My first webcam sex experience

I didn't intend to do webcam sex with somebody I didn't know. Or anybody.

It just felt uncomfortable...and still does.

But it happened one afternoon, unexpectedly.

I was just chatting with friends when this guy I have chatted with for some time came online and started toying the idea with me.

I said I wasn't into that and remembered being firm with him.

We had seen each other before in cam, clothed, and enjoyed our usual friendly conversations. But today was different.

Maybe it was what I was wearing that day or the way I looked or something I said, because he started unbuttoning his shirt and I found myself shocked but then curious at the same time because I hadn't seen anyone naked in cam before.

I remember being glued to the monitor because all was new to me. It was exciting somehow. I watched his every move, every breath, every tease, and every look.

So that's what it's like, I thought. What cam to cam sex is all about. It's real and does exist. And it was happening to me. But I wasn't prepared for something else: he was magnificent.

He was tall, lean, and really sexy. And he was undressing for me, regardless of my futile protests to stop. And the more I looked, the more he undressed.

Every inch of him was so yummy. His camera was clear enough for me to see everything and it felt like he was just in front of me, in person, and touching me the way he was touching himself.

I tried to snap out of it, remembering I wasn't the kind to do such acts. So I tried to stop myself but when I looked at the monitor, I could see him stroking his growing cock and balls from his pants. I was done for.

He probably knew his effect on me, or maybe sensed what I was truly going through, because I remember my face getting hotter from this unexpected visual he was giving me. He started to tease and undress slowly for me, prolonging my agony, curiosity, and desire. "Do you want me to stop," he asked. I said no.

The further he got, I began to feel the heat from my underwear radiating so much that I let out a moan that I could no longer stifle. And then my mouth begin to moisten and water. I was burning up.

I didn't know what happened next but I remember touching my boob at first, like some automatic reaction. And then I was undressing. First it was my skirt, then my bra, and then my panties. It was as if I wanted to get rid of them and out of them so quickly so I could touch myself...because it felt like he was touching me everywhere.

Mimicking his actions, as if caught in a silent dance that only the two of us could hear, we began to synchrnonize our movements.

We were touching ourselves and never letting go of each other's gazes. I was looking so intently at his manhood, which looked so long and tasty and his whole body at the same time. He put out his tongue and flicked it, which I found so sexy, and found myself doing the same thing causing us to feel more and more horny, kinky, and aroused than ever.

With one hand caressing my boobs, the other rubbing my clit, and eyes never leaving the monitor, we began to share a climax...sometimes typing in between to know how we're feeling in between gasps and moans of pleasure.

I saw him cum with lots of blobs of white, setting me spiraling for my own orgasm.

I began to moan again.

x x

Care to share what it was like for you, your first webcam experience?

Bronze Goddess
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2 years ago
great read....
3 years ago
When do u want a session with me? There are no pics in my profile but at cam u see the real me...
3 years ago
Very nice story, thanks :)
3 years ago
That's one lucky guy... ;-)
3 years ago
Apart from being super sexy and so eloquent, I loved your story about your first time. The way it happened without you wanting it to, but how you loved it was amazing. I really thing you're classy and I totally relate to that.
3 years ago
Great Blog, Lucky guy x x x

My first time was a few years ago before xhamster using icq random chat, you did'nt know who you were going to talk to.

She was not a young lady but watching her cum was so exciting, I splatered all over the place
3 years ago
very nice and hot story and i enjoyed reading it!
he is lucky guy!
3 years ago
A really nice story
3 years ago
hello BronzeGoddess I loved your story ..... if u ever fancy chatting or even cam let me know ;) u r very sexy
3 years ago
nice story :D
3 years ago
real nice hot story. When do you want to have your second experience? :)