Stacey's Date Night

Stacey stood in front of the full length mirror having just come out of the shower. Her red locks looked even darker by the wetness, and she could not help but notice the puffiness under her eyes and what looked like a plethora of wrinkles and fine lines crisscrossing her features. She felt old and thought she looked older without the concealment her makeup offered.

Eyeing her reflection, Stacey’s scanned downwards to her tiny breasts. Though her nipples still looked appealing and were firm and thick, the surrounding support structures had lost all of their perkiness and youthful buoyancy. Her tummy was still tight and flat and she held her exercise regiment and diet for that. Turning to the side, Stacey studied her bum and legs.

Having had a nice apple-shaped bottom in her twenties, Stacey could see how the ravages of time had sucked in her ass cheeks, making her buttocks hard edged and angular. Her thighs still looked lean from the months of winter skiing and raising up on her tiptoes, Stacey could see her well shaped calves she had honed by wearing high heeled shoes most of her life.

Turning to the front, Stacey thrust her pelvis out and stretched the fine flesh over her pubic mound. She kept her labia cleanly waxed and became almost obsessed with stray and errant hairs below. Stacey thought that maintaining her baldness made her look a little younger, and it was certainly less messy. She raised a leg up and placed her foot on the bathroom’s vanity.

Using her elderly furrowed fingers, she slowly pulled back her outer pubes to look at the delicate lips that lay underneath. Stacey’s pussy was still a healthy pink and her cunt lips looked like thin silvers of womanly flesh. She ran a finger between the folds, spreading the petals open much like a flower.
Stacey was readily able to probe her opening, dipping a fingertip into her clear sticky effluent.

At sixty two years old, she knew a lot of her close girlfriends had already abstained from sex. They blamed their new-found chastity on the change of life, not having much interest or even the boredom of doing the same things over and over again until they knew the script inside and out.

Her sex-drive was always high, perhaps higher than most of the women around her. She enjoyed sex, making love and just fucking because it felt good. Stacey had had many men and women in her life and every combination imaginable. Flesh was only flesh, and as long as it felt good – there was nothing wrong with having pleasure.

In the darkest regions of her memories, there were things that she had experimented with that she could not tell anyone about; Things that were i*****l, perverted and unimaginable to the majority of people and society. Stacey did not look back in disgust at some of the things she tried, she saw them as a learning experience – still practicing some, and discarding the rest as to which gave her pleasure, and those that didn’t.

Her memories began to arouse her, stimulating her body into an u*********s sexual response. Stacey, still watching the mirror, pulled her clitoral hood back exposing the rather large bulbous cherry nub that was partially hidden. She was rather proud of its size and sensitivity, her clitty having grown larger with time. It could almost stand out on its own and she really enjoyed having a person suck and nibble on it.

Stacey then pulled on the thick gold ring that was pierced just behind her clit and to the top and quivered at the jolt of gratification it caused. She knew she could make herself cum in almost no time, but decided to save doing that until later. Masturbation was good, but not as good as getting the real thing.

She dried and styled her hair, made up her face in the most exquisite make up and donned the most risqué black lingerie she owned. Stacey made sure her stocking seams were straight, put on a naughty but nice short black dress and capped her feet off with four-inch gloss black stilettos. Stacey felt much better now, and admired her cleaned up look in the hall mirror.

She was to meet her date in about an hour and decided to leave early. Stacey could catch a drink or two at the hotel lounge which would take the edge off their first meeting. The taxi cab stopped at the main entrance and the young smartly uniformed doorman opened the back door and held it for Stacey to exit. She could tell by the young man’s side glances that he found her attractive and good looking, and smiled warmly in return.

Sitting in the dimmed lounge, she ordered a rye and 7 and sat waiting for her date. Stacey had described herself, how she looked and what she would be wearing, so she wouldn’t be too difficult to find. With her second drink half finished, a handsome dark brunette woman in her late twenties strode up to Stacey’s table.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you…” the woman asked, “is your name Stacey?”

“Yes it is.” Stacey responded. “Are you Claudine?”

“I am. It’s so good to meet you!” She said pulling out a chair to sit beside Stacey. Whispering in a low voice, she leaned towards Stacey’s ear. “You wouldn’t believe how fucking horny I am right now!”

“Good to hear!” Stacey exclaimed.

Claudine was very attractive, forcing Stacey to almost lick her lips with anticipation. Tonight felt like it was going to be good. Not only was Stacey going to be able to munch down on this young girl’s cunt and finger her to orgasm, she hoped Claudine would reciprocate in kind. In addition; the money Stacey would make as her e****t would go a long way to pay the mortgage off.


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and then wot happened?
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nice but part 2