Mom's Accidental Arousal

Kathy walked into the darkened bedroom knowing exactly where she had placed her nail clippers. The curtains were still open allowing the near full moon to cast its soft reflected light for her to see the night stand next to the bed. She had broken her nail downstairs in the kitchen, and wanted to remedy it before she caught it on her clothing.

Without warning, the light in the bedroom suddenly increased and with a start Kathy turned towards the window. Her next door neighbour’s son had just turned on the lights in his bedroom across the way.

Kathy peered from the shadows and watched as Matt hopped on to his unmade bed. Matt was just a few months older than her own son, and both attended the same school together. She clipped her broken nail by feel while keeping an occasional eye on the boy’s window.

Matt reached over the edge of the bed and searched hastily under the frame to retrieve a magazine. Kathy didn’t have to see the cover to know the type of publication it was, she had found several of the same type squirreled under her son’s bed. She watched silently as Matt flipped through the pages, his hand venturing u*********sly toward the growing bulge at his crotch.

Kathy drew a deep breath as Matt put down the magazine and unfasten the belt he was wearing. Her husband and the k**s were downstairs and would probably wonder what was taking her so long to return. Part of her wanted to close the d****s tight and rush out of the room, yet another part of her had a perverted curiosity knowing exactly what Matt was going to do.

Before she could stop her mind from reeling, Matt pushed down his jeans and underwear and took his hard erect cock into hand. Making himself comfortable, he laid the magazine beside him and turned the pages with one hand while stroking himself with the other. Kathy’s eyes grew larger as she stared from her hiding place.

Matt paused on a page, his strokes becoming firm and fast as he pleasured himself. Kathy’s thoughts swirled: She marvelled at Matt’s size to wondering if her own son masturbated the same way. She recalled finding the telltale signs in her son’s wastebasket; crumpled tissues and paper towels wadded, thick and stiff from some ‘unknown’ substance.

Her body quaked, shocking Kathy to recognize her own growing arousal at watching Matt. Her nipples strained against the inside of her bra’s cups, her pussy swelling with moisture and her clitoris firming ever so slightly. Clenching her teeth, she tried to resist the urges to no avail.

Kathy pushed her hand into her sweatpants, past her panties and thick bush of pubic hair and began to rub her clitty hood vigorously. She watched the young boy intently and matched his stroking to her own quick rubbing. Her pussy lips were slippery, her bud was fully engorged and she heard a soft moan escape into the bedroom.

Matt shot his load in a hard high arc towards Kathy and her body nearly crumpled as she herself came. A flood of heat flushed her body and she held her labia tightly as smaller waves rushed through her. Eventually, Kathy opened her eyes and noticed that Matt was gone.

Taking the time to recuperate, she squared her shoulders and returned downstairs to join her f****y. Kathy was feeling a little ashamed of herself and what had transpired, but at the same time she also felt exhilarated. Everyone had moved into the f****y room and Kathy took her place on the sofa between her husband and son.

“Shit mom!” Her son exclaimed. “Dad and I thought you flushed yourself down the toilet!”

Kathy leaned towards him and flicked her fingers against his nose. “Nice try!”

Her son scrunched his face at her with a look of disgust, “Hey, what smells so fishy?”


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3 years ago
Love to watch and be watched!! Thanks for the story!!
3 years ago
good one
3 years ago
It still remains the number one national pastime in the world!
3 years ago
Nice story. Make no mistake about it, women like to watch guys masturbate too.
3 years ago
Thanks for the great story.
3 years ago
Great. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
I really enjoyed reading this and I can relate with it in too many ways.Thanks for sharing!