My F##ily

Saturday morning I heard my m## making breakfast, I then had the idea and decided to go down in the buff and not put my shirt or pajamas on. When I got to the kitchen I got the shock of my life, I saw the back side of my m## totally naked, she was not wearing anything. She was not fat but was not skinny either, I could see some love handle on her side and her bare ass was round and big. I couldn't focus on anything but her ass. She then turned around and saw me staring at her, she had to call my name twice before I snapped out of it and saw her frontal side. I could not ignore her beautiful breast with big nipples, and shaved pussy. My head was spinning when I heard her say. Are you OK honey? And all I could say was A,,A... and blank. She then smiled and asked if I liked what I saw? I told her that she was beautiful. I then sat on the chair, with my eyes still on her breast. I so wanted to just grab them and fondle them, play with them, but I had to control myself. M## then looked down at my hard-on and said that I look nice also and she likes that way I have grown. I then looked down and saw that my dick was rock hard. My dick was so hard that it was causing pain and pleasure at the same time. My m## then moved closer to me and hugged me, ahhh the feeling of her naked flesh and her big boobs squeezing against my body was very relaxing and making me very horny at that same time. My dick was squeezed between my and her stomach. Unknowingly I pressed my hips more into her and to my surprise she responded back. When we ended our longer than usual hug my m## just grabbed my hard dick gave it a little squeeze and said "I like what I see". At that moment I had excuse myself from there as I had to relieve myself or I would have popped right in front of my mom, so I ran to my room and masturbated. It took my less than a minute to reach orgasm and splashed my juice all over. After calming a little I came down to the kitchen and upon entering the kitchen m## asked me if I felt better.

M##! Was all what I could say as I started to put the plates on the table, she then came close to me and put her warm hand on my shoulder and said "Rouf there should be no embarrassing things between us, if you felt like relieving yourself you could have done it right here". To me that was a shock and surprising at the same time. Hearing my m## talk about sex was making me horny again and I was getting a hard on again.

She then said that she knows it's all too fast for all of us so let's just enjoy however we like and to do things at our own pace. As we were finishing up setting up the table my d## came in the room and he was naked also. A much as I did not wanted to look down at his dick I could not help but stare at it. It was about that same size as mine just a bit thicker. M## first noticed me looking at his dick and said, "I know how you feel, I like looking at his dick also, you should see it when its hard" initially I was embarrassed by m##s remarks thinking that I got caught, but then realized that it's OK to look as we all are naked. D## just smiled and said that he is glad that I like what I see. He sat right across from me on the table and poured himself a cup of coffee. Right at that moment my si##er came down also and was shocked to see us naked, she was the only one that came down wearing her sl**pwear. She was just shocked and quietly sat next to me. As she sat she asked, "did you come down naked or took your clothes off when you came down". I came down naked and found m## naked here and d## came later and he was also in the nude. As m## poured coffee for her she stood up and took her clothes off to. She was very beautiful, her breast were larger then m##. She was 5 foot 4 130 lbs. but had the right curves, she was so sexy that when I looked at my d## I saw his dick was hard too, just like mine. So here we were all naked for the first time having breakfast, don't know about others, I was horny and wanted to fuck both my m## and my s*s##rs!
Just then our D## knelt down between my si##ers legs &........
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1 year ago
There better be a next part! I was just getting wet!
1 year ago
keep going damn it... :)
1 year ago
this needs to be finished
2 years ago
2 years ago
More please.
2 years ago
what the hell happened???????????????????
2 years ago
Why the hell stop there !!!!!!
2 years ago
What happend next.......please tell the rest