that way, rather than dwelling on the intimacy of the act. The product was flesh, and it was far easier for a woman to fake than a man. A bottle of lubricant and some well placed moans went a long way for a woman: but it was hard to fake a hard-on or cum-shot.

Danielle stood before the dinning room’s window and gazed out over the city below. She practiced her square breathing, a technique she had learned long ago in yoga class to slow her breathing. She closed her eyes, shutting out the world around her and took a long slow breath through her nose, paused and held onto it, then released it slowly through her mouth.

A gentle tap on her shoulder broke her concentration; bringing reality back to her consciousness. It was Jayden, the makeup and hairstylist asking her if she was ready. Danielle nodded, and they both turned to walk into the spacious living room. Jayden helped her remove her robe, while the director commented on her attractive sexy body.

He spoke to her, explaining what he wanted to see her perform and suggested ways for her to portray the action. He wanted to keep things simple for Danielle, being her first time, but made sure she understood that he wanted to see what she was doing in detail.

Danielle listened and made mental notes; he wanted to see her touch herself, crank her pussy open to look inside her, jill her clitty and make sure they can film her inserting at least two fingers while masturbating. Jayden touched up Danielle’s lipstick and flicked a strand of hair off her forehead. She leaned close and whispered for Danielle to ‘break-a-leg,’ and not to worry if she would cum for real or not.

It didn’t really matter, as long as it looked good on film and they could see her cunt.


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