Teaching Meena A Tough Lesson (Part 1)

Mike allowed himself a smile as he sat enjoying his Saturday morning coffee. It was the first really sunny day of the summer this year, and hopefully that meant he would get a better look at his students today! Looking through his diary, he reminded himself that he had just two appointments: Shazia was coming this morning, and Meena was scheduled to come at 2pm.
After his divorce, Mike had been f***ed to move to a smaller house in the outskirts of Aston. This was a real blow at the time, as he lost a lot of the private work he had when he lived in Kings Norton, but it wasn’t long before he started to enjoy the benefits of his new surroundings. Mike taught at the local secondary school during the week, and offered extra maths tuition privately on weekends. The area was not wealthy, and had a mostly South Asian population. Mike came from a village in Scotland originally, and grew up surrounded by only white people. However since coming to Birmingham, and especially since moving to Aston, he had developed a real appreciation for Asian women.
At 51, Mike still had a strong sexual appetite, but he hadn’t had sex for months. It was tough meeting women in a new area he was unfamiliar with, and he didn’t want to use prostitutes. Instead, he spent a lot of his free time online, wanking as he watched sexy desi women in porn videos. He had half an hour before Shazia was due, so he watched one of his favorite videos, of two Indian schoolgirls playing with each other. It was awkward sex, and pretty clear that neither girl had a clue what she was doing, but God they were both so fucking hot looking! As the very pretty petite girl started licking the busty one’s asshole enthusiastically, it pushed Mike over the edge, and he spurted all over his desk and hand.
He quickly had a shower and put his suit on, and it wasn’t long before he saw Shazia’s father dropping her off outside. As the car drove off, Mike let Shazia in, admiring her lovely figure as she passed him into the hallway. She was almost 19, about to sit her A-levels in a few months. She was Muslim, but like a lot of Muslim girls in the area, she had a fairly liberal interpretation of the way she should dress. She did wear a hijab, but it was always a very flowery, pretty one which caught the eye, along with her very strong, almost slutty makeup. However, it was what she wore over her 5 foot 8 inch frame that really caught the eye: she always wore dark, conservative coloured clothes, but they would invariably be very, very tight cloths! Today she was wearing a tight navy long-sleeved top that clung like a second skin, so that the wires of her bra were clearly visible beneath. It obviously wasn’t a good bra though, because as she walked past Mike into the study, her lovely little breasts jiggled nicely. Her thin waist flared into fairly generous hips, and her tight black trousers afforded Mike a really nice view of her nice firm bum, making him feel nervous in case she caught a glimpse of the tent he was pitching in his own trousers!
Throughout the lesson, Mike couldn’t take his eyes of Shazia’s hot young body. ‘I have got to fuck this girl!’ he said to himself, but she was single-minded about her studies, and his small-talk got him nowhere. By the time she left, two hours later, Mike was a very, very frustrated man!

Meena rolled over in bed and looked at the clock – it was after midday. Damn, she had to go to that silly extra tuition at Mr. McVeigh’s house in less than two hours. Why did her parents have to sign her up for that crap? So what if she was probably going to flunk her GCSEs? She didn’t want to stay on at school past the compulsory age anyway; her boyfriend told her that she had a good enough body to be a glamour model in the lads’ magazines. She was really proud that she was going out with Gurdeep. He was a few years older and played for the under 19s team for a premiership Football club, and all the girls in the area fancied him. As she lay in bed, she looked through the pictures on her phone that she had sent him. She still couldn’t believe she had sent him that topless picture, and she had felt humiliated when he showed it to all his friends in front of her, but it was worth it to keep him as her boyfriend. The picture of her bum wasn’t so bad, because you couldn’t see her face as clearly in it, but it was still embarrassing to know that half the school had seen it.
As she undressed in the bathroom, she admired her body in the mirror. At 28DD, her breasts were by far the biggest in her class, but because she was young there was still hardly any sag yet. Her nipples were really big, with very dark areolae over two inches in diameter. She had a fairly slim waist, and really big wide hips. She was worried that her big curvy bum was too big for her to model, but Gurdeep seemed to like it, so maybe he was right after all? She had waxed again just yesterday, so she was totally smooth below the neck, and she loved how puffy her pussy was becoming as she got older.
As she got into the shower, the warm water cascading down her curvy body made her feel really horny. She squirted soap onto the sponge, and started to lather up her silky smooth skin. She hadn’t been on holiday this year, so her complexion was getting quite fair, and she thought it made her dark nipples look even sexier. As she soaped up her full, heavy breasts, her nipples rose to attention, rock hard and well over half an inch in length. The skin on her chest started to flush red, and she could feel herself starting to tingle down below. She moved the sponge down over her flat little belly, and down between her legs to lather up her bald pussy. She was getting so close to cumming now, and as she tried to slip a single finger into her tight virgin hole, she exploded into an intense orgasm. She felt herself go dizzy, and had to sit in the shower to stop herself falling. As she looked down between her legs her thoughts drifted off to Gurdeep again. Could she really let him fuck her as he kept demanding? Her parents expected her to still be a virgin when she got married – what if her future husband could tell that she wasn’t? Her old and new families would both disown her! Gurdeep had said that if he couldn’t fuck her, she had to at least send him a picture of her bald pussy, one that showed her face too to prove it was really her. But if she did that, wouldn’t the whole school see it? She was so confused.
She got out of the shower and dried off. She had only half an hour to get dressed and walk round to Mr. McVeigh’s house now, so she had to hurry. The decision about Gurdeep was going to have to wait…

Hope you like my first attempt at writing an erotic story! What do you think so far? More importantly, what kinks would you like to see in part 2? ;-)

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1 year ago
read all the others first. you certainly sexually charged up the levels on your later stories.
1 year ago
very good start
1 year ago
would love to read part 2
1 year ago
Thanks friend! Wish a few more people agreed, it's pretty disheartening when your efforts get 19%! Lol
1 year ago
amazing the details are sooo good, love the sending pics part and her bf showing them to his mates. awesome writing dude
2 years ago
Very well written and with just the right tempo. You seem to know a lot about Indian culture, love the culture vs erotic feelings she is experiencing. Would love to read part 2 as Meena does sound like she is an undercover slut!
2 years ago
write the 2nd part please
2 years ago
i like..
2 years ago
Great story... Keep up the good work ;-)
2 years ago
an excellent start. looking forward to part 2!