Fetish b*****r - d***k s****r's Panties

Daniel couldn’t hear the incessant banging on the front door until his video game paused to change levels of difficulty. Grudgingly, he placed the game on hold and stomped down the stairs. Even before he got to the door, Daniel took his s****r’s name in vain. He threw open the deadbolt and was rewarded with the door being pushed open into his face even before he could reach for the knob.

“You’re fucking d***k!” Daniel exclaimed annoyed.

“Ooo… My little b*o’ has tremendous perception of the fucking obvious!” Karen drawled as she stumbled into the foyer. “Is mom and dad home yet?”

“Luckily for you, no.” Daniel said stepping back.

Daniel eyed his s****r, and closed the door behind her. Karen was a couple of years older than him, but not as responsible. She trudged down the hall steadying herself with one hand on the wall for support. Karen had her hoodie pulled up covering her head and wore the white short/shorts that dad had forbid her to wear, but mom rescued from the garbage bin.

Karen fell into a kitchen chair, and sat with her limbs askew, looking much like a marionette missing its strings. Daniel followed her and stood nearby leaning against the granite countertop. He shook his head to no one in particular as Karen flipped her hood back and unzipped her jacket.

“So, should I ask what you were up too?” He asked not expecting an answer.

Karen looked up to her b*****r as she let the jacket fall to the floor. “Fucking, sucking, licking and getting ass-fucked… Oh yeah… drinking too, if you must know!”

“Still trying to be a class-A slut, huh?” He commented folding his arms across his chest.

“Damm straight! I like cock and cunt alone or together!” Karen laughed. “There’s nothing like getting gangbanged at a party!”

“I guess you’d know all about that.” Daniel sighed.

“Stop worrying, I got it all under control! Shit, you’re starting to sound like mom and dad!”

“Speaking of which,” Daniel began, “They should be home in a couple of hours, maybe you should clean up and get some shut-eye ‘before’ they get back.”

“Ok…ok… no prob! Just leave me alone, I’ll be alright.” Karen slurred.

Daniel stared at her as she dropped her head. “Yeah, she’ll be alright…’ Daniel thought, ‘…as long as their parents don’t catch her.’ Daniel finally left the kitchen and his s****r to her own. He returned to his bedroom, hopped onto the end of the bed, and resumed his zombie and ghoul slaying.

He managed to work his way through another thrilling level of bl**d and gore when his bedroom door flew open. Standing in the doorway was Karen, barefooted and just wearing a pair of mauve-coloured bikini briefs. Her youthful small breasts lay bare and exposed, each capped with very puffy and pale areola and nipples. Karen held onto both door frames, slithering her supple body into a seductive ‘S’ curve and stared at Daniel on the bed.

“Hey you little mother-fucker,” Karen called. “I wanna talk to you!”

Daniel turned to the voice calling him. His eyes gaped wide-open and he nearly dropped the game controller he was holding. Several morbid screams emanated from the TV’s speakers and the screen turned a bl**d-red. Without his attention, his avatar was slaughtered by a gang of zombies.

Karen sauntered into the room after she leaned the door closed. Daniel remembered having baths with Karen as a c***d, but that was so long ago in a much more innocent time. Before him, his s****r now stood, looking more like a very well developed young woman rather than the k** she had been.

His mind spun in wavering circles trying to comprehend and understand what he was seeing. Unabashed, Karen stood before him, her hands on her hips and a glare in her eyes.

“W… Wha… What the fuck!” Daniel just barely managed to stutter.

“Listen you fucking little pervert… If you want to steal panties that’s fine with me! You can even steal mom’s stinky shit and sniff or jerk with them for all I care – but, you keep you grubby claws off my stuff, you hear?”

“Fuck you, what the fuck are you talking about? I never stole…” He tried to defend himself.

“Don’t lie to me!” Karen exclaimed, stabbing her finger into her b*****r’s chest. “I’m missing at least 4 pair of panties… and no, I didn’t leave them somewhere!”

“What the hell would I want with your dirty stinky underwear? For fuck’s sake, I think you’ve gone mental or something!”

“Maybe you fantasize of fucking me… or maybe even fucking mom! Maybe you’re some sick pervert into i****t. I don’t know! What are you fucking looking at now!

“Nothing… I’m not looking at anything!” Daniel exclaimed.

“You were scoping out my tits! Nice aren’t they? Don’t look as flat as when we were k**s, huh?” Karen said backing away from him.

“Yes… I mean no… I mean… Fuck! Why don’t you go away?” He tried to state.

Karen laughed at Daniel’s predicament. She cupped both of her breasts within her hands and massaged her nipples with the tips of her thumbs. She wanted her b*****r to suffer and enjoyed embarrassing him as she was doing. Daniel tried to look away from the crazy stunt Karen was trying to pull, blaming her d***kenness or whatever crap was going through her mind.

“Mmm… you want to smell my cunt too?” Karen asked as her hand dropped to the crotch of her panties. “I haven’t had a shower yet, so I probably smell really good down there!”

Her fingers danced a slow rhythm as she began to massage herself through the mauve fabric. Daniel glanced sideways and briefly watched as his s****r poked, prodded and probed herself in front of him. Taking hold of her panty’s elastic waistband, Karen reefed up hard, splitting her pubes into two halves. A thin strip of the fabric disappeared between her outer labia forming a seductive camel toe.

Daniel buried his face in a hand, wishing that all this was just some wild bizarre dream. He knew his s****r could be extreme in some of the shit that she did, but this had to take the cake. Karin continued pulling on her panties, her boney hips undulating to music only she could hear. Karin seemed pleased with herself, enjoying the torment she was inflicting on her little b*****r.

Turning her back on Daniel, she shimmied her panties down to her knees and awkwardly pulled her foot out of the leg opening. Trying not to fall over, Karin steadied herself with a hand on the TV stand and managed to extricate her other lean leg and foot from her dainty bottoms. She turned back to her b*****r and purposely planted her foot on the bed next to him.

“Since you like my panties so much ya twerp, you can have these….”

Daniel’s male curiosity finally got the better of him, and he sheepishly uncovered his eyes to look at Karen. With her leg poised high and wide on the bed, she hunched slightly over and was rubbing her panties into her snatch. His nostrils filled with Karen’s cunty fragrance and there was no doubt that his s****r was moist with her secreted juices.

Karen used her free hand to part her tender pussy lips, exposing her prominent reddish nub. With her other hand, she began to work and push her panties inside her tight hole. Inch by inch her mauve panties disappeared into her cunt until only a small swatch remained visible between her inner folds.

She pulled her clitty hood back harshly, her fingers swirling furiously over the sensitive little organ. Karen was moaning in growing intensity as she laboured hard to make herself cum. Daniel’s eyes now focused squarely on his s****r’s stuffed pussy, the swath of mauve being jerked about and her long slender fingers nearly chafing herself raw.

Tight f***ed groans filled the air as Karin’s petite frame began to convulse. Her coordination began to fail, her hand twitched out of control, no longer following the rhythm she had used. The leg she stood on buckled under her orgasm and she was panting deep and hard. She held one hand in a clenched fist, while the other was pressed flat between her breasts.

Karen caught her breath and wiped the sweat from her eyes. She stared at Daniel with a wicked twisted grin and met and held his gaze. Reaching down to her pussy, she pinched the mauve tag and slowly began to pull her panties out to tease him. Karen could feel the dampness, even wet saturated spots and she looked down to see areas coated with her girly white cream.

Daniel flinched as Karin tossed her panties at him, catching them on his lower chin. Promptly, she turned and left his bedroom satisfied that she had made a point of some sort… but not really knowing what it was. Daniel sat silently staring at the door his s****r had just pulled shut behind her, his mind almost numb with sensory overload.

He picked up his s****r’s discarded panties off his lap, and inspected them by the light of the TV. Even from this distance Daniel could distinguish the difference in scent from Karin’s unwashed outer pussy and the sweet internal liquor she had spilled. He played with a thread of her gooey cum, his fingertips sticky with the lubricant and eventually even tasted the acerbic concoction.

Reaching under his bed, Daniel pulled out a long narrow cardboard box. He removed the tight fitting lid and reached in for a clear plastic Zip-Loc bag. With care, he placed Karen’s panties inside, partially sealed the bag and using his knee, flattened and squeezed the air out. Nimbly, he resealed the bag tightly, took out a felt pen and wrote Karen’s name and current date on the outside.

Daniel leaned over the edge of the bed, and thumbed through the box’s organized files until he found the file separator with her name on it. He placed the bag in among the other bags with Karen’s name and dates, and lazily flipped through the other headings.

He stopped on one listed as; Aunt Francine. This was one of his favourites because Aunt Francine’s cunt smelled so fishy and she seemed to be soaking wet all of the time. The last time Daniel had seen her; she had stopped shaving and was sporting a very hairy pussy… and he loved seeing her fist her furry hole for him.


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